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IRE Homework Activities - CBC Grade 2

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Complete the missing letters

  1. Surah Falaq has verses (8, 5, 4)
  2. We read Surah Falaq when we want to________ (eat, sleep, drink)
    Draw and name three things created by Allah
  3. Surah Ikhlaas was revealed in________ (Madinah, Makkah)
  4. Surah Ikhlaas has________ verses. (11, 4, 5)


  1. There are________pillars of 'man.(8, 5, 6)

Write the books of Allah (SWT)

  1. Q
  2. T
  3. Z
  4. I

Write five names of prophets


  1. The foster mother of Prophet Muhammad was called________(Amina, Halima)
  2. The mother of the prophet is________(Ummu Ayman, Amina, Halima)
  3. Another name of Yathrib is________(Makkah, Madinah)
  4. Amina was buried at________(Madina, Abwaa, Madinah)
  5. Muhammad (SAW) was________mother died. (two, six, right)
  6. The prophet (SAW) was taken by his grandfather called________(six, two, eight)
  7. Abdulmutwalilb took care of the prophet (SAW) for________years. (eight, six twelve)
  8. Abdulmutwalib died when the prophet (SAW) was________years old. (eight, six twelve)
  9. ________took care of the Prophet when his grandfather died. (Abu Twalib, Ummu, Ayman)
  10. Who taught Muhammad trade?________(Abdulmutwalib, Abu Twalib, Abulahab)

Write down the five daily prayers 

  1. Complete the hadith; The best deed is theperform________on time. (udhu, swalah)
  2. The last prayer of the day is________Maghrib, lsha)
  3. Write down three ways of showing kindness to our neighbours


  1. There are________ pillars of Islam. (2, 5, 4)
  2. Islam is________ (dirty, filthy, cleanliness)

Write three sources of clean water for udhu

Draw and name three parts we wash when performin wudhu

  1. A Muslim prays________ times a day. (10, 5, 17)
  2. ________is the second pillar of Islam(Swalah, Saum)

Write down three manners of toileting

  1. I enter the toilet with my________ foot and come out with my foot (right, left)
  2. Allahuma Inn' audhu bika Minal Khubuthi wal khabaith is a dua said when________(sleeping, watering the toilet, eating)
  3. I recite Surah ________,________and________before sleeping.
  4. Complete the hadith ' whoever believes my Allah (SWT) and the last day should not annoy his________(friend, mother, neighbour)
  5. Write three ways of caring for domestic animals


  1. There are________ months in the Islamic calendar (10, 12,11)
  2. Our prophet was born on________(Muharran, Rabiul Awal, Dhul Hijja)

    Complete with the correct words
  3. ________means slaughtering an animal to celebrate the new born baby.
  4. Aqiqah is done when the child is________ days old.
  5. We slaughter________ animal for a girl and________animals for a boy.
  6. Apart from Aqiqah________ is also done on the seventh day.
  7. Circumcision is called________(Khitan, Aqiqah, 7 days, two, shaving, one)
  8. ________is said to the right ear.
  9. ________is said to the left ear.
  10. A________fruit is used for tahmeek.

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