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Science Questions and Answers - Class 7 End of Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 2

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  1. Which one of the following pairs of human body is used in digestion?
    1. Liver and lungs 
    2. Nose and trachea
    3. Stomach and mouth
    4. Oesophagus and rectum
  2. Which one of the following part of the breathing system does the exchange of gases take place?
    1. Trachea
    2. Airsacs
    3. Mouth 
    4. Nose
  3. Which one of the following pair of diseases can be transmitted by getting into contact with infected people? 
    1. Bilharzia and tuberculosis 
    2. Tetanus and polio 
    3. Malaria and Kwashiokor 
    4. Covid-19 and common cold
  4. Which of the following is the second stage of HIV transmission? 
    1. Symptomatic 
    2. Window 
    3. Fullblown
    4. Asymptomatic
  5. Which one of the following is NOT a source of heat?
    1. Drying 
    2. Lighting the house 
    3. Cooking 
    4. Warming
  6. Which one of the following is NOT a special sound? 
    1. Bell ringing 
    2. Car hooting 
    3. Ambulance siren 
    4. Baby crying
  7. The soil that cracks when dry is BEST used for
    1. modeling
    2. farmning 
    3. building houses 
    4. planting crops
  8. The diagram below shows a set up used to investigate a component of soil.
    8 uygauygdad
    The component that was investigated is 
    1. living things 
    2. air 
    3. organic matter 
    4. water
  9. Which of the following type of soil erosion forms U-shaped ditches? 
    1. Gulley 
    2. Sheet 
    3. Rill 
    4. Splash
  10. Which of the following nutritional deficiency disease is more LIKELY to be suffered by a child who lacks enough food?
    1. Kwashiokor 
    2. Anaemia
    3. Marasmus 
    4. Rickets
  11. Which one of the following foods is rich in body building foods? 
    1. Beans, peas, greengrams
    2. Ugali, beef, spinach 
    3. Chapatti, rice, arrowroots 
    4. Sweet potatoes, yam, sorghum
  12. The CHEAPEST way to make water sale for drinking at home is 
    1. buying from clean shops. 
    2. Giltering and boiling, 
    3. putting in a refrigerator.
    4. covering water in containers
  13. A Std.6 teacher drew the diagram shown below on the black board
    13 aiiygtdyuada
    The teacher was LIKELY to explain that
    1. travels in all directions. 
    2. can be reflected. 
    3. can be refracted 
    4. can pass through opaque materials.
  14. Which one of the following will float in water? 
    1. Heavy piece of wood. 
    2. A small stone. 
    3. Small piece of wire. 
    4. A long wire.
  15. Which one of the following is NOT true about tools?
    1. Tools should be cleaned after use. 
    2. Tools should be stored in a clean dry place.
    3. Tools should be handled carefully.
    4. All tools should be oiled.
  16. Which of the following is NOT a way in which heat transferred?
    1. Conduction 
    2. Radiation 
    3. Convection 
    4. Evaporation
  17. Which one of the following consist of materials that are translucent? 
    1. Clear water. clear glass. air 
    2. Frosted glass, tinted glass, dirty water 
    3. Stone, wood plastic ruler 
    4. Metal sheet, paper, oiled paper
  18. The chart below represent simple classification of plants.
    18 auyugduyad
    Which of the following will BEST fit in Q,R,S?
                   Q          R          S 
    1. Cactus Lichen Mushroom 
    2. Cabbage Mango Datura 
    3. Grass Fern Athletefoot
    4. Bean Cedar Yeast
  19. Which of the following material is NOT useful when demonstrating refraction of light!
    1. Water 
    2. Pencil 
    3. Scale 
    4. Glass
  20. The percentage of the component of air that is used for advertisement is 
    1. 78%
    2. 21% 
    3. 0.03% 
    4. 0.97%
  21. Which of the following groups of substances has definite size and shape? 
    1. Glucose, salt, oxygen 
    2. Ink, juice, petrol 
    3. Air, smoke, ice 
    4. Powdered milk, rice, wood
  22. Sound travels BEST in
    1. Vacuum 
    2. liquids 
    3. solids 
    4. gases
  23. Which of the following group consist of food crops? 
    1. Yams, beans, spinach 
    2. Tea, coffee, cocoa
    3. Sisal, cotton, flax 
    4. Coconut and sunflower
  24. When modelling the sky the following materials are necessary EXCEPT 
    1. manilla paper 
    2. cotton wool 
    3. foil paper 
    4. pins or thorns
  25. A farmer who walks on swampy rice fields is LIKELY to be infected with 
    1. Cholera 
    2. Bilharzia 
    3. Malaria 
    4. Typhoid
  26. Newt and toad have the following characteristics EXCEPT. Presence of
    1. varying body temperature. 
