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English Activities Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 3 End Term 3 Exams 2022 Set 1

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Task 1. Listening and speaking (5mks).

Teacher asks questions learner responds. 

  1. Teacher: What is a children's home?
    Learner: _____________________________________________
  2. Teacher: Have you ever visited a children's home?
    Learner: _____________________________________________
  3. Teacher:What was the name of the children's home!
    Learner: _____________________________________________
  4. Teacher:What did you do at the children's home?
    Learner: _____________________________________________
  5. Teacher: Were you happy to visit the place? Why?
    Learner: _____________________________________________

Task 2. Reading Aloud (10mks)

Read the story below aloud.

A forest can be a dangerous place to go on your on as a child. You are always advised not to play in the forest or wonder in the forest on your own. Many bad things can happen in the forest. Firstly, you can easily be kidnapped while roaming in the forest and something bad done to you by the kidnappers or they can also ask for a ransom from your family in order to set you free. Secondly you can be attacked by wild animals like wild dogs, snakes and many other dangerous animals.

Thirdly in case you get lost you can catch a cold or even get pneumonia because of the very low temperatures experienced in the dense forest. Lastly you can get pricked by thorns, or even touch poisonous leaves which can be a threat to your health


Task 3: Comprehension (5mks)

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

"Hurry, carry an umbrella and your jacket. It's about to rain," grandmother told Brian. "Rush to the market very fast before it starts to rain heavily. Bring me two packets of wheat flour, margarine, sugar and 5litres of cooking oil. Do not stop anywhere, go to the market and come back home straight away. It could be dangerous in case it floods out there."

  1. Who sent Brian to the market?
  2. What was Brian told to buy at the market?
  3. Why was Brian told to head home straight not to stop on the way?
  4. What was Brian told to carry with him to the market?
  5. How can floods be dangerous. Give one reason?

Task 4. Grammar. (20mks)

Write the plural of the following words.

  1. Glass  _____________________________________
  2. Bin  _______________________________________
  3. Sheep  _____________________________________
  4. Mouse _____________________________________
  5. Chief ______________________________________

Fill in the missing letters. 

  1. Br___ ___ m
  2. br ___ ___ g ___
  3. P ___ nc ___ l
  4. sch ___ ___ l
  5. b ___ ___k

Use have and has to fill in the blanks. 

  1. The boys _______________________________ gone to the park.
  2. Cats _____________________________________ paws. 
  3. It _________________________________ a long horn. 
  4. He _______________________________one everything right.
  5. Where _______________________ she gone.

Punctuate the following sentences.

  1. i am eight years old ________________________________
  2. jade is a bright Girl _____________________________
  3. bring some juice mango eggs and kiwi fruits __________________________________
  4. will you be travelling to nairobi on sundays ___________________________________
  5. where is your book ______________________________________________

Task 5 guided writing (10mks)


  1. ______________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________
  4. ______________________________________________
  5. ______________________________________________

Write five sentences about the picture below.

G3 ET3 2022 eng Q12

  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. ___________________________________________________________________________________________




  1. Grandmother
  2. two packets of wheat flour, margarine, sugar and 5litres of cooking oil.
  3. It could be dangerous in case it floods
  4. an umbrella and his jacket
  5. can cause death by drowning.


  1. Glasses
  2. Bins
  3. Sheep
  4. Mice
  5. Chiefs
  6. Broom
  7. Bridge
  8. Pencil
  9. School
  10. Book
  11. Have
  12. Have
  13. Has
  14. Has
  15. Has
  16.  I an eight years old.
  17. Jade is a bright girl.
  18. Bring some juice, mangoes, eggs and kiwi fruits.
  19. Will you be travelling to Nairobi on Sundays?
  20. Where is your book?

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