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English Questions and Answers - Class 6 End of Term 3 Exams Set 1 2022

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MLFill in the blank spaces numbered 1 to 15 with the best alternative from the choices given.

Being a cool and windy day,1                decided to go and fly kites at the Uwezo Park. The friends 2                whom we were going to the park 3                Ken, Paul and Sean. We had hardly walked a kilometre 4                Sean felt something stuck to his shoes. At first, he 5                it was bubble gum but when he checked, his face 6                at what he saw. It was a 7                note. We were all overjoyed at how lucky we 8               . Paul suggested that we go to a 9                for a nice meal. Ken thought it 10                be better to buy some snacks at the nearest Superrriarket. 11                , I did not agree 12                their proposals. I thought it
would wise for us to 13                the owner of the money. We spent a bit of time arguinngg on what course of action to take. 14                , Sean announced that the wind had blown the money out of his hand. We 15                in time to see the note flying away into a fast flowing river..

    1. I and my friends
    2. me and my friends
    3. my friends and I
    4. my friends and me
    1. with
    2. for
    3. to
    4. by
    1. comprised of
    2. included
    3. involved
    4. involves
    1. when
    2. so
    3. than
    4. then
    1. knew
    2. remembered
    3. saw
    4. thought
    1. changed
    2. renewed
    3. brightened
    4. transformed
    1. thousand shillings
    2. thousand-shilling 
    3. thousand shilling
    4. thousand-shillings
    1. were
    2. have been
    3. would be
    4. could be
    1. restrant
    2. restaurrant
    3. resteurant
    4. restaurant
    1. must
    2. should
    3. would
    4. can
    1. Besides
    2. However
    3. Therefore
    4. Furthermore
    1. on
    2. for
    3. with
    4. to
    1. look after
    2. look into
    3. look for
    4. look out
    1. Fortunately
    2. Suddenly
    3. Still
    4. Yet
    1. turned back
    2. turned out
    3. turned up 
    4. turned around

In question 16 to 18. choose the alternative that best completes the sentence.

  1. The girl was hungry to concentrate in class.
    1. so
    2. too
    3. rather
    4. very
  2. The children who out of school last week have been suspended.
    1. snuck
    2. sneeked
  3. Richard has not to talk to strangers ever again.
    1. sweared
    2. swore
    3. sworn
    4. swome

For questions 19 and 20. choose the sentence that is correctly constructed.

    1. I have given him a good advice
    2. Molly hanged the clothes outside on the line
    3. Tracy is taller than I am
    4. I cannot be able to remember
    1. Let this matter remain between you and i.
    2. My beddinos are always neat and dean.
    3. Kelvin is the tallest of the twins
    4. None of us knows where the chief lives.

In quesstions 21 - 23 choose the word that means the sam e as the underlined one.

  1. The enormous building the man has put up is beautiful.
    1. big
    2. great
    3. famous
    4. new
  2. She sounds certain about her next move.
    1. happy
    2. anxious
    3. doubtful
    4. sure.
  3. Do not ignore yoal information about the project.
    1. necessary
    2. insignificant
    3. important
    4. simple

In question 24 and 25. add the correct question tag

  1. We must work very hard,
    1. musn't we
    2. mustn't we
    3. isn't it
    4. don't we
  2. Felix rarely uses good handwriting,
    1. doesn't he
    2. isn't he
    3. is he
    4. does he

Read the passage below and use it to answer Questions 26 to 38.

