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Social Studies And RE- Class 7 End Term 1 Exam 2021 SET 1

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Study the map of Bego Area below and use it to answer questions 1 to 7

  1. The location of the two industries in Bego area was mainly influenced by
    1. nearness to market
    2. nearness to raw materials
    3. ncarness to roads
    4. nearness to water supply
  2. Which one of the following is a food crop grown in Bego area?
    1. Bananas
    2. Sugarcane
    3. Maize
    4. Tea
  3. The mineral mined in Bego area is
    1. limestone
    2. sand 
    3. salt
    4. soda ash
  4. The general flow of river Bego is from
    1. North East
    2. South West
    3. North West
    4. South East
  5. The economic activity carried out in the North Eastern part of Bego area is
    1. tea growing
    2. sugarcane farming
    3. mining
    4. livestock
  6. The main reason why tea is grown in the South Western part of Bego area is that 
    1. the area has cool and wet conditions
    2. the area is hilly
    3. rivers in the area provide water irrigation
    4. there is adequate labour
  7. Which one of the following places is at the HIGHEST altitude above sea level?
    1. Cattle dip
    2. Pineapple farm
    3. Tugo town
    4. Sibi town
  8. Traditional forms of government among the Nyamwezi people were beaded by
    1. chiefs
    2. kings 
    3. council of elders
    4. emperors
  9. Which one of the following is not a role of children in a family?
    1. Taking care of family property 
    2. Seeking for advice from parents
    3. Providing basic needs
    4. Respecting other members of the family
  10. The first member states of the East African community (EAC) when it was formed in 1967 were
    1. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
    2. Djibouti, Rwanda, Uganda
    3. Tanzania, Burundi, Sudan
    4. Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia
  11. Which one of the following relief features in Africa formed through faulting and twisting of underneath rocks?
    1. Mount Ruwenzori
    2. Atlas mountains
    3. Yatta plateau
    4. Rift Valley
  12. Radios are used to make government announcements because
    1. most people understand Kiswahili
    2. most areas are supplied with electricity
    3. messages are made in indigenous languages
    4. they are widespread
  13. The diagram below shows a marine fishing method.
    The marine fishing method illustrated in the above diagram is
    1. purse-seining method 
    2. trawling method
    3. long lining method
    4. net drifting method
  14. Improvement in modern systems of communication in Africa has mainly resulted in
    1. expansion of urban centres 
    2. decrease in rates of crime
    3. increase in trading activities
    4. migration of people to towns
  15. Chief Mkwawa and Koitalel Arap Samoei had one factor in common. It is that they
    1. signed peace treaties with Europeans
    2. gave their land to European farms
    3. collaborated with the Europeans
    4. resisted European colonial rule
  16. Three of the following statements about clans are correct. Which one is not?
    1. Members are related by blood
    2. Members help one another
    3. Members live in the same area
    4. Members have a common ancestor
  17. The following are characteristics of a vegetation zone in Africa;
    There is plenty of tall grass
    Most trees are deciduous
    Thorny trees of medium height Pub
    The vegetation zone described above is
    1. savannah vegetation
    2. mountain vegetation
    3. semi-desert vegetation
    4. rain forest vegetation
  18. Which one of the following language groups is not found in West Africa?
    1. Benue-Congo speakers
    2. Cushitic speakers
    3. Afro-Asiatic speakers
    4. Mande speakers
  19. It is important for people to live in peace in the society in order to
    1. conserve the environment
    2. prevent the spread of diseases
    3. enable leaders rule for long periods
    4. enable the government to deliver services
  20. A characteristic of areas where beef ranching is done is that the areas
    1. have dense forests
    2. have irrigated pastures
    3. are sparsely populated
    4. experience cool and wet climate
  21. The political party that led Tanganyika to independence was
    1. Tanganyika African National Union
    2. Chama cha Mapinduzi
    3. Tanganyika African Association
    4. United Tanganyika party
  22. Which one of the following groups is made up of Bantu communities who live in Southern Africa?
    1. Sara, Luba, Bakongo
    2. Chagga, Baganda, Taita
    3. Tswana, Bemba, Hutu
    4. Zulu, Sotho, Herero
  23. Which one of the following rivers in Africa is correctly matched with the water body where it ends?
    1. River Nile - Lake Turkana
    2. River Orange - Atlantic Ocean
    3. River Limpopo - Mediterranean Sea
    4. River OMO - Indian Ocean
  24. The main reason why Kenya traders with other countries is to
    1. earn foreign exchange
    2. promote good relations with other countries
    3. advertise tourist attracting sites
    4. enable Kenyans to move freely
  25. Person living with disabilities in Kenya have the right to
    1. do what they want 
    2. form their own political parties
    3. be given higher salaries
    4. be nominated to the senate
  26. The plains Nilotes settled in the Rift Valley region of Kenya because
    1. the areas had fertile soils for farming
    2. there were many trade goods in the area
    3. the areas were ideal for grazing
    4. the areas were not habited
  27. The aim of preparing a school motto is to
    1. guide the learners to achieve the aims of the school
    2. prepare pupils to be future leaders
    3. outline the rules of the school
    4. allocate time for school activities
  28. Three of the following are effects of revolution of the earth. Which one is not?
    1. It causes deflecting of winds
    2. It causes different seasons
    3. It causes sea and land breezes rotation
    4. It causes different lengths of day and night
  29. Which one of the following is an example of a processing industry?
    1. Paper manufacturing
    2. Flour milling
    3. Glass manufacturing .
    4. Shoe manufacturing

      Use the map of Eastern Africa below to answer questions 30 to 33.
  30. Three of the following statements about the country marked M are correct. Which one is not? 
    1. It was ruled by an emperor upto 1974
    2. Some areas in the country are deserts
    3. It is the largest country in Eastern Africa
    4. It successfully resisted colonial rule
  31. The game reserve marked R is
    1. Kidepo
    2. Selous
    3. Serengeti
    4. Bwindi
  32. The community that settled in the shaded area marked S during the migration period was
    1. Pokomo
    2. Chagga
    3. Abagusii 
    4. Taita
  33. The country marked F was colonized by
    1. France
    2. Italy
    3. Britain
    4. Germany
  34. Which one of the following citizens doesnot demonstrate patriotism?
    1. Riziki - participate in communal work
    2. Taiyo - Attends national day celebrations
    3. Amollo - favours his relatives in employment
    4. Gatura - Conserves forest reserves
  35. Below are descriptions of a lake in Africa.
    It was formed through downwarping
    It is located in a dry area 
    It is shared by three countries
    The lake described above is
    1. Lake Tanganyika
    2. Lake Turkana
    3. Lake Malawi
    4. Lake Chad
  36. The main problem facing in land water fishing in both Kenya and Tanzania is
    1. water hyacinth growing in lakes
    2. oil spills from ships
    3. inadequate market for fish
    4. overfishing in major fishing lakes
  37. Which one of the following actions is a government policy that may influence settlement of people in a place?
    1. Establishment of multi-purpose river projects 
    2. Introduction of family planning methods
    3. Vaccination of people against diseases
    4. Allowing people to move to towns
  38. Sisal growing in Kenya has declined due to
    1. frequent droughts in the country
    2. low demand fro sisal products
    3. lack of funds to invest in sisal farming
    4. increase in population in growing areas
  39. The following are some communities found in Eastern Africa
    It is correct to conclude that the above communities
    1. were ruled by kings
    2. resisted European colonial rule 
    3. took part in the long distance trade
    4. settle in highland regions
  40. Three of the following statements about indigenous education in the pre-colonial period are true. Which one is not?
    1. Learners were given written tests
    2. Some skills were taught through observations
    3. Learners were taught by older members
    4. Proverbs were used to teach moral values
  41. The diagram below shows a road sign.
    A motorist who sees the road sign shown above should
    1. turn back
    2. call for help
    3. stop the vehicle
    4. reduce speed
  42. Below are statements about an early visitor to Eastern Africa
    He settled along the coast on me
    He took part in coastal trade
    He came to Eastern Africa in 1840
    The person described above is
    1. Seyyid Said
    2. William Macknon
    3. Carl Peters
    4. Vasco da Gama
  43. The formation of the Rift Valley was caused by
    1. solidification of Magma on the  surface
    2. erosion of soft parts of the earth
    3. faulting and sinking of land
    4. folding and twisting of underneath rocks
  44. The lake Victoria basin and the West coast of Africa have high population due to 
    1. high rainfall in the areas
    2. deposition of rich soils by rivers
    3. cool and wet highland conditions
    4. presence of minerals in the areas
  45. Conservation of natural forests in the highland areas in Kenya is done in order to
    1. attract tourists in the country 
    2. get a constant source of firewood
    3. get timber for export
    4. preserve sources of rivers
  46. Which one of the following is a social right of a child? Right to
    1. marry
    2. vote 
    3. own property
    4. education
  47. When Julius Nyerere was the president of Tanzania he
    1. formed the first political party 
    2. took part in forming the East African community (EAC)
