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English Activities Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 2 End Term 1 Exams 2022 SET 2

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  1. Read aloud (10mks)
    A frog is a small animal. It lives partly in water and soil. A frog lay eggs. It crocks at night. It moves by hopping. A frog has two eyes, four legs and it is
    covered by scales.
    What are the girls doing?
    How many girls can you see?
    Name three things that you can see
  3. Read the following story and answer the questions
    Once upon a time the cat and the rat were great friends. They lived in a big cave in the forest. The cat hunted the small insect to feed the kittens.
    The rat built the nest for the kiiten. They had a big farm near the forest. They worked together. They planted, beans, maize ad bonanas.
    One day there was no food the cat ate rats babies and ron. away to the nearby home. The cat and rat became enemies.
    1. Name the two great friends 
    2. Where did the two animals live?
    3. What was the work of a rat?
    4. What was the work of a cat?
    5. Name three crops that were grown in the farm
    6. Who ate the rat babies?
    7. Why did the cat and rat became enemies?
  4. Language structure and grammar
    Name the pictures
  5. Change the words to show more than one (plural)
    baby -babies
    1. child
    2. sheep
    3. story
    4. lorry
    5. tomato
  6. Match the words which have the same sounds
    sun - gun
    dig        peck
    lice       bell
    ring       wig
    shell     rice
    neck     sing
  7. use 'a' or 'an'
    1. _____umbrella
    2. _____bag
    3. _____apple
    4. _____box
    5. _____axe
  8. Guided writing by the teacher
    Write the words read by the teacher


  1. sweeping
    1. House
    2. flag
    3. boy
    4. girl 
    5. woman
    6. broom
      (any three)
    1. cat
    2. cave
    3. build a nest
    4. hunted for insects
      • beans
      • maize
      • bananas
    6. cat
    7. the cat ate the rat babies
    1. house
    2. cup/mug
    3. alarm clock
    4. knife
    5. book
    1. children
    2. stories
    3. lorries
    4. tomatoes
  5. dig - wig
    lice - rice
    ring - sing
    shell - bell
    neck - peck
    1. an
    2. a
    3. an
    4. a
    5. an
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