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Integrated Science Questions - Grade 5 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 2

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 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY        (15marks)

  1. During a science lesson, a learner drew a diagram of the human digestive system on the board as shown below. What is the function of the part labelled Q?
    1. Stores undigested food materials
    2. Absorption of water and mineral salts 
    3. Stores food temporarily before it is digested
    4. Absorption of digested food materials
  2. During a science lesson, learners agreed that a goat and a mango tree had many things in common. Which one of the following is not common between the two?
    1. Remove waste
    2. Give birth
    3. Grow
    4. Die
  3. Grade 5 learners were discussing about waterborne diseases in our community. Which among the following diseases that they discussed about is odd one out?
    1. Dysentery
    2. Malaria
    3. Bilharzia
    4. Typhoid
  4. In the environmental conservation project preparation, learners were asked to prepare adequately for the activity. Among the following, which one was not necessary for the activity?
    1. Vest
    2. Gloves
    3. Gumboots
    4. Gas mask
  5. The diagram below represents a simple machine.
    Which part of the wheelbarrow represents the fulcrum?
    1. M
    2. K
    3. Q
    4. R
  6. One fine morning, grade 4 learners listed characteristics of a certain type of clouds as follows
    1. Found low in the sky
    2. Produce rain
    3. Grey in colour
    4. Cover large part of the sky
      Which type of clouds were the learners describing?
      1. Nimbus
      2. Stratus
      3. Cirrus
      4. Cumulus 
  7. The following are characteristics of a certain vertebrate as listed by grade 5 learners. Which among the characteristics was wrongly listed for a
    duck billed platypus?
    1. Breathes using lungs
    2. Lays eggs
    3. Has scales on the feet
    4. Body temperature is constant
  8. Animals may cause harm to us in different ways. Among the following, what should not be done when interacting with animals?
    1. Kill the animal incase it causes harm
    2. Wear gumboots when working in grass
    3. Wear hand gloves.
    4. Avoid getting too close to some animals
  9. A learner listed functions of skeletal muscles as follows. Which one among them is not true?
    1. Enable movement of parts of the body
    2. Support other body parts
    3. Enable us to stand upright
    4. Weaken the body
  10. Grade 4 learners observed the digital device drawn below.
    What is the name of the part marked F?
    1. Monitor
    2. Keyboard
    3. Touch pad
    4. Mouse
  11. During an experiment, grade four learners heated a metalic rod at one end. Ouma was able to feel the heat at the other end. What made Ouma to feel the heat at the other end?
    1. Conduction
    2. Convection
    3. Radiation
    4. Melting
  12. Which part of the human skeleton protects the spinal cord from injuries and also enables one to be able to walk upright?
    1. Hind limbs
    2. Skull
    3. Rib cage
    4. Back bone
  13. The following are characteristics of human teeth
    1. sharp and pointed
    2. have one root
    3. used for tearing flesh
      Which type of tooth is most likely described above? 
      1. Canine
      2. Molars
      3. Incisors
      4. Premolars 
  14. Fungi are both beneficial and harmful to human beings. Among the following fungi, which one is important in the baking industry?
    1. Mushroom
    2. Puffballs
    3. Moulds
    4. Yeast
  15. Grade 5 learners were discussing about the parasites. They listed the following as external parasites except
    1. flea
    2. mite
    3. pinworm
    4. louse

AGRICULTURE     (10 marks)

  1. During an agriculture lesson, grade 4 learners were discussing about the gardening practices that are carried out on container gardening after planting. Among the following practices, which one was wrongly stated?
    1. Thinning
    2. Pruning
    3. Weeding
    4. Controlling pests
  2. The following are types of soils that were brought by learners to class for an experiment. Which type of soil is the best in water retention?
    1. Clay
    2. Silt
    3. Sand
    4. Loam
  3. Three of the following are uses of water in the farm. Which among them is incorrect?
    1. Cooking
    2. Watering animals
    3. Washing farm tools
    4. For irrigation
  4. During an Agriculture lesson, grade 4 learners were discussing about domestic animals and their products. Among the following, which one represents the products for goats and sheep respectively?
    1. Milk and beef
    2. Wool and beef
    3. Milk and wool
    4. Mutton and milk
  5. Three of the following are legume crops that are grown in Kenya. Which among them is the odd one out?
    1. Cow peas
    2. Sorghum
    3. Green grams
    4. Peas
  6. The diagram below shows a certain farm tool used by a farmer when preparing seed bed.
    How did the farmer use the tool?
    1. For digging
    2. For levelling the seedbed
    3. For adding manure
    4. For removing the seedlings
  7. During a nature walk, grade 5 learners came across a farm near their school. The farmer grows different types of climbing fruits. Among the following, which one were the learners not able to see in the farm?
    1. Thorn melon
    2. Blackberries
    3. Kiwi
    4. Raspberries
  8. Mama Otieno prepared kales and spinach for lunch. She also added tomatoes and carrots.Which of the following does not show the importance of the food prepared by Mama Otieno?
    1. Protect the body against diseases
    2. Keep the skin healthy
    3. Provide the body with energy to do the work
    4. Help in healing the wounds
  9. After planting carrot plants in the seed bed, they germinated in excess. Among the following practices, which one would help the farmer to get healthy carrot plants?
    1. Pruning
    2. Thinning
    3. Watering
    4. Weeding
  10. The following are different ways of maintaining farm tools and equipment. Which one is the most appropriate way of maintaining a wheelbarrow for easier movement?
    1. Sharpening
    2. Cleaning
    3. Painting
    4. Greasing

HOME SCIENCE    (10 marks)

  1. Cynthia is preparing to attend a graduation ceremony of his friend who has completed his engineering course. She is ironing the clothes she will wear. Which one of the following is the best reason why she is ironing her clothes?
    1. To look smart
    2. To feel warm
    3. To dry the clothes
    4. To remove bad smell
  2. Kemuma wants to buy shoes for her daughter. Which one of the following is a factor Kemuma should consider when buying the shoes?
    1. Friends of the daughter
    2. Time of the day
    3. Size of the shop
    4. The occasion
  3. A grade 5 girl was asked to write a shopping list for the things she will use em. She wrote as follows. for second
    • 3 packets of sanitary towel
    • Nice and lovely 100ml lotion
    • One dozen of exercise books.
      Which important information was missing in her shopping list.
      1. Quality of the items
      2. Quantity of the items
      3. Cost of the items
      4. Where to buy the items
  4. Below are methods of cooking food. Which is the best method to cook chapati?
    1. Boiling
    2. Roasting
    3. Smoking
    4. Shallow frying
  5. The lists below contain different types of foods. Which list contains foods that belong to the same group?
    1. Tomatoes, onions, kales
    2. Chicken, beans, potatoes
    3. Fish, beef, ycam
    4. Ugali, chapati, green grams
  6. Grade five learners were learning about time management. They were asked by their teacher to state the benefits of time management. They gave their answers as follows.
    Nancy: Enables one to meet targets
    Brenda: Enhances speed when performing a task
    Tito: It shows punctuality
    Grace: It leads to wasting time
    Who gave a wrong response?
    1. Nancy
    2. Grace
    3. Brenda
    4. Tito
  7. You are planning to sell your products within your locality. What is the best way to get customers to buy your products?
    1. Sell at a cheaper prize
    2. Sell at a higher prize
    3. Advertise your products
    4. Give products at a debt
  8. Which one of the following is a healthy habit?
    1. Brushing your teeth once in a day
    2. Taking alcohol
    3. Not bathing during cold seasons 
    4. Brushing your teeth twice in a day
  9. The items below are used for cooking.. Which item uses kerosene?
    1. Open fire place
    2. Gas cooker
    3. Charcoal cooker
    4. Stove
  10. Mrs. Wahome uses the tool below during her needlework.
    The tool is known as
    1. needle threader
    2. spool wrap
    3. thimble
    4. thread organiser


  1. When performing medium sprint start at the command "on your marks", which position should the body assume?
    1. Bending
    2. Legs spread
    3. Crouch position
    4. Streamlined
  2. Straddle and straddle cross are rope work techniques. Which one of the following is the main difference between the two?
    1. In straddle cross legs are apart 
    2. In straddle legs cross each other
    3. In straddle cross legs cross each other
    4. They are performed in the same day
  3. In standing discus, boys and girls of 13 years throw discus of different weights. What is the preferred weight for girls?
    1. 1 gram
    2. 0.75 kilograms 
    3. 0.75 grams 
    4. 1 kilogram
  4. The following steps can be used to improvise a relay baton. Arrange them in the correct order.
    1. Put pieces of newspaper to fill the hollow part
    2. Cut the top parts of plastic bottles
    3. Fold the ends of the manilla paper
    4. Join the bottles
    5. Collect the materials
    6. Wrap the bottles using the manilla paper
      1. (v), (ii), (iv), (i), (vi), (iii)
      2. (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), (vi)
      3. (vi), (iv), (ii), (iii), (i), (v)
      4. (iii), (i), (iv), (v), (vi), (ii)
  5. The following are important rules to be followed while performing long jump. Which one is not?
    1. Take-off foot should not cross the take-off board
    2. Use quick long strides on the runway
    3. Take-off foot to cross the take-off board
    4. Land with the knees bent.
  6. Participating in running activities has got the following health benefits except
    1. makes bones stronger
    2. brings heart diseases
    3. relieves stress
    4. relaxes the body
  7. Papier mache paste is a material used to improvise a discus. The following steps are followed while making the paste. Which one is the third step?
    1. Squeeze excess water from soaked newspaper
    2. Soak newspapers in salty water
    3. Put wheat flour in water and stir well
    4. Mix wheat paste and the soaked newspaper.
  8. When performing racing games observe the following measures except
    1. avoid crowding
    2. pick and remove foreign objects
    3. cross in front of others as you run
    4. wear sports clothing
  9. The following factors should be considered while performing first aid on an injured person. Which one should be considered first before any other?
    1. Shout for help
    2. Observe your safety and that of the casualty
    3. Check if the casualty is breathing
    4. Check for the airways of the casualty
  10. The person who judges in the game of football and issues cards when one makes a foul is referred to as
    1. linesman
    2. fans
    3. coach
    4. referee
  11. The equipment below is found in a first aid kit. Name it.
    1. Cotton wool
    2. Cloth
    3. Mattress
    4. Bandage
  12. The following are techniques used in long jump. Which is the second?
    1. Take off
    2. approach
    3. Landing
    4. Flight
  13. The equipment below is an athletic track. Name the part marked Y.
    1. Line
    2. Space
    3. Lane
    4. Track
  14. Why should you wear gloves when handling a classmate who is nose bleeding?
    1. To make the hands look smart 
    2. To avoid infections
    3. To keep the hands warm
    4. Fear of seeing blood
  15. During the inter-school games one of the players hurt his knee and required first aid. Which of the following is not a reason for providing first aid to the injured player?
    1. To save life of the injured player
    2. To prevent the injury from getting worse
    3. To receive payment for assisting the player
    4. To help the injured person recover faster.
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