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English Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 4 End of Term 3 Exams SET 2 2022

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Listen to the teacher as he/she asks you questions and answer orally. (5mks)

My name is teacher                        and I would like us to talk about the farm.

  1. What is a farm? (Learner responds) (1mk)
  2. Name two domestic animals you are likely to find in many farms. (2mks) (Learner responds)
  3. What two activities take place in a farm? (Learner responds)(2mks)

Read the story below aloud as the teacher listens.

John's mother told him never to go past the railway trc.cks that were near their home. Until now, that is something he had never thought of doing. Now, he
was not sure what to do. A suitcase was in the middle of the road on the other side of the tracks. He had been watching it for over an hour. Maybe someone lost it.
Maybe something important was in there. He looked both ways to see if a train was coming. Then he took a deep breath and ran across the tracks.. (20 marks)


  1. Write the following sentences in contracted form. (3mks)
    1. My name is not Jerry.
    2. I do not have money.
    3. I cannot sleep in class.
  2. Use the words in the brackets to write the given sentences in past continuous tense. (3mks)
    1. The learners                 (read) when the guest arrived.
    2. Zainabu                 (sweep) the house.
    3. She                  (record) a video when the lights went off.
  3. Complete the sentences with the appropriate quantities. (5mks)
    1. There are                 colouring pencils to use. (any, some)
    2.                  people enjoy watching movies on the television. (Much, Many)
    3. How                 data have you used today. (many, much)
    4. How                 time do you need to complete the task. (many, much)
    5. Did your school have                 internet yesterday? (any, some)
  4. Complete the following similes.(5mks)
    1. As cool as a                 
    2. As sweet as                 
    3. As busy as a                 
    4. As sour as                 
    5. As flat as a                 
  5. Underline the possessive pronouns in the following sentences. (4mks)
    1. The doctors took their first aid kits.
    2. He fell and hurt his elbow.
    3. Jane was hit by her bicycle.
    4. The cat was chocked by its food.


It was a warm sunny day. Bonari and her brother Moru woke up early. Their mother had already prepared breakfast. They were going to the city to attend Aunt Kendi's wedding. Their mother took them to the bus stop. Bonari and Moru happily boarded the blue bus with a rectangular shape.
When they arrived, Bonari and Moru could see their Aunt Kendi, waiting. She helped them with the luggage and they walked to her home. Throughout the walk home they asked about the wedding. Bonari had carried a nice pink dress to wear. Moru had packed his green shirt with small black triangles. He had packed his blue
jeans trouser too.

  1. Where were Bonari and Moru going to? (1mk)
  2. How did Bonari and Moru travel to the city? (1mk)
  3. Who prepared breakfast for Moru and Bonari? (1mk)
  4. What did Aunt Kendi do when the children arrived? (1mk)
  5. Describe Bonari's dress that she had carried? (1mk)


Write an interesting story about.(10mks)


Listening and speaking

  1. A place where crops are grown and animals are reared.
  2. Award any domestic animal mentioned.
  3. Taking care of plants and taking care of animals.

Reading Aloud
Pronunciation of words and punctuation of sentences. (91 words)


    1. My name isn't Jerry.
    2. I don't have money.
    3. I can't sleep in class.
    1. were reading.
    2. was sweeping.
    3. was recording
    1. some
    2. many
    3. much.
    4. much
    1. cucumber
    2. honey
    3. bee
    4. vinegar
    1. their
    2. his
    3. her
    4. its


  1. to the city to attend Aunt Kend's wedding
  2. they travelled by bus.
  3. their mother.
  4. she helped them with the luggage and they walked to her home.
  5. it was a nice pink dress.

Check the following

  • paragraphing
  • sentence structures.
  • spellings
  • punctuations
  • flow
  • creativity among other relavant things.

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