Once upon a time, there lived a gentle mouse in the countryside. A !though he occasionally encountered trouble, he enjoyed the peaceful life in the countryside. There was plenty of food and he had numerous places to hide whenever he smelt danger. One day, lie countryside mouse invited his friend who lived in a distant town to spend a few days with him in Lhe countryside. The friend honoured the invitation and was received with open arms upon his arrival. The two friends shared exciting stones about their homes and life in general. The host served his guest a variety of sumptuous dishes. The town mouse enjoyed the meal and expressed his gratitude'. He had eaten to his fill besides enjoying some really nice local drinks.
Although the town mouse treasured the hospitality he got from his friend, he felt life in the countryside was rather boring. There was no entertainment of any kind. There was no electricity and darkness reigned supreme at night, Furthermore, the entire neighbourhood appeared d.ull and untidy. He preferred the excitement that the town provided. His friend had asked him to spend a fortnight in the countryside but he felt he missed the fun that characterised life in town. A couple of nights was enough. He opted to return to his home. Before he left, he asked his host to visit him the next weekend. The countryside mouse promised to pay his friend a visit at his earliest convenience. He assured the town mouse that he would bring him some fruits and vegetables from the countryside since he knew such foods were scarce in towns.
Eventually, the day of the visit came. The countryside had been looking forward to the day. This would be his maiden trip to the urban centre. He prepared himself and dressed in his best attire. He was dressed to the nines. Having packed his luggage, set off just after the morning meal. The journey took him roughly five hours. When he arrived in town, he was both fatigued and starving. His host picked him from the bus terminus and took him home. The countryside mouse was greatly amazed at what he saw. Flis friend lived in a big house, in the heart of the city. He lived especially in a banquet hail, where dozens of delicious dishes were served to a party of revellers and other guests, He was green with envy. He wished he got a chance to five in such a magnificent house. The food he was served was more delicious than any other food he had ever eaten. His mouth watered the moment food was brought to table.
While the two mice were enjoying a finger-licking meal, something unexpected happened. The barking of dogs rent the air. The countryside mouse was alarmed. He knew what such sounds meant. He would have scampered for safety had his host not assured him that his safety was guaranteed. Suddenly, the door of the banquet hail flung open. A party of dancers, together with four huge dogs entered the room. The two mice were frightened beyond measure. They jumped off the dining table and hid themselves in a far corner of the room.
When the things calmed down and the dancers went away with their huge dogs, the two friends came out of the hiding, still trembling with great fear. The country mouse bidding 'good-bye' to his friend said, if this is the fine way of living in the city, l would best prefer to have only my simple barley bread in the countryside. While there my safety is guaranteed i don't want to

  1. According to the first paragraph, is it true to say that the countryside mouse.
    1. had never left the village.
    2. was always happy.
    3. did not have any friend in the neighbourhood.
    4. polite.
  2. What did the mouse like about the countryside?
    1. There wasn't danger of any kind.
    2. it was pleasant
    3. He knew how to steal food.
    4. He had several holes to call home.
  3. Why did the countryside mouse invite his friend from town?
    1. To show him around the countryside.
    2. To share stories.
    3. He probably needed his company.
    4. He hadn't seen him in a long time.
  4. The word gratitude has been used in the passage It can be classified as:
    1. an adjective
    2. a noun
    3. an adverb
    4. a verb
  5. Which statement is true about town mouse?
    1. He had a large appetite.
    2. He had never been to the countryside before.
    3. He had little respect for those who lived in the countryside.
    4. He had some good time at his friend's Place.
  6. According to the passage, it is right to conclude that:
    1. the town mouse had biased opinion about the countryside
    2. darkness covered everywhere in the countryside.
    3. life was boring in the countryside.
    4. there was insecurity in the countryside.
  7. A fortrught is a period of
    1. fourteen nights
    2. seven days.
    3. two weeks.
    4. four nights.
  8. Which description best fits the countryside mouse? He was:
    1. charitable
    2. discourteous
    3. patient
    4. tolerant
  9. What shows that the countryside mouse was excited about visiting the urban centre?
    1. He began the journey very early in the morning.
    2. He had been anticipating it.
    3. He offered to carry some food.
    4. He had no idea what town looked iike.
  10. What is the meaning of the words his maiden trio to the urban centre?
    1. He rarely visited the town.
    2. It was a very long journey.
    3. He knew he would have some difficulties.
    4. It was his first time to go to town.
  11. When the countryside mouse saw where his friend lived, he:
    1. was shocked
    2. became a bit jealous
    3. got worried
    4. became contented.
  12. As soon as the countryside mouse heard the barking of the dog, he:
    1. scampered for safety.
    2. lost appetite.
    3. sensed danger
    4. became anxious.
  13. Which proverb best summarizes the story?
    1. One man's meat is another man's poison.
    2. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
    3. AIl that glitters is not gold.
    4. He who laughs last laughs best.

