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English Questions and Answers - Class 7 End of Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 1

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Fill in the broken passare below to make a sensible paragraph using the alternative given.
When you start revising divide your work _1_ small sections. Set_ 2__one shortterm goal each time _3_ you will find the work much _4_. It is _5_ climbing a high hill. When you look at _6_ top, you are aware _7_ How difficult and long the climb _8_. The feeling makes you want to give __9_ even before you _10_. Whereas, if you try to climb only one little bit _11_ a time, you know you can _12_ that stage easily and _13_ confidence. _14_ this way you climb each stage one at a time _15_ you suddenly find yourself at the top apex.

    1. in
    2. up
    3. into
    4. between
    1. yourself
    2. yourselves
    3. you
    4. them
    1. but 
    2. and 
    3. although
    4. yet
    1. easy
    2. easier
    3. easiest
    4. more easily
    1. even
    2. also 
    3. like 
    4. as
    1. a
    2. an
    3. any
    4. the
    1. of
    2. about
    3. as
    4. with
    1. is
    2. are
    3. would be
    4. would have been
    1. over
    2. to
    3. away
    4. up
    1. start
    2. started
    3. will start
    4. would start
    1. on
    2. at
    3. in
    4. into
    1. arrive
    2. reach
    3. come
    4. leave
    1. with
    2. without
    3. to
    4. from
    1. At
    2. On
    3. In
    4. Over
    1. unless
    2. until
    3. when
    4. it

For question 16-18, select the alternative that best completed the tags.

  1. It won't be easy to reach before darkness falls, __?
    1. won't it
    2. isn't it
    3. wouldn't it 
    4. will it 
  2. They are free to go out even now, _?
    1. can't they
    2. aren't they
    3. should they
    4. are they 
  3. Let us respect our teachers, _?
    1. can't we
    2. shall we
    3. don't we
    4. isn't it

In question 19 and 20, select the alternative that means the same as the underlined ones.

  1. Most street children live from hand to mouth.
    1. to be a glutton
    2. to live in hardship
    3. to be greedy and lazy
    4. to be at a disadvantage 
  2. Teachers should not throw cold water on pupils.
    1. to extinguish
    2. to cool someone down
    3. to discourage
    4. to wash
  3. Choose the sentence written in present continuous tense, 
    1. He is riding a bicycle.
    2. She was watching a match at the stadium.
    3. Martin has finished his work.
    4. I shall be attending the party next week
  4. Choose the best phrasal verb to replace the underlined words. 
    The fire fighters extinguished the fire in time
    1. put off
    2. put away
    3. put on
    4. put out
  5. Write the important points in your books.
    1. put up
    2. put down 
    3. put in
    4. put on

For question 24 and 25, choose the opposite of the underlined word. 

  1. Wambua seldom lives here. 
    1. rarely
    2. occasionally
    3. often
    4. usually
  2. Grandmother usually tells interesting stories
    1. humorous
    2. sad
    3. funny
    4. boring

Read the following passage and answer question 26 to 38.
One Sunday morning, Shauri Yako Church was packed. The congregation sang melodiously, beat drumsdanced and clapped joyfully. They were waiting for a famous evangelist, Rev. Vashauro come and proach to them. The theme of the sermon that Sunday was The end of the World"
The west preacher arrived at ball past ten and after being introduced walked to the pulpit. cled the congregation in a song and then everybody sat down." I am Rev. Mashauri and I'm very happy to be in your midst. I received your invitation letter and I am here with a message for all of you. Repent your sins. I know that some amongst you drink excessively, steal other people's property, tell lies and refuse to render good services to your employers. God has good plans for each one of you. If you will turn from your wickedness, He will forgive you and pour His blessing on vou. But if you continue in your sins, you will be caught unawares when Christ returns."
"I know some of you are living brightly and eagerly expecting the return of the saviour. I encourage you to continue. When Christ comes again you will surely receive your reward." The congregation listened attentively.
Dear friends, it is good to be always prepared for the second coming of Christ. Nobody knows the hour or the day to expect God. All we know is that God will come like lightening. The sound of trumpets will announce His arrival and He will gather God's chosen people from all parts of the world. But the sinners will be cast into everlasting fire. That's why you must repent. If you don't and the trumpet sounds..."
Suddenly there was a flush of lightening followed by a clap of thunder. Then came a deafening blast of a trumpet. The worshippers were awe-struck and utterly confused They were convinced that the end of the world had come. Some dashed out of the church. The pastor drove off at breakneck speed. Nobody seemed to notice that it was raining heavily.
It was not until the following day that the truth was revealed. Two boys went to the pastor's house and confessed that they had climbed into the ceiling and hidden there long before the service began and had blown the trumpet.