    3. made Tanzania a multi-state country
    4. was overthrown by the army
  48. What is the time in Dakar 17°W when the time in Kampala 28°E is 2:20pm?
    1. 11.20am 
    2. 5.20am
    3. 11.20pm
    4. 5.20pm
  49. Mr. Hashim deals in Petroleum products. The best form to use to transport petroleum form Saudi Arabia is
    1. pipeline transport
    2. air transport
    3. water transport
    4. railway transport
  50. The Western part of Botswana are sparsely populated due to
    1. presence of swamps
    2. insecurity
    3. semi-arid conditions
    4. flooding by rivers
  51. Which one of the following is not a impact of industries in urban areas?
    1. Dumping of waste in rivers 
    2. Increase in crop production 
    3. Release of smoke into the atmosphere
    4. They encourage growth of slums
  52. Which one of the following was a negative effect of colonial rule in Eastern Africa?
    1. Africans changed their names
    2. Some places were named after Europeans
    3. Africans lost their fertile lands
    4. African communities developed unity
  53. Which one of the following combinations is made up of cold currents only?
    1. Aguhlas and canary currents
    2. Somali and Benguela currents
    3. Guinea and Aguhlas currents 
    4. Benguela and canary currents
  54. The following are facts about a town in Eastern Africa;
    It was started by Arab trader
    It has a petroleum refinery
    It is a major tourist destination town
    The town described above is never
    1. Mombasa
    2. Kampala
    3. Addis Ababa
    4. Dodoma
  55. What did the British do to Mekatilili wa Menza when they arrested her?
    1. They sent her to exile in Seychelles
    2. They sent her to live in Kisii
    3. They cut off her head
    4. They jailed her for a long time
  56. Below are requirements for growing a certain crop;
    Cool highland temperatures
    High rainfall that is well distributed
    High altitude
    Fertile volcanic soils that are slightly acidic
    The requirements listed above favour the growing of
    1. bananas 
    2. sisal
    3. sugarcane
    4. tea
  57. Who among the following leaders is not elected on a polling day in Kenya? 
    1. Senator
    2. Woman Representative
    3. County commissioner
    4. County Representative
  58. Three of the following duties of the body incharge of elections in Kenya except
    1. announcing election results
    2. registering political parties 
    3. reviewing constituency boundaries
    4. organizing and supervising elections
  59. An elected member of the county assembly loses a seat if the person
    1. is jailed for 6 months or more
    2. goes out of Kenya
    3. is admitted in hospital
    4. is arrested by the police
  60. A person becomes a nominated member of it pu a county assembly through
    1. election by voters in a ward
    2. election by members of a county assembly
    3. appointing by a political party 
    4. appointing by the governor


