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Science Questions and Answers - Class 7 End Term 3 Exam 2022 Set 1

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  1. Which one of the following is not a function of the mouth? 
    1. Cutting down pieces of food into smaller pieces
    2. Absorbing nutrients from food
    3. Digesting food
    4. Production of digestive juice
  2.  Which one of the following has all the components of blood? 
    1. White blood cells, platelets and haemoglobin
    2. Plasma, haemoglobin and red blood cells
    3. Red cells, platelets, plasma and white blood cells
    4. Plasma and red blood cells
  3. The diagram below represents a model of the breathing system.
    breathing system
    What will happen if the string is pulled down wards? 
    1. Balloons will be deflated
    2. Balloons will be inflated
    3. The straw will drop in the tin 
    4. The bottle will break
  4. The last type of teeth to be shed in human is mainly used for
    1. Crushing and chewing
    2. Piercing and tearing
    3. Cutting and biting
    4. Biting and grinding
  5. The best method of controlling the communicable disease caused by plasmodium parasites is by
    1. Draining stagnant water
    2. Spraying insecticides
    3. Sleeping under a treated mosquito net
    4. Killing water snails with chemicals
  6. Which of the following pairs consists of a social and health effect of drugs respectively? 
    1. Rape and accidents
    2. Accidents and marital conflicts 
    3. Truancy and impaired judgement 
    4. Fits and withdrawal
  7. Three of the following are ways which HIV virus can be passed from one person to another except
    1. Sharing beds
    2. Body fluids in contact 
    3. Mother to child during birth 
    4. Blood transfusion
  8. In order to maintain strong teeth the following should be done except 
    1. Brushing after every meal
    2. Eating fruits and vegetables
    3. Drinking milk
    4. Eating sugary biscuits
  9. The following are physical changes that take place in girls during adolescence except 
    1. Wet dreams 
    2. Menstrual flow
    3. Broad hips
    4. Breaking of voice
  10. Which property of matter is definite in all states? 
    1. Mass
    2. Volume
    3. Shape
    4. Size
  11. In an experiment to show refraction of light, pupils collected the following materials.
    1. Clear water
    2. Glass 
    3. Mirror
    4. Ruler
      Which of the following materials was not necessary? 
      1. Glass
      2. Clear water
      3. Ruler
      4. Mirror
  12. The following are domestic uses of water except 
    1. Cleaning the house
    2. Sprinkling houses
    3. Bathing
    4. Watering crops
  13. The diagram below shows a weather instrument used to measure a certain aspect of weather.
    weather instruent
    The main reason for raising the instrument 30cm above the ground is to
    1. Improve the efficiency of reading
    2. Prevent running water from splashing into the container 
    3. Make it visible
    4. Prevent collected water from evaporating
  14.  Which one of the following materials is not necessary when modelling the solar system?
    1. Plasticine 
    2. Wires
    3. Manila papers 
    4. Sand
  15. The following are characteristics of clouds.
    1. Look like bundles of cotton cool 
    2. Appear low in the sky
    3. White in colour 
    4. Appear high in the sky
    5. A sign of heavy rains
      Which characteristics are for nimbus clouds?
      1. i and iv
      2. ii and iii
      3. ii and v
      4. ili and v
  16. Pupils in class seven set-up an experiment shown below.
    What will happen to the coin if the card is pulled abruptly towards the direction showed by the arrow? It will
    1. Fly in the air 
    2. Fall in the opposite direction
    3. Fall in the glass
    4. Move with the card
  17. Spreading rough materials on the road mainly 
    1. Reduce friction 
    2. Make the road function 
    3. Increase friction
    4. Shorten distance
  18. The following are units for measuring the quantity of matter in a substance except 
    1. Newtons 
    2. Kilogram
    3. Tonnes
    4. Gram
  19. The diagram below represents two pupils with different masses balancing on a see-saw.
    For the see-saw to balance 
    1. Peter should move closer to the pivot
    2. Both Peter and Robin should move equal distance from the pivot 
    3. Robin should move closer to the pivot 
    4. Peter should stand on the pivot
  20. Which one of the following is not a reason for proper storage of simple tools? 
    1. Safety of the people 
    2. Tidiness of the tool 
    3. To make the tool last longer
    4. Safety of the tool
  21. Which of the following methods of food preservation is correctly classified as traditional and modern methods?
      Traditional  Modern
     use of ash salting 
     freezing drying
     salting use of honey
     smoking use of low temperature
  22. A child was found with the following signs and symptoms. 
    1. Pot belly 
    2. Sores at the corners of the mouth 
    3. Swollen legs and face 
    4. Thin brownish hair
      The child was likely to be suffering from
      1. Kwashiorkor 
      2. Anaemia
      3. Marasmus
      4. Rickets
  23. A pupil in class 7 carried the following for lunch:- black night shade and Ugali, what should be added to make it a balanced diet? 