  1.  What can we learn about the Shauri Yako congregation from the first paragraph?
    1. They were waiting eagerly for the sermon
    2. The church was not packed
    3. The end of the world had come
    4. They were sinners 
  2. What sins did the evangelist accuse the congregation of?
    1. Steal, cheat, drink and covet
    2. Steal, refuse to render good services to their employers, fight
    3. Tell lies, drink excessively, chcat. commit adultery
    4. Steal, cheat, drink, refuse to render good services to their employers 
  3. What good news had the evangelist brought?
    1. Those who live a righteous life will go to heaven
    2. Those who repent will be forgiven
    3. Jesus will come back like lightening 
    4. God will pour His blessings into them 
  4. Why did the Reverend ask people to repent? 
    1. The end of the world is near 
    2. To be prepared for the second coming
    3. Jesus Christ was coming
    4.  God had good plans for them 
  5. According to the passage who will receive rewards?
    1. Those who repent their sins
    2. Those who live uprightly and attend the church service.
    3. These who are ready and prepared for His second coming
    4. Those who sing in church
  6. The word unwares can be replaced by:
    1.  prepared
    2. off guard
    3. dead
    4. without knowledge
  7. What is the meaning of "Christ will come like lightning?"
    1. In bright flashes 
    2. Very quickly 
    3. Striking the world
    4. With a warning 
  8. Which of the following is not mentioned as a reason as to why the worshippers were frightened and confused?
    1. Christ had come
    2. The flash of lightning
    3. The sound of trumpets
    4. A clap of thunder 
  9. Which one of the following statements is false according to the story? 
    1. The congregation listened attentively
    2. The pastor and congregation drove away 
    3. They heard a deafening blast of a trumpet
    4. Revered Mashauri walked to the pulpit 
  10. What was the truth about the incident?
    1. Jesus will never come
    2. It has been planned by the hovs 
    3. Everyone is a sinner
    4. Even pastors can go to hell 
  11. What lesson do we learn from the story?
    1. We should do good and be ready always
    2. No one will go to heaven
    3. The end is near
    4. Drinking excessively isn't bad 
  12. From the story, it is true to say that;
    1. the evangelist was liked hy many people 
    2. the evangelist was known by many people
    3. the evangelist was a prophet 
    4. the evangelist was known and liked by many people 
  13. What would be the best title for the passage?
    1. The Shauri Yako Church
    2. The congregation 
    3. The end that never was 
    4. The end of the world

Read the passage below and then answer questions 39 to 50.
Kenya had made progress in managing population growth, improving child and matemal health and in the fight against HIV results of a survey released recently show. A drop in HIV prevalence as a result of increased testing and knowledge was also recorded the survey shows.
Launching the report, Public Health and sanitation cabinet secretary said, "The effort made by the development partners and many of you has paid off."
The DHS results showed a marked decrease in infant mortality currently, 52 children down fron 77 per 1000 lives births before reaching five years
"More children are surviving infancy and early childhood than at any other time in Kenya's history," Mrs Mugo said. Materal deaths continue to be a headache with rates marginally going down to 488 per 100000 live births limited access to antenatal care proper delivering personnel hinders effort to lower the death rates. On HIV, the survey says that testing has gone up dramatically over the years, magicallypushing down the prevalence rate to 6.3 percent, more than double the national average The figure almost doubles Nairobi's prevalence rate of seven percent, the country second highest. The lowest rate was recorded in North Eastern Province, Western recorded 6.6 percent, Rift 4.7 percent, central 4.5 percent,Coast 4.2 percent and Eastern 3.5 percent.

  1. According to the first paragraph, which one is not a result of the survey released recently?
    1. Child survey has declined 
    2. An improved fight against HIV 
    3. Improved health care for mothers 
    4. Proper management of population growth 
  2. Which one of the following is quite the opposite of the rest?
    1. Fertility
    2. Child survival
    3. Population growth
    4. Matemal growth 
  3. A decline in HIV prevalence can be attributed to:
    1. The Kenya Demographic and health survey 
    2. Increased testing and knowledge 
    3. Launching of the health report
    4.  Management of population growth 
  4. The following have played a key role in the fight against HIV except;
    1. the government
    2. development partners
    3. Kenyan citizens
    4. Public health and sanitation ministry
  5. According to the passage the underlined word prevalence means;
    1. Dominant
    2. Famous
    3. Obvious
    4. Common 
  6. What are the important issues mentioned in the passage?
    1. Marriage rate
    2. fertility rate
    3. Birth rates
    4. mobility rate 
  7. Full immunization of child has led to;
    1. a decrease in early childhood deaths
    2. decrease in population
    3. improve population
    4. double population
  8. According to the passage, which problem has not been solved?
    1. Child survivals
    2. Maternal death rate
    3. Prevalence of HIV/AIDS
    4. Health surveys
  9. The following steps have been taken to cure maternal deaths except;
    1. antenatal care 
    2. proper delivery facilities
    3. skilled personel
    4. post natal care 
  10. According to the infection rates, its true to say that; 
    1. North Eastern has the lowest infection rate
    2. Western has more infection rates than Nairobi
    3. Rift Valley and Central have the same infection rate
    4. The infection rate in Nairobi is more than that of Nyanza 
  11. The lesson we learn from the passage is that;
    1. make hay while the sun shine 
    2. a rolling stone gathers no moss
    3. prevention is better than cure
    4. look before you leap 
  12. Which of the following is the most appropriate title? 
    1. War against AIDS and child deaths 
    2. Improvement on child's death
    3. Statistics on child's death
    4. Survey on population growth


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