Read the passage below and use it to answer questions 39 to 50.
Gardening is a good and enjoyable pastime. A garden is a piece of ground adjoining a house where various trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables and so on are ground. Each garden is surrounded by a fence. Domestic animals as well as pests are not meant to interfere with the garden. Usually, fences are made of wood or bamboo. The green fence is raised around the garden sometimes. The garden is split into various parts to accommodate flowers, crops, fruit trees and vegetables. There are many types of gardens, however, fruit and vegetable gardens are more popular with both urban and rural dwellers. Some of institutions of learning also have their own gardens to work in for their learners.
Skilled gardeners grow different kinds of vegetables during different seasons. There are vegetables that give good yields during rainy seasons. On the other hand, some vegetables grow a lot better in dry seasons. Gardeners require such information to get the best out of their gardens. Different species of flowers require certain climatic conditions to grow well. Fruit trees are meant to last long hence can be grown anytime although they definitely grow faster when the ground is
irrigation. Drought should not be an excuse of failing to practise gardening. in fact, one may not even need a big space to start a garden. It is not uncommon to see gardeners piling soil in sacks, pots or boxes and using them to grow vegetables. This practice is more common in urban areas.
It is important to keep the garden neat and tidy by attending to it several times a week, Pick up any unwanted litter and dump it in the bin. Plastics and paper bags should not left in the garden. Dry :eaves and grass do not have to be burnt. They should be left to rot and improve the fertility of soil. The use of manure can also be of great significance to the garden. Do not be tempted to use commercial fertilizers. They are harmful to the soil and pollute the environment. Weeding and mulching are also highly recommended for the well-being of the garden. Keep the garden as beautiful as possible. Let it be attractive to encourage other people to start the practice.

  1. From the first paragraph, it is right to say that:
    1. it is easy to start a garden if the compound is large.
    2. a garden is used for commercial purposes.
    3. it is good to grow only one kind of crop in the garden.
    4. a garden is always in the same compound as the house.
  2. Which statement is true about gardening?
    1. It is hardly ever practised in urban areas.
    2. All types of gardens are found in most homesteads.
    3. It brings pleasure to those who practise it.
    4. It must be tended to every day.
  3. The word pastime has been underlined in the passage. It means the same as:
    1. hobby
    2. interest
    3. leisure
    4. skill
  4. Why is it necessary to fence a garden?
    1. To ensure only the gardener gains access to it.
    2. To make it easier to harvest the crops or fruits.
    3. To keep it clean always
    4. To avoid unnecessary intrusion.
  5. The gardens established in schools are meant for
    1. making good use of the land available.
    2. learning purposes.
    3. providing fresh fruits and vegetables for use in school.
    4. keeping the environment clean.
  6. When starting a vegetable garden, it is wise to:
    1. ensure the space is big enough.
    2. grow vegetables with fruit trees.
    3. be mindful of the weather conditions.
    4. select common crops.
  7. According to the passage, it is right to conclude that unskilled farmers:
    1. may not know how to use the garden well.
    2. always get low harvests.
    3. only know about few types of vegetables.
    4. often misuse their gardens.
  8. What does the writer say about irrigation?
    1. it is the only way to make vegetables grow well.
    2. It is never practised unless vegetables begin to dry.
    3. It makes gardens give good yields.
    4. It solves all the problems gardeners experience.
  9. Why do some gardeners grow vegetables or flowers sacks, pots or boxes?
    1. They prefer to grow few crops and vegetables.
    2. They live in towns.
    3. Perhaps they don't have much space in their homes.
    4. They don't have gardening skills.
  10. When plastics and paper bags are left in the garden,
    1. vegetables tend to wither.
    2. the beauty of the garden is lost.
    3. pests get attracted to the garden.
    4. the soil becomes dry.
  11. Why are commercial fertilizers not recommended?
    1. They do not improve the quality of the soil at all.
    2. They make the environment appear bad.
    3. They are not reliable.
    4. They cause harm to the environment.
  12. The best title for the above passage is:
    1. Facts about gardening.
    2. The benefits of a garden.
    3. How to take care of a garden.
    4. How to start a garden.


Write an interesting composition beginning eith the following words

I woke up early in the morning as i always did, headed for the kitchen to help mother prepare breakfast, I was surprised when i opened the kitchen door only to find mother not there...


  1. C
  2. A
  3. B
  4. A
  5. D
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C
  11. B
  12. D
  13. C
  14. B
  15. D
  16. B
  17. D
  18. C
  19. C
  20. D
  21. A
  22. D
  23. C
  24. A
  25. D
  26. D
  27. B
  28. C
  29. B
  30. D
  31. A
  32. C
  33. A
  34. B
  35. D
  36. B
  37. C
  38. A
  39. D
  40. C
  41. A
  42. D
  43. B
  44. C
  45. A
  46. C
  47. C
  48. A
  49. D
  50. A

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