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Social Studies and Religious Education Questions - Class 8 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 7

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Study the map of Molu Area and answer questions 1-7.

  1. The land in Molu area rises towards
    1. South West
    2. North East
    3. North West
    4. South East
  2. Who is in charge of security in Molu area?
    1. Governor
    2. County Commissioner
    3. Chief
    4. Deputy County Commissioner
  3. The feature formed at the mouth of River Sio is
    1. delta
    2. distributaries
    3. estuary
    4. confluence
  4. Which one of the following economic activities is not carried out in Molu area?
    1. Fishing
    2. Mining
    3. Farming
    4. Tourism
  5. Which social facility should be given first priority by National government through the constituency development kitty?
    1. Religion
    2. Stadium
    3. School
    4. Health facility
  6. Which type of scale is shown on the map of Molu area?
    1. Statement
    2. Representative
    3. Linear
    4. Fraction
  7. The type of soil that is likely to be found to the mouth of R. Sio South Western part of the area covered by the map is
    1. alluvial
    2. black cotton
    3. volcanic
    4. sand
  8. Which one of the following plateaus is correctly matched with the country where it is located?
    1. Jos                       -        Angola
    2. Fouta Djallon        -       Guinea
    3. Bie                        -       Nigeria
    4. Tibesti                   -       Sudan
  9. Which one of the following statements about River Athi is true?
    1. It has three names from the source to the mouth
    2. It has a delta at its mouth
    3. Its source is on Mt. Kenya
    4. It is the longest river in Africa
  10. The following statements describe condition that are favourable for a certain crop in Africa;
    1. Low altitude
    2. Deep, well, drained fertile soilo
    3. High humid during growing period
      The crop described above is
      1. banana
      2. wheat
      3. cloves
      4. tea
  11. Below is a description of a certain climatic condition;
    1. Receives rainfall in the afternoon
    2. Rainfall is accompanied by lightning and thunderstorm
    3. Has two rainy season
    4. Also called warm and wet
      The climate described above is
      1. mountain climate
      2. semi-desert climate
      3. desert climate
      4. modified equatorial climate
  12. Class 5 pupils from Matieko primary school visited a poultry farm where they observed the following:
    1. All birds returned to shelter in the evening
    2. Some birds lay at certain points within the compound
    3. Birds were not contained
    4. The piece of land was large
      The method of poultry farming that the farmer practised was
      1. free range systém
      2. fold system
      3. battery system
      4. deep litter system
  13. Dry and wet bulb thermometer is used to measure?
    1. water vapour in the atmosphere
    2. temperature
    3. atmospheric pressure
    4. speed of wind
  14. Below are functions of a town in Kenya;
    1. Administrative centre
    2. Most industrialized townh
    3. Headquarter of the UN agencies
    4. Residential centrere
      The town whose functions are listed above is
      1. Thika
      2. Kisumu
      3. Mombasa
      4. Nairobi
  15. Which one of the following is not a soil conservation method?
    1. Mulching
    2. Crop rotation
    3. Agro-forestry
    4. Deforestation
  16. Which of the following is an effect of the rotation of the earth?
    1. It causes seasons
    2. It causes differences in time along different longitude
    3. It influences the position of the midday sun
    4. It causes differences in the length of day and night
  17. The main importance of age-groups is that they
    1. provide food for each other
    2. stole animals together
    3. divided land among members
    4. promoted equal division of labour
  18. Which of the following communities belong to the same language group?
    1. Pokot, Marakwet, Luo
    2. Luo, Maasai, Turkana
    3. Boran, Rendille, Gabbra
    4. Meru, Teso, Giriama
  19. Which one of the following early human settlement is found in Tanzania?
    1. Sango Bay
    2. Gedi Ruin
    3. Mnarani
    4. Nyero rocks
  20. Types of utensils, tools and weapons made long time ago mainly depended on
    1. the preference of the community
    2. the demand of the customers
    3. the climate of the region where the community stays
    4. economic activity of the community

Use the diagram below to answer questions 21 and 22.

  1. The part marked M is called
    1. a dam
    2. an ox-bow lake
    3. a crater lake
    4. a lava-dammed lake
  2. The part marked K is called
    1. a cave
    2. an escarpment
    3. a meander
    4. horst
  3. Which one of the following is an example of tarn lake in Kenya?
    1. Speke
    2. Catherine
    3. Gallery
    4. Chad
  4. In traditional African societies, the appearance of new moon was associated with the
    1. coming of a good harvest
    2. coming of a dry harvest
    3. coming of rains
    4. coming of strong winds
  5. Which one of the following West African groups do the Asante of Ghana belong to?
    1. Afro-Asiatic
    2. Mande
    3. Kwa
    4. Nilo-Saharan
  6. Which one of the following hominid discovered fire?
    1. Homo habilis
    2. Homo erectus
    3. Homo sapiens
    4. Homo sapien sapien
  7. Sera and Mwambu are believed to have been the first man and woman created by God among the
    1. Agikuyu
    2. Ababukusu
    3. Abagusii
    4. Abakuria
  8. The following are communities living in Eastern Africa. Which Luo group arrived in Kenya first?
    1. Joka Omolo
    2. Joka Jok
    3.  Luo Abasuba
    4. Joka Owiny
  9. Which of the following is not a major way through which young people interact today?
    1. Through war and raids
    2. In schools
    3. Games and sport
    4. Workshops and seminars
  10. Which one of the following is not a duty of the head teacher in a school?
    1. Writing down minutes during the committee meeting
    2. Writing down minutes during the staff meeting
    3. Linking the school with the Ministry of Education
    4. Ensuring that teachers attend lessons as allocated in the timetable
  11. The leading country in fish production in Africa is
    1. Japan
    2. Kenya
    3. Uganda
    4. South Africa
  12. Which one of the following minerals is correctly matched with a product that it is used to make?
    1. Limestone       -     Salt
    2. Diatomite         -     Filter
    3. Soda ash         -     Cement
    4. Flourspar         -     Electric wire
  13. Natural forest on the slopes of highlands are preserved mainly to
    1. control soil erosion
    2. protect indigenous species
    3. protect water sources
    4. protect wildlife
      All of the following are cocoa producing areas in Ghana except;
      A. Kumasi B. Volta C. Accra D. Takoradi
      C. Uganda
      B. Kenya
      D. South Africa
  14. Which one of the following was a characteristic of African traditional education?
    1. Youths were choosing what to learn
    2. Learning started after initiating
    3. Assignments were given for learners to do
    4. Moral values were emphasized
  15. Which one of the following is the largest dam in the seven forks dam project?
    1. Kamburu dam
    2. Masinga dam
    3. Gitaru dam
    4. Grand falls dam
  16. Which one of the following has influenced the rapid industrialization in South Africa the least?
    1. Increase in cheap labour from other Africa countries
    2. Good means of transport
    3. Availability of raw materials
    4. Availability of market for industrial products
  17. The following are social uses of soil except;
    1. administering oaths
    2. making bricks
    3. burrying the death
    4. decoration
  18. The road sign below indicates
    1. two way traffic
    2. no entry
    3. bumