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English Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 3 End Term 2 Exams 2021 SET 1

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  1. Write 5 words starting with the sounds given.
    1. Str _______________________
    2. Sh ______________________
    3. Spr _______________________
    4. Scr ______________________
    5. Ch ______________________
  2. Name these items found in the classroom.
    Grade 3 CBC eng ET2 2021 F1
    Grade 3 CBC eng ET2 2021 F2

    Grade 3 CBC eng ET2 2021 F3
  3. Write the following sentences in plural.
    1. She goes to the market every day. __________________________________________
    2. I complete my homework on time. _____________________________________________
  4. Write the form that agrees with the subject.
    1. He _______________ his room every week. (clean)
    2. It _______________ like it will rain. (look)
    3. The teacher _____________ the children while they work. (to observe)
  5. Name two activities that take place at home in the time indicated.
    1. In the morning: _________________________________________________
    2. Before going to sleep. ___________________________________________
  6. Write the plural.
    1. There is a man and a woman in the street. __________________________________________.
    2. The grey mouse is under the floor. ___________________________________________________.

Name these occupations.

    Grade 3 CBC eng ET2 2021 F4______________________________
    Grade 3 CBC eng ET2 2021 F5_____________________________
    Grade 3 CBC eng ET2 2021 F6________________________________________



That was a cold and stormy night. 10.Everybody / anybody went to bed earlier than usual, but I decided to stay in the living
room reading my new novel about mystery. Suddenly, 11. something / nothing happened in the kitchen, I heard a strange noise. I stood up and went rapidly to see what was happening. I couldn’t see 12. anything / nothing out of the ordinary.13. Everything /
something was calm and quiet. I came back to the living room and kept on reading my book....when I opened the second page, I heard a noise coming from the front window and a shadow disappearing in the night...when I looked through the window I saw 14. nobody / anybody. It was a very rare night. Every time I tried to read my book 15. something / nothing inexplicable happened. Was the mysterious novel becoming true?...I examined 16. everywhere / nowhere in the living room, I was trying to find the odd thing that was producing the strange noises but I could find 17.anything/ nothing...finally, I decided to go to bed and forget about that scary night.

Read the short story. Then answer each question.

The Camping Trip

Lily and her brother Ryan went camping with their mom and dad. Ryan and Dad set up the tent while Lily and Mom collected sticks to start a bonfire.

Once the tent was set up, they started a fire in the bonfire pit. Lily and Ryan looked for long pointy sticks to use for cooking hot dogs over the fire while the fire was heating up. They found four perfect sticks, one for each of them.

Lily and Ryan, and their mom and dad, each placed two hot dogs on their sticks. They held the hot dogs over the fire and turned the sticks slowly so every side of each hot dog was cooked. Then they put the hot dogs into buns and added ketchup and mustard. The
hot dogs were delicious.

After they all enjoyed their hot dogs, Lily got out the marshmallows for dessert. They all roasted marshmallows over the fire until the marshmallows turned a nice shade of brown. Then they popped the yummy treats into their mouths.

Sitting around the bonfire and eating marshmallows is Lily and Ryan’s favourite part of camping.
                                                                      Grade 3 CBC eng ET2 2021 F7


  1. What did Lily and Mom do while Ryan and Dad set up the tent?
  2. What did they all cook over the bon fire to eat for dinner?____________________________________________________________________________________
  3. What did Lily get out for dessert?_____________________________________________________________________________________
  4. What is Lily and Ryan’s favourite part of camping?


    1. Straw, straight, strap, stripe
    2. Ship, shape, sheep, shirt
    3. Spread, spring, spray
    4. Scroll, scream, scrub, scratch
    5. Chair, chin, chop, child
    1. Blackboard
    2. chalks
    3. table
    1. They go to the market everyday.
    2. We complete our homeworks on time.
    1. cleans
    2. looks
    3. observes
    1.  making the bed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth
    2. Eating supper, brushin teeth, finishing homework.
    1. There are men and women in the streets.
    2. The grey mice are under the floors.
  7. Policeman
  8. Chef
  9. Pilot
  10. everybody
  11. something
  12. anything
  13. Everything
  14. nobody
  15. something
  16. everywhere
  17. nothing
  1. Collected sticks to start a bonfire
  2. Hotdogs
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Sitting around the bonfire and eating marshmallows.
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