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Social Studies & CRE Questions and Answers - Class 7 End Term 3 Exam 2022 Set 1

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kena area jagd

Study the map of Kena Area and Answer questions 1 to 7.

  1. The mineral that is extracted in the area is likely to be 
    1. cement
    2. limestone
    3. soda ash
    4. fluorspar
  2. The land in Kena area slopes towards the
    1. North East
    2. North West
    3. South East
    4. South West
  3. The main factor that has influenced the settlement in the North Western part of Kena Area is likely to be 
    1. presence of the school in the Area. 
    2. presence of railway line in the area.
    3. the climate that hot and wet.
    4. job opportunities in the mines.
  4. The main reason why tea is grown in the South Eastern part of Kena Area is that
    1. the area is sloppy.
    2. the river provides water for irrigation.
    3. there is a network of good roads.
    4. the climate is formidable.
  5. The main economic activity carried out in Kena area is likely to be
    1. crop farming
    2. mining
    3. lumbering
    4. trading
  6. The land in Kena area rises from
    1. North West to South East.
    2. South East to North East.
    3. South East to North West.
    4. South to North West.
  7. what is the length of the railway line on the map?
    1. 15 km
    2. 10 km
    3. 21 km
    4. 18 km
  8. Which one of the following groups of communities are not kwa speakers?
    1. Wassa, Nupe 
    2. Ashanti, Fanti
    3. Creoles, Krur
    4. Akyem, Yoruba
  9. Lake Victoria and Lake Cholwe have one thing in common. It's that they
    1. are deepest lakes. 
    2. are fault lakes.
    3. are salty water lakes.
    4. are formed in the same way.
  10. The following is a description of a vegetation zone in Africa.
    1. Tall evergreen trees.
    2. Trees have buttress roots.
    3. Forest have little undergrowth.
      The vegetation zone described above is
      1. Mediterranean vegetation.
      2. Savannah vegetation.
      3. Temperate grasslands.
      4. Rainforest vegetation.
  11. Which one of the following statements best explains what diurnal temperature?
    1. The daily temperature recorded in a given place. 
    2. The weight exerted by air on the surface of the Earth.
    3. The difference between the minimum and maximum temperatures.
    4. The daily changes in the conditions of the atmosphere.
  12. Which one of the following best explains the main reason why the Bantus migrated from their original homeland?
    1. Looking for land for cultivation
    2. Hostile attacks by neighbours
    3. Internal quarrels
    4. Population pressure
  13. Three of the following conditions favour the growing of sugarcane in Kenya. Which one does not?
    1. High temperatures of between 20°C -28°C.
    2. High altitudes of above 1800 metres above the seal level.
    3. righ rainfall of about 1200mm-2000mm.
    4. Warm dry period just before harvesting to sweeten the cane.
      Use the diagram to answer questions 14 to 15 
      residue jvatyda
  14. The type of mountain above was formed as a result of
    1. denudation.
    2. folding.
    3. faulting
    4. volcanicity.
  15. Which of the following groups of mountains were formed in the same process as the one above?
    1. Mt. Elgon and Meru 
    2. Mi. Pare, Usambara
    3. Tibetsi, Ahaggar
    4. Namuli, Mt Cameroon
  16. Which one of the following is not true about forestry in Swaziland?
    1. Forests are mainly planted. 
    2. Forests are located in the highlands.
    3. Trees are mainly hardwood.
    4. Forests support the paper industry.
  17. The following are functions of a traditional political leader. 
    1. He settled disputes.
    2. Made judgement of cases of murder.
    3. Chaired religious ceremonies.
    4. Controlled trade. The leader described above was
      1. Chief Mkwawa
      2. Kabaka
      3. Ntemi
      4. Ghana
  18. The Trans African Highway connects through the following towns in Africa which one is not among them? 
    1. Bangui
    2. Yaoundé 
    3. Kinshasa
    4. Kisangani
  19. The following are functions of a town in Eastern Africa 
    1. It's a government seat. 
    2. Hosts the headquarters of a continental body 
    3. Its located in the highlands.
      The town described above is likely to be 
      1. Arusha.
      2. Addis Ababa.
      3. Djibouti.
      4. Nairobi. 
  20. Who among the following Early Visitors to Eastern Africa prove that there was no relationship between River Nile and River Lualaba 
    1. H.M. Stanley 
    2. William MacKinnon 
    3. Vasco da Gamma
    4. Dr David Livingstone 
  21. Kimani was elected by the members of his class to represent them in the school administrative Assembly. This type of democracy is termed as 
