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Home Science and Agriculture Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 4 End of Term 3 Exams SET 2 2022

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  1. Define the term fuel.:(1mk)
  2. List five types of fuels used by people in our country. (5mks)
  3. Name the following play items. (3mks)
  4. Write down three requirements a person needs in order to grow healthy. (3mks)
  5. Write two healthy habits that you 8. need to practice to prevent illnesses. (2mks)
  6. How do you care for and store the following cleaning materials and tools after use. (5mks)
    Cleaning materials and tools Care and Storage
    a) Basins and buckets   
    b) Brushes   
    c) Brooms and mops   
    d) Dustpanse)   
    e) Floor clothes  
  7. Fill in the gaps using the different materials that make shoes. (3mks)
    Njeri is a grade four learner at Bidii primary school. When going to school she always wear           shoes. During sports days she wears shoes made of       .After school, she wears           shoes and goes to the bathroom to have a shower.
  8. Write three importance of using a shopping list when going to buy items. (3mks)
  9. The use of fuel without wasting it is known as (1mk)
  10. List the three food groups. (3mks)
  11. Draw a packet of maize flour and indicate the expiry date. (1mk)


  1. Write the importance of the following domestic animals. (5mks)
    Domestic animal: Importance
    a) donkey   
    b) cat   
    c) dog   
    d) sheep   
    e) hen   
  2. Identify the following gardening practices. (4mks)
  3. Draw and colour a picture showing drip irrigation. (1mk)
  4. What is the importance of practising drip irrigation in a fruit garden? (1mk)
  5. A            is used to remove the seedling carefully from the soil without disturbing the roots when transplanting. (1mk)
  6. Draw and colour seedlings. (1mk)
  7. List three activities or practices you can do to young seedlings to maintain good conditions for their healthy growth. (3mks)
  8. Name two types of nursery beds you can prepare when making fruit tree nursery beds. (2mks)
  9. Write down the steps followed in the fruit seed preparation. (5mks)
  10. Njeri has a spinach garden. One day while walking in her garden she realized that her spinach had been damaged by small wild animals. List four small wild animals that are likely to have damaged Njeri's spinach. (4mks)
  11. What item would you advice Njeri to put in her garden to scare away the small wild animals mentioned above? (1mk)
  12. What are the uses of water in a farm? (2mks)


  1. It is any material that is used to produce heat or light.
  2. gas
    kerosene / paraffin
    1. hulahoop
    2. skipping rope
    3. sack
  4. food, clothing, play, shelter, rest (any 3)
  5. washing hands
    covering food
    waching fruits before eating
    using a clean handkerchief and any other.
    1. store in a shade
    2. store in a shelf with bristles facing up
    3. hang or place them against the wall on their handles
    4. hang by their handles.
    5. fold and store them in a shelf.
  7. leather, canvas, plastic
    1. reduces wastage
    2. saves time, saves money
    3. helps a person to know the amount of money he/she needs.
  9. fuel conservation
    1. energy giving foods
    2. protective foods
    3. body building foods
  11. Award drawing


    1. carry things / animal power.
    2. friendship /companionship
    3. protection
    4. provide meat and wool
    5. source of eggs and meat
    1. manure addition
    2. weeding
    3. prunning
    4. watering
  3. Award drawing
  4. helps in water conservation
  5. garden trowel
  6. Award drawing
  7. mulching, watering, weeding, thinning and any other relevant answer
  8. ground nursery bed
    container nursery bed
    1. cut the fruit into two
    2. extract the seed with sharp object
    3. clean the seeds with water
    4. sort the seeds
    5. dry the seeds
  10. birds, moles, antelopes,hares, monkeys, squirrels
  11. put a scarecrow
  12. watering plants, giving to animals, cleaning farm tools and equipment, mixing farm chemicals (award any 2) 

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