    1. Kales
    2. Pawpaw 
    3. Termites
    4. Sorghum
  24. The set-up below was used by class 6 pupils to investigate a certain property of soil.
    The soils represented by X, Y and Z respectively are
    loam  sand clay 
    clay loam sand
    sand loam clay
    sand clay loam
  25. Which one of the following is not an advantage of applying organic manure to the soil? They
    1. Release nutrients slowly 
    2. Bind soil particles
    3. Release specific nutrients
    4. Improve soil-air circulation
  26. The set-up shown below can be used to investigate the presence of a certain component of soil.
    soil component
    The soil component being investigated
    1. Water
    2. Air
    3. Organic matter
    4. Mineral salts
  27. Which one of the following pairs of gases makes up approximately 79% of the volume in the air? 
    1. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide 
    2. Oxygen and carbon dioxide
    3. Nitrogen and oxygen 
    4. Nitrogen an rare gases
  28. Which one of the following mixtures cannot be separated? 
    1. Milk and diesel
    2. Iron fillings and salt
    3. Flour and sugar 
    4. Glucose and sugar
  29. Which one of the following does not affect floating and sinking of an object? 
    1. Weight
    2. Size
    3. Shape
    4. Type of material
  30. The diagram below represents the processes W.X, Y and Z that are involved in change of states of matter.
    The processes that are as a result of loss of heat to the surrounding are
    1. W and X
    2. Y and Z
    3. W and Z
    4. W and Y
  31. The following are signs and symptoms of a certain water borne disease.
    1. Diarrhoea and vomiting 
    2. Fever
    3. Severe abdominal pains
    4. Dry and inelastic skin
      The disease with the above signs and symptoms is likely to be
      1. Bilharzia
      2. Malaria
      3. Cholera 
      4. Typhoid
  32. Four pupils classified crop pests and field pests as follows.
    Paul - aphids, white ants, stalk borers and rats
    Stephen - weaver birds, rats, cutworms and army worms
    John- aphids, weevils, cutworms and army worms
    Stella-rats, rodents, weevils and white ants Who classified storage pests correctly? 
    1. Stella
    2. Paul
    3. John
    4. Stephen
  33. Which of the following is an effect of water pollution to animals?
    1. Interferes with absorption of minerals 
    2. Suffocation of aquatic animals
    3. Interferes with soil acidity 
    4. Blockage of roots
  34. The chart below shows classification of crops.
    crop classification
    Which crops can be represented by Q, P and R respectively? 
    1. Barley, coffee, pawpaw 
    2. Carrots, beans, spinach
    3. Simsim, Irish potato, onions
    4. Tea, cabbage, oranges
  35. Which statement is correct about germination? 
    1. Radicle comes out through the Microphyle
    2. The seeds absorbs water through the helium
    3. Plumule comes out through the Microphyle 
    4. The seed bursts just before swelling
  36. Which one of the following groups consists of only plants with roots similar to coconut? 
    1. Groundnuts, barley, rice 
    2. Sorghum, maize, onions
    3. Arrowroots, wheat, cassava
    4. Green arams.milet carrots
  37. The following are some characteristics of flowers. 
    1. Du!! and small in size 
    2. Large in size and brightly coloured 
    3. Feathery stigmas 
    4. Sticky pollen grains
    5. Large quantity of pollen grains Which one of the above characteristics are wind pollinated flowers?
      1. (i). (iv) and (v)
      2. (i)(iii) and (iv)
      3. (1) (iii) and (v)
      4. (ii) (iv) and (v)
  38. Fish meal and lucerne supply animals with 
    1. Fats and oils
    2. Mineral salts
    3. protein
    4. Carbohydrates
  39. Which one of the following groups of practises can be controlled by deworming animals?
    1. Lice, tapeworms, roundworms 
    2. Ringworms, tapeworms and roundworms
    3. Ticks, fleas and tsetse flies
    4. Lungworms, liver flukes, hookworms
  40. The following are some characteristics of certain animals. 
    1. Body covered with dry scales 
    2. Breath through lungs 
    3. Lay fertilized eggs
    4. Have varying body temperatures
      Which one of the following pair of animals has the above characteristics? 
      1. Shark and tortoise
      2. Platypus and spiny ant eaters
      3. Crocodile and snake 
      4. Newt and lizard
  41. The chart below shows some farm animals and their products.
    chart animals
    Which products are represented by X and Y
    milk  mohair 
    wool milk
    mutton  beef
    D beef milk
  42. Which one of the following is not a type of rotational grazing? 
    1. Tethering 
    2. Paddocking
    3. Herding
    4. Strip grazing
  43. Which one of the following should be provided to workers in noisy factories and industries as a pair of their uniform?
    1. Ear bands 
    2. Gas masks
    3. Ear plugs 
    4. Cotton swabs
  44. The diagram below shows an old man warming himself by the fire side
    warming man
    Which method of heat transfer enabled the hands and feet to get warmed?
      feet  hands 
    radiation convection
    convection radiation
    conduction convection
    radiation conduction
  45. Uses of light include all the following except?
    1. Reading comfortably
    2. Encouraging posts
    3. Taking photographs 
    4. Making plant foods
  46. Which one of the following is not a safety measure against lightning? 
    1. Fitting lightning arrestors in buildings 
    2. Walking in open fields when it's raining
    3. Wearing shoes with rubber soles
    4. Keeping away from walls of buildings when it is raining
  47. Which one of the following components of the environment covers the largest part of earth's surface? 
    1. Soil
    2. Air
    3. Water
    4. Plants
  48. Babies born of smoking mothers are not likely to be
    1. Less resistant to diseases
    2. Fast learners
    3. Small in size
    4. Underweight
  49. Which one of the following will behave the same way as a tin can when placed near a magnet? 
    1. Silver coin 
    2. Copper wire
    3. Zinc
    4. Steel wool
  50. Which one of the following materials would be suitable in forming shadows when light is shone to them? 
    1. Mirror, wood, stone
    2. Kerosene, tracing paper, frosted glass
    3. oiled paper, milk, mirror
    4. Mirror, clean water, clean glass


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