    1. Liberal democracy 
    2. Participatory democracy
    3. Direct democracy
    4. Representative democracy 
  22. Three of the following places in Africa are highly populated. Which one is not?
    1. Coastal lowland East Africa 
    2. South West Africa
    3. Highland regions
    4. Mediterranean coast of North Africa 
  23. On which of the following dates was Kenya granted full independence?
    1. 12th December 1964
    2. 1st June 1963
    3. 12th December 1963
    4. 1st June 1964
  24. Which one of the following minerals mined in Africa is used in photography? 
    1. Copper 
    2. Soda ash
    3. Gold
    4. Diatomite
  25. The following are uses of cloves. Which one is not?
    1. Use to make spices
    2. Used to make beverages 
    3. Use to make perfumes
    4. As reliever on toothaches 
  26. Below are functions of a school administrator.
    1. Secretary to the school staff
    2. Checks class attendance by the teacher
    3. Chairs the school disciplinary committee
      The administrator described above is
      1. head teacher. 
      2. senior teacher 
      3. chairperson
      4. deputy head teacher.
  27. Civic elections in Kenya are held to elect the 
    1. Members of parliament. 
    2. Ward representative. 
    3. Women representative.
    4. Governor 
  28. Which one of the following types of marriages in Kenya is a religious marriage that allows polygamy?
    1. Islamic marriages 
    2. Christian marriages 
    3. Customary marriages
    4. Traditional marriages 
  29. Three of the following are reasons that led to the fall of Old Ghana Kingdom. Which one is not? 
    1. Attacks by Almoravids 
    2. French colonisation to West Africa
    3. Succession disputes
    4. Rise of Mali Empire 
  30. Most lakes on the floors of Rift Valley are termed as salty water lakes because 
    1. they are narrow and long 
    2. they are located in dry areas
    3. experience a high rate of evaporation
    4. have vegetation growing in them 
  31. The people vying for parliamentary seats in Kenya present their non to the
    1. Presiding officer 
    2. Returning officer 
    3. Chairperson of IEBC
      Use the map of Africa below to answer questions 32 to 36.

      map of africa jvada
  32. The plateau marked L is likely to be
    1. Jos plateau 
    2. Fouta Djalon
    3. Bie plateau
    4. Katanga plateau 
  33. The tributary K of the river shown is 
    1. Kasai
    2. Benue
    3. Oti
    4. Ubangi 
  34. The language group that migrated from the area marked N were mainly 
    1. herders
    2. traders 
    3. cultivators
    4. fishermen 
  35. Which one of the following is not a characteristics of the vegetation growing in the region marked J? 
    1. Trees are umbrella shaped 
    2. Trees are conical in shape 
    3. Presence of sweet smelling shrubs
    4. Some trees are deciduous 
  36. The pastoral community found in the area marked M are the 
    1. Tswana
    2. Maasai 
    3. Fulani
    4. Bedouin 
  37. Below are conditions that favour growth of a certain crop
    1. Plenty of sunshine throughout its growth
    2. Altitude below 1900m above the sea level
    3. Does well in a variety of soils
      The cap described above is
      1. maize
      2. collon
      3. sisal
      4. bananas
  38. Which one of the following countries is correctly matched with their capital cities
    1. Nigeria - Lagos 
    2. Tanzania - Dodoma
    3. Cote d'ivoire - Abidjan
  39. Which categories of rivers in Africa end in Delta? 
    1. River Senegal, River Gambia
    2. River Congo, river Orange
    3. River Niger, River Rufiji
    4. River Zambezi, River Senegal 
  40. Three of the following are objectives of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Which one is not?
    1. Promote trade.
    2. Enable easy movement of people and goods.
    3. Solve disputes among other states.
    4. Enable production of similar goods. 
  41. Three of the following are common tourist attractions in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Which one is not? 
    1. Wildlife 
    2. Historical sites 
    3. Sandy beaches
    4. Beautiful sceneries 
  42. Which one of the following is the main problem hampering the development of railway network in Africa? 
    1. Presence of high relief features 
    2. Expensive locomotive engines
    3. Lack of adequate funds
    4. Shortage of land to construct the lines 
  43. Three of the following are solutions to the problems facing the tourism industry in Africa. Which one is not? 
    1. Encourage trophy hunting 
    2. Electric fencing the parks
    3. Lowering entry charges in parks
    4. Improving transport and communication 
  44. Small roads that connect to major roads are referred to as 
    1. murram roads. 
    2. tarmac roads.
