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Science and Technology Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 4 End of Term 3 Exams SET 2 2022

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  1. Name the parts of a digital device shown below and their functions. (10mks)
  2. Making air dirty is known as                    while making water dirty is called                    (2mks)
  3. Write two factors affecting floating and sinking of an object. (2mks) 
  4. List the three states of matter found in our environment. (3mks)
  5. Match the following types of teeth with their names. (4mks)
         Type of teeth                    Name
  6. Fill in the gaps with protective materials and clothings. (6mks)
    When Grade four Science teacher at Bukoba primary school was observing plants, she wore a                     to keep her clothes clean. She wore                     to protect her eyes from injuries and                     to protect her hands from being hurt. The teacher used                     and                      to turn over the leaves of plants. She also used                      to see small holes on the leaves.
  7. Define the following terms. (2mks)
    1. Vertebrates
    2. Invertebrates
  8. Write 'vertebrate or invertebrate,
    1. a dog
    2. caterpillar
    3. fish
    4. snake
    5. millipede
  9. List three characteristics of animals that make them living things. (3mks)
  10.                     is a group of letters, words, symbols or patterns that are used to identify or group things. (1mk)
  11. Write one substance that pollutes air.(1mk)
  12. Write down two practices that can reduce air pollution. (2mks)
  13. Name three methods of making water clean.
  14. Write true or false after the statements. (4mks)
    1. Gases have a fixed volume and shape.              
    2. Liquids have no fixed shape.            
    3. Solids can be compressed.            
    4. Solids have a fixed volume.             
  15. Fill in the blank spaces. (2mks)
    1.               is a thin long tube that connects the mouth and the stomach. (3mks)
    2. The               opens to allow the faeces to move out of the body.


  1. Mouse - moves on a flat surface and gives instruction when clicked
    B Monitor - displays the content. 
    C CPU / Processor - controls and processes programs
    D Keyboard - types into the computer
    E Cables - connects the device to its hardware
  2. air pollution, water pollution
  3. shape of the material type fo the material
    1. liquids
    2. solids
    3. gases
  5. molar 
  6. dustcoat, goggles, gloves, forceps, tongs, magnifying lens.
    1. animals with backbones.
    2. animals without backbones
    1. vertebrate
    2. vertebrate
    3. vertebrate
    4. invertebrate
  9. move, reproduce, die, feed,grow, breath, remove waste 
  10. coding
  11. smoke, dust, bad smell
  12. sprinkling water on dusty places
    proper disposal of waste in pit latrines. (any other relevant)
    1. boiling
    2. filtering
    3. decantation
    1. false
    2. true
    3. false
    4. true
    1. oesophagus/ foodpipe
    2. anus

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