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Movement & Creative Activities Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 2 End Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 1


  1. Draw a ball for playing football





  2. When we play we become  _______________ (weak, strong, sick)
  3. When skipping we use a _______________(ball, rope, stone)
  4. Name one part of the body you shake when dancing  _______________
  5. Colour this balloon using yellow colour
  6. Name one game you play at school
  7. We wear swimming costume when going to  _______________
    (sleep, swim, school)
  8. The national anthem has how many stanzas? _______________(2, 4, 3)
  9. We can weave a _______________ (book, basket, pot)
  10. Draw a bell





Marking Scheme

  1. Student should draw a ball or kids playing football as instructed
  2. strong
  3. rope
  4. waist, hands, feet, abdomen
    (mark correct any appropriate answer)
  5. Student should colour the balloon as per instructions
  6. football, hide and seek, etc
    (mark correct any appropriate answer)
  7. swim
  8. 3
  9. basket
  10. student should draw a bell as instructed.


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