    3. feeder roads. 
    4. junction roads. 
  45. Revolution of the earth causes
    1. day and night. 
    2. equinoxes and solstices. 
    3. difference in time at different places
    4. apparent rising and setting of the sun 
  46. The cabinet meetings in Swaziland are chaired by the 
    1. king.
    2. the president. 
    3. prime minister. 
    4. queen mother. 
  47. Who among the following was the first African nominee to the Legislative Council (Legco)? 
    1. Jomo Kenyatta 
    2. Harry Thuku
    3. Benaiah Ohanga
  48. The main contribution of cloves growing to the economy of Tanzania in that 
    1. improvement of infrastructure. 
    2. creation of jobs. 
    3. earning foreign exchange.
    4. government earning revenue.
  49. Which one of the following is a cause of conflict in a society?
    1. Bad governance. 
    2. Tolerance of others.
    3. Involvement in decision making.
    4. Fairness in courts. 
  50. What is the time in Gaborone 20°E when the time in Tororo 30°E is 3:00p.m? 
    1. 3:40 pm
    2. 2:20 pm 
    3. 2:20 am
    4. 3:40 pm
  51. Three of the following are importances of the philosophy of African socialism. Which one is not? 
    1. Promoted traditional systems of government 
    2. Encourages people to live together in harmony
    3. Encourages people to work as a team. 
    4. Encourage people to work hard for economic growth 
  52. Which one of the following is the best way to curb the use of drugs and substances in school?
    1. Educate the use of dangers of abusing drugs. 
    2. Expel those who are found using drugs. 
    3. Administer severe punishment to those using drugs.
    4. Create awareness on the importance of drug and substance abuse.
      Use the diagram below to answer question 53 and 54
      road sign jgauyda
  53. The road sign above means that
    1. Danger ahead. 
    2. Road junction ahead. 
    3. A sharp band ahead.
    4. A steep slope ahead. 
  54. The motorists approaching the road signs alongside should
    1. stop. 
    2. slow down. 
    3. proceed with caution.
    4. look for an alternative road
  55. Which of these factors least influence population distribution in Africa?
    1. Climatic conditions
    2. Type of soil
    3. Forms of communication
    4. Nature of the landscape 
  56. Changing a section of the already existing condition is termed as
    1. Constitutional review 
    2. Constitutional referendum 
    3. Constitutional amendment
    4. Constitutional promulgation 
  57. Who among the following people is not a member of the cabinet in Kenya
    1. Cabinet secretary 
    2. President
    3. Principal secretary 
    4. Attorney general 
  58. Three of the following are circumstances under which one can lose a parliamentary seat which one is not? 
    1. If a sitting member is elected a deputy speaker 
    2. If a siting member is jailed for six or more than six months 
    3. If a sitting member is declared bankrupt 
    4. If a sitting member is appointed a cabinet secretary 
  59. Two communities are fighting over the Ownership of a piece of land. The best action for them to take would be 
    1. Re settle one community elsewhere
    2. Let the community that wins possess the land
    3. Take the matter to court
    4. Teach the community to live with each other 
  60. African resistances among European powers were easily defeated mainly because 
    1. Europeans had better weapons 
    2. Africans were not united
    3. Africa had few warriors 
    4. African warriors were not trained


  1. According to the creation story, what was created on the 5 day?
    1. Birds and sea creatures 
    2. Sun, stars, moon 
    3. Sky
    4. Wild animals and domestic animals
  2. God destroyed the earth with water during the time of Noah mainly because of
    1. worshipping of idols. 
    2. human disobedience. 