    2. moist skin. 
    3. a backbone. 
    4. scales on their body.
  27. Which of the following groups of activities ONLY consist of farm uses of water? 
    1. Irrigation, washing tools, spraying. 
    2. Washing clothes, drinking, mixing chemicals.
    3. Boat racing, canoeing, fishing. 
    4. Cooling machines, washing products, making fountains.
  28. Which one of the following is NOT part of the circulatory system? 
    1. Blood 
    2. Blood vessels 
    3. Heart 
    4. Lungs
  29. The following describes incisors teeth EXCEPT they
    1. are chisel shaped 
    2. are sharp and pointed. 
    3. have cusps and ridges. 
    4. have one root.
  30. Which one of the following part of a plant is useful in reproduction? 
    1. Root 
    2. Flower 
    3. Stem 
    4. Leaf
  31. Which one of the following group represent source of proteins for animals?
    1. Molasses 
    2. Lucerne
    3. Sali licks
    4. Grass
    5. Fish meal 
    6. Bone meal
      1. (i), (iii), (v) 
      2. (ii) and (v) 
      3. (iv).(v), (vi)
      4. (ii) and (vi)
  32. Which of the following nutritional deficiency disease can affect the brain of a child?
    1. Rickets and anaemia
    2. Scurvy and malaria 
    3. Kwashiorkor and marasmus
    4. Kwashiorkor and rickets
  33. Which of the following is an effect of HIV and AIDS on the family?
    1. Poor health.
    2. Lack of parental care.
    3. Poor agricultural production.
    4. Stigmatisation
  34. Which one of the following is TRUE about the immunization schedule of infants? 
    1. DPT is given at birth
    2. BCG protects against tuberculosis.
    3. Polio and DPT are mostly given at the same time, 
    4. Measles vaccine is given through injection
  35. The BEST way of preventing the spread of TIIVIAIDS in Kenyan Youths is by
    1. vaccinating them.
    2. being faithful to their par ners. 
    3. going for medical tests. 
    4. abstaining from sexual activities.
  36. Which of the following method of grazing animals MOSTLY use permanent Structures? 
    1. Herding 
    2. Stall feeding 
    3. Strip grazing 
    4. Paddocking
  37. For germination to take place the seed requires all the following EXCEPT 
    1. warmth 
    2. light 
    3. moisture 
    4. oxygen
  38. During a science lesson Std. 6 pupils were asked to drop the materials shown from the same height
    38 ai ygdayda
    It is TRUE to say that 
    1. Material A reached the ground first. 
    2. Material Breached the ground first. 
    3. Both materials reached at the same time. 
    4. Both materials bounced off from the ground.
  39. The largest and smallest planet in the solar system is and RESPECTIVELY.
    1. Jupiter and Neptune 
    2. Jupiter and Mercury 
    3. Venus and Mercury 
    4. Mars and Earth
  40. Which one of the following pair of plants is LIKELY to have hair-like roots from the stem? 
    1. Grass and sugarcane 
    2. Wheat and beans 
    3. Mango and acacia 
    4. Green grams and arrowroots
  41. Which of the following woods grows horizontally with the ground and has blue/ purple flowers? 
    1. Oxalis 
    2. Mexican marigold 
    3. Wandering jew 
    4. Blackjack
  42. The diagram below shows a maize grain
    42 auytduyagda
    Which of the parts P.Q.R.Sprotects the inner part of the seed?
    1. P
    2. S
  43. The pull towards the centre of the earth is known as 
    1. mass 
    2. weight 
    3. gravity 
    4. force
  44. The following are ways in which animal react to protect themselves EXCEPT
    1. walking 
    2. flying off 
    3. biting 
    4. coiling
  45. The following are human activities that cause soil erosion EXCEPT
    1. mining 
    2. deforestation 
    3. overgring 
    4. type of soil
  46.  Which of the following sentences does NOT describe cumulus clouds 
    1. Thick and fodihery. 
    2. Have a flat base 
    3. Common in fine weather 
    4. They are rain bearing
  47. Which of the following food preservation methods is BOTH modern and traditional
    1. Drying 
    2. Freezing 
    3. Canning 
    4. Refrigeration
  48. The following foods can make our teeth Strong EXCEPT 
    1. carrots and vegetables 
    2. juice and chocolate 
    3. milk and sugarcane 
    4. fish and beef
  49. The diagram below shows a weather instrument
    49 aygduyagdad
    The wind is LIKELY to be blowing to the
    1. West 
    2. North 
    3. Fast 
    4. South
  50. Force is measured with an instrument known as
    1. Kilogram 
    2. Newtons
    3. Beam balance 
    4. Newton-meter


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