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Change is inevitable in any society validate this statement drawing evidence from Blossoms of the savannah

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Ole Kaelo and his family relocate from Nakuru to Nasila after his retrenchment from Agribix limited. His two daughters, Taiyo and Resian were born and raised up in Nakuru. The idea of leaving Nakuru for a village town, Nasila, is coldly embraced by Taiyo and Resian.

There is change of Nasilian cultural practices. In the past, culture did not allow an elderly man to marry a girl young enough to be his daughter. It was considered an abomination, and the perpetrators risked being fined heavily besides facing a public rebuke and cleansing ceremony. Ole Kaelo is collaborating with Oloisudori, his age mate, to ensure that he marries his daughter, ResianKaelo.

There is environmental change. Mama Milanoi recounts how Nasila Rivers had changed. Nasila water was no longer the same clean water that she and her friends drew when they were girls. The water had been polluted. People were emptying sacks of agricultural chemicals and poisonous pollutants into Nasila River.

There is an emergence of new generational vocal female activists who openly oppose FGM. Minik, a manager of a big sheep ranch and veterinary medicine graduate fights against female circumcision, a practice that is deeply embedded in Nasilian culture. She faces sharp resistance from conservative Nasilans and is christened Emakererei, the wasp.
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In any society changing the cultures is difficult
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