    3. human immorality
    4. human greed
  3. Which one of the following shows the parents of Jacob?
    1. Amram and Jochebed 
    2. Elizabeth and Zachariah 
    3. Isaac and Rebecca
    4. Hannah and Elkanah 
  4. Who led the Israelites in singing using a tambourine after crossing the Red sea? 
    1. Miriam
    2. Moses 
    3. Joshua
    4. Aaron 
  5. Moses died on Mount 
    1. Nebo
    2. Sinai
    3. Horeb
    4. Ararat 
  6. Who among the sons of Jesse was unhappy when David went to the battle front? 
    1. Abinadab
    2. Shammah 
    3. Eliab
    4. Joshua 
  7. Who among the following prophets prophesied the killing of baby boys? 
    1. Micah
    2. Joel
    3. Jeremiah
    4. Isaiah 
  8. The following were failures of king Saul. Which one is it? 
    1. Kiled Srian 
    2. Performed priestly duties.
    3. Organised counting of the army of Israel.
    4. Married many foreign wives. 
  9. Prophet Elijah challenged the false prophet of Baal on 
    1. Mt. Sinai
    2. Mt. Hor 
    3. Mt. Monah
    4. Mt. Carmel 
  10. Where was Mary living when Angel Gabriel visited her? 
    1. Jericho
    2. Nazareth 
    3. Bethany
    4. Bethsaida 
  11. How did the shepherds learn that Jesus christ had been born?
    1. They saw a star. 
    2. They heard people saying it.
    3. They went and saw the baby.
    4. An angel told them. 
  12. Who among the following people had been promised not to die before seeing God's salvation? 
    1. Zachariah
    2. Peter
    3. Simeon
    4. Anna 
  13. Jesus Christ agreed to be baptised by John the baptist to
    1. show he had no sin. 
    2. show his power.
    3. show his greatness. 
    4. identify himself with humankind in search of God.
  14. Who among the following disciples of Jesus i were sent to prepare the last supper? 
    1. John and Peter. 
    2. Andrew and Peter.
    3. Simon and Phillip 
    4. Judas and Levi 75
  15. "1 promise you that today, you will be in paradise with me". These words were said to 
    1. the army officer 
    2. the centurion servant.
    3. the Joseph of Arimathea.
    4. one of the thieves crucified with Jesus. 
  16. Who among the following brought Eutychus back to life?
    1. Peter
    2. Jesus
    3. Paul
    4. John
  17. The woman who was healed by touching Jesus Christ cloth had bled for how many years?
    1. 8 years
    2. 17 years
    3. 14 years
    4. 12 years 
  18. Among the ten lepers Jesus healed of leprosy one came back to thank him he was a
    1. Samaritan
    2. Levite
    3. Christian
    4. Nazarethean 
  19. The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector teaches Christian to
    1. pray without tiring.
    2. be good role model.
    3. we should store our riches in heaven
    4. to be humble 80.
  20. The following is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Which one is it?
    1. Joy
    2. Healing
    3. Patience
    4. Kindness 
  21. The following is an element found in the Apostles' Creed. Which one is it?
    1. Give us the daily bread.
    2. Forgive us our sins.
    3. Guide us not into temptation,
    4. He descended into heil 
  22. The following are similarities between African Traditional Society and Christianity. Which one is it?
    1. Worship of one supreme being. 
    2. Worshipped in shrines.
    3. Elders and priests led the worship.
    4. Worship in temple.
  23. The following were ways of expressing peace in the African Traditional Society Which one is it? 
    1. Forgiving one another. 
    2. Neglecting others in time of trouble. 
    3. Staying alone.
    4. Cattle rustling.
  24. The following were ways of reconciling with God in the traditional African society. Which one is it?
    1. Shaking hands.
    2. Performing rituals and cleansing ceremonies.
    3. Sharing meals
    4. Paying fines 
  25. The following are social problems. Which one is it?
    1. Fairness
    2. Integrity
    3. Corruption
    4. Honesty 
  26. If Christians uphold Christian values, there will be the following. Which one is it? 
    1. Corruption 
    2. Nurturing of people's talents. 
    3. Nepotism
    4. Injustice 
  27. Which one of the following is the best way of using leisure time?
    1. Visited your friends.
    2. Watching educative film 
    3. Visiting orphanage homes and wash clothes for the orphaned children.
    4. Having a retreat. 
  28. We work for the nation as Christians by
    1. paying taxes
    2. taking bribes.
    3. cutting down trees to burn charcoal.
    4. voting for leaders who are corrupt.
  29. Sex involving two married people who are not wife and husband is called 
    1. prostitution.
    2. fomnication.
    3. incest.
    4. adultery.
  30. The main reason why missionaries came was
    1. stop slave trade. 
    2. organise trading blocs. 
    3. spread christianity 
    4. colonise Africa.


  1. Which one of the following surahs of the Quran warns Abu Jahl and his council of helpers? 
    1. Alag
    2. Maun 
    3. Humaza
    4. Takathur 
  2. The surah warns Muslims against compromising on matters of religion? 
    1. Tiin
    2. Bayyinah
    3. Quraish
    4. Fiil 
  3. Evils can be stopped in three of the following ways except 
    1. use of hands. 
    2. use of tongue.
    3. use of guns. 