  1. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit because
    1. they wanted to become wise
    2. the snake tricked them
    3. they wanted to cover their nakedness
    4. they were hungry
  2. During the time of Noah God destroyed people because
    1. they were building a high tower
    2. they were evil and wicked
    3. they had become too many
    4. they were speaking one language
  3. A promise that God made to Abraham when he was living in Haran was that
    1. Abraham would live to old age 
    2. Abraham's descendants would rule forever
    3. God would give him many descendant
    4. God would make him rich
  4. Who among the following people was a brother of Moses?
    1. Joshua
    2. Elkanah
    3. Caleb
    4. Aaron
  5. During the Exodus the Israelites asked Moses to give them
    1. Weapons
    2. Kings
    3. Water
    4. Clothes
  6. Gideon was able to defeat the Midianites because
    1. he obeyed God's commands
    2. he was a brave soldier
    3. he was experienced in fighting
    4. he had a large army
  7. King Saul disobeyed God when he
    1. took the wife of Uriah
    2. failed to kill animals captured in war
    3. married many wives
    4. took Naboth's vineyard
  8. When King Solomon prayed to God he asked for
    1. wealth
    2. wisdom
    3. long live
    4. fame
  9. When prophet Elisha visited the woman of Shunem he told her that
    1. she would get a husband
    2. her flour and oil would never run out
    3. she would have a son
    4. she would be the ruler of Israel
  10. Which one of the following was done by the wisemen who visited Jesus? They
    1. went back singing and rejoicing
    2. ate with Joseph and Mary
    3. offered burnt sacrifices
    4. did not go back to Herod
  11. Zechariah the father of John the Baptist worked as
    1. a priest
    2. a carpenter
    3. a tax collector
    4. a shepherd
  12. When the devil told Jesus to kneel down and worship him Jesus replied that
    1. you should not put the Lord to the test
    2. man shall not live by bread alone
    3. you should worship the Lord your God alone
    4. human beings cannot live on bread alone
  13. Jesus taught his disciples during
    1. the sermon on the mountain
    2. the last supper
    3. the walk to Emmaus
    4. a fishing session in lake Galilee
  14. The two brothers who left their father in 18 a boat and followed Jesus were
    1. John and Peter
    2. John and Andrew
    3. John and Philip
    4. John and James
  15. The parable of the three servants teaches christians to
    1. respect people in authority
    2. use their talents well
    3. be kind to the needy
    4. repent their sins
  16. Jesus healed people possessed with demons. This showed his power over
    1. diseases
    2. evil
    3. nature
    4. death
  17. Simon of Cyrene carried the cross of  Jesus because
    1. he knew Jesus
    2. Jesus was tired
    3. the soldiers forced
    4. he was a God-fearing man
  18. Jesus forgave the sins of a thief who had been crucified on his side because
    1. the thief was innocent
    2. the thief was a God fearing man
    3. the thief was repentant
    4. Jesus knew the thief
  19. Which one of the following women visited the empty tomb?
    1. Lydia
    2. Salome
    3. Tabitha
    4. Martha
  20. Which one of the following combinations consist of people who met Jesus on the day he resurrected?
    1. Mary Magdalene and Cleopas
    2. Thomas and Matthew
    3. Peter and John
    4. Mary mother James and Philip
  21. Immediately before Jesus ascended to heaven he told his disciples to 
    1. look themselves in a room
    2. be satisfied with what they get
    3. go to all places and preach
    4. preach in different languages
  22. Which one of the following actions in traditional African communities is forbidden?
    1. Hitting an elder
    2. Giving food to strangers
    3. Walking at night
    4. Singing songs
  23. In traditional African communities ancestors are best remembered through
    1. performing libations
    2. using the items they left
    3. calling out their names during prayer
    4. naming children after them
  24. Which one of the following is the main reason for marriage in traditional African communities? 
    1. To get dowry payment
    2. To continue the family lineage
    3. To get a companion
    4. To feel important
  25. Which one of the following is a rite of passage in traditional African communities?
    1. Burial
    2. Confirmation
    3. Naming
    4. Initiation
  26. Christians take their first harvest of crop to the church mainly to
    1. feed worshippers in the church
    2. sell surplus food
    3. show gratitude for God's blessings
    4. provide food for the clergy
  27. It is important for christians to work in order to
    1. do the will of God
    2. become rich
    3. be recognized in the society
    4. get paid
  28. Leisure time should be spent doing those activities that
    1. make a person rich
    2. goes against moral values
    3. promote the welfare of a community
    4. promote personal interest
  29. Gabriel a stands six pupil, prays for his sick mother. This element of prayer is 
    1. petition
    2. confession
    3. adoration
    4. intercession
  30. The early European missionaries taught Africans how to read and write because they wanted them to
    1. get jobs
    2. read the Bible 
    3. be equal to the Europeans
    4. stop their customs


  1. "Fawailul lil muswaliin" is a verse from Suratul _______
    1. Maun
    2. Tiyn
    3. Fiyl
    4. Kauthar
  2. Swafa and Marwa is performed to remember which Prophet together with his mother?
    1. Ishaq
    2. Issa
    3. Ibrahim
    4. Ismail
  3. Believe in the angels of Allah is the ___pillar of Iman.
    1. First
    2. Second
    3. Fourth
    4. Third
  4. We celebrate iddul Fitri in the month of
    1. Shawwal
    2. Ramadhan
    3. Rajab
    4. Muharram
  5. The story of Abraham Al Ashram is explained in which Surah?
    1. Maun
    2. Tiyn 
    3. Fiyi
    4. Kauthar
  6. When the Prophet left for Madina he left ___laying his bed.
    1. Abu-Bakr
    2. Umar
    3. Ali
    4. Uthman
  7. Which one among the following is an example of medium Najis?
    1. Women in monthly period
    2. Bleeding or producing pus
    3. Ejaculation of sperms
    4. Sexual intercourse
  8. The people of Makkah who welcomed the people of Madinah are called
    1. Jews 
    2. Muhajirin
    3. Answar
    4. Kharajites
  9. Prophet Muhammad went to a trade caravan when he met Bahira.
    1. Medina
    2. Syria
    3. Makka
    4. Egypt
  10. Work in islam is regarded as an act of
    1. Torture
    2. Ibaadah
    3. Makruh
    4. Punishment
  11. The ninth month in the Islamic calendar is 
    1. Rajab
    2. Ramadhan
    3. Shawwal
    4. Muharram
  12. The second battle to be fought by the Muslims is
    1. Siffin
    2. Badr
    3. Uhud
    4. Khandag
  13. The prophet advised as to say the truth even if it is
    1. Bitter
    2. Bad
    3. Hurting
    4. Sour
  14. On which of the following is Zakat not payable?
    1. Animal
    2. Agricultures produce
    3. Furniture
    4. Mineral
  15. Who among the following people is NOT a recipient of Zakat?
    1. Debtor
    2. New converts
    3. Slaves
    4. Orphan
  16. Three of the following are not Major Hadath EXCEPT?
    1. Vomit
    2. Blood
    3. Urine
    4. Sperms
  17. In which Surah was Abu Lahab cursed?
    1. Masad
    2. Nasr
    3. Fiyl.
    4. Kauthar
  18. The archers placed at Mount Uhud during the battle of Uhud disobeyed the Prophet because of
    1. Fear
    2. Jealous
    3. Greedy
    4. Fatigue
  19. Which surahs teaches Muslims not to dwell so much on worldly gains?
    1. Humaza
    2. Takkathur
    3. Nasr
    4. Kauthar
  20. The Angel in charge of questioning the dead in the grave are called
    1. Munkar and Nakir
    2. Ratib and Atid
    3. Hamalatul Arshi
    4. Hafadha
  21. The attribute of Allah which Muslims believe in are
    1. 10
    2. 17
    3. 6
    4. 99
  22. The first wife of Prophet Muhammad is
    1. Aisha
    2. Maryam
    3. Fatimah
    4. Khadija
  23. The first thing done to a new born baby
    1. Adhan
    2. Khitan
    3. Aqіка
    4. Iqamah
  24. Which among the following Prophet was sent to King Herod?
    1. Zakaria
    2. Yusuf
    3. Issa
    4. Ayyub
  25. Where was Prophets Muhammad mother buried?
    1. Abwaa
    2. Makkah
    3. Madinah
    4. Syria
  26. Which among the following prayers is commonly known as” swalatul Wustwa”
    1. Dhuhr.
    2. Maghrib.
    3. Asr.
    4. Fajr
  27. Which month do Muslims observe fasting?
    1. Muharram
    2. Ramadhan
    3. Safar
    4. Rabiul Awal
  28. The 24 Prophet of Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran is -
    1. Adam
    2. Muhammad
    3. Idris
    4. Issa
  29. How many goats are slaughtered for the Aqiqa of a baby girl?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. four
  30. Swalatul Khusuf is the prayer for the eclipse of the
    1. Moon
    2. Sun
    3. Stars
    4. Rain


  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D
  6. A
  7. D
  8. A
  9. C
  10. A
  11. A
  12. D
  13. A
  14. C
  15. D
  16. A
  17. A
  18. B
  19. D
  20. C
  21. A
  22. D
  23. B
  24. B
  25. D
  26. C
  27. A
  28. C
  29. B
  30. D
  31. B
  32. D
  33. B
  34. C
  35. C
  36. D
  37. A
  38. C
  39. C
  40. A
  41. D
  42. D
  43. C
  44. A
  45. D
  46. D
  47. C
  48. A
  49. D
  50. C
  51. B
  52. C
  53. D
  54. A
  55. B
  56. D
  57. C
  58. C
  59. A
  60. C


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. C
  6. A
  7. B
  8. B
  9. C
  10. D
  11. A
  12. C
  13. A
  14. D
  15. B
  16. B
  17. C
  18. C
  19. B
  20. A
  21. C
  22. A
  23. D
  24. B
  25. C
  26. C
  27. A
  28. C
  29. D
  30. B

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