    4. hating at heart 
  4. How many sons did prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) have? 
    1. Four
    2. Three
  5.  Which one of the following is not a good virtue for a Muslim? 
    1. Patience
    2. Honesty 
    3. Kindness
    4. Pride 
  6. Which one of the following surahs of the holy Quran is known as the heart of the Quran?
    1. Yasin
    2. Fatiha 
    3. Ikhlas 
    4. Maun 
  7. Which one of the following towns is known  as the city of security?
    1. Madina
    2. Makkah
    3. Jerusalem
    4. Taif 
  8. Which one of the following is not a teaching of Islam on Orphans?
    1. Give them shelter.
    2. Give them clothing. 
    3. Take part of their property and share.
    4. Show them love. 
  9. Which one of the following diseases does not have a cure?
    1. Malaria
    2. Cancer
    3. Typhoid
    4. HIVIAIDS 
  10. Which one of the following adornments is not haram for a Muslim man?
    1. Silk shirt
    2. Belt
    3. Golden cap
    4. A silken arm-band 
  11. Which one of the following statements is not true on prophets of Allah (S.W.T)?
    1. They were human beings.
    2. They came with the same message.
    3. They were free from sins.
    4. They were all given books. 
  12. "Wamaa Umiru illal ya'abudullaha..." The above quotation is from surah
    1. Maun
    2. Kauthar 
    3. Bayyinah 
    4. Nas 
  13. Swalatul Kusuf is a special sunnah prayer performed 
    1. when one wants guidance from Allah. 
    2. when there is an eclipse of the sun.
    3. when there is an eclipse of the moon.
    4. when there is a long drought and famine. 
  14. The leader of the Muslim archers who were stationed on Mt. Uhud during the battle of Uhud was
    1. Abdullah bin Jubair 
    2. Abdullah bin Ubbay
    3. Khalid bin Walid 
    4. Zubair bin Awwam 
  15. Who among the following sahabas did the prophet give his sword during the battle of Uhud? 
    1. Hamza
    2. Umma makhtum
    3. Abu Dujannah 
    4. Ali bin Abi Talib 
  16. The miqaat for the pilgrims who came from East Africa is 
    1. Dhul-Hulaifa 
    2. Juhfa 
    3. Dhatilir
    4. Yalamlam 
  17. Which one of the following months is Ash hurul-hurum? 
    1. Dhul-Hijjah
    2. Shaban
    3. Rabiul-Awwal 
    4. Jamadil Akhir
  18. Three of the following are annong the effects of the battle of Badr. Which one is not?
    1. The Quraish lost the Syrian trade route. 
    2. Many Quraish lost their lives. 
    3. The Quraish women started mocking their mien.
    4. The Muslims migrated to Syria. 
  19. During which occasion were the Muslims commanded to pray five times a day? 
    1. Hijjatul-widaa 
    2. Isra-wal-miraj
    3. Pledge of Aqabah
    4. Milad-un-Nabii 
  20. Which one of the following business practices is against the teachings of Islam? 
    1. Weighing goods accurately 
    2. Hiding goods to cause artificial shortage 
    3. Giving out right change
    4. Selling legal goods 
  21. How many prophets of Allah (S.W.T) are mentioned in the Quran?
    1. 99
    2. 100
    3. 25 
    4. 199 
  22. Who among the following Caliphs was the Quran compiled during his reign?
    1. Abubakr
    2. Umar
    3. Ali
    4. Uthman 
  23. Which one of the following pillars promotes sympathy?
    1. Zakat
    2. Hajj
    3. Shahal 
    4. Saum 
  24. The attribute of Allah (S.W.T) that means that He is the sustainer and provider? 
    1. Al-Baari
    2. Ali-Muhaimin 
    3. Al-Razzaq
    4. Al-Qudus 
  25. Who among the following angels of Allah(S.W.T) is incharge of rain? 
    1. Malik
    2. Mikail
    3. Jibril
    4. Ridhwan 
  26. Which part of hell-fire will the Munafiq be placed?
    1. Bottom
    2. Middle
    3. Upper
    4. All 
  27. What should a Muslim say when promising to do something in future? 
    1. Maashallah
    2. Subhanallah
    3. Yarhamkallah
    4. Inshaallah
  28. The act of coming together of a man and a woman in a legal union of marriage is referred to as
    1. Nikkah 
    2. Talaq
    3. Tahniq 
    4. Walima 
  29. The main reason why Qabila killed Habila was because of 
    1. love
    2. honesty
    3. jealousy
    4. hatred 
  30. According to the hadith of the prophet (S.A.W) it is a duty of every parent to
    1. beat their children
    2. love their children no matter what
    3. to obey their children 
    4. to give a good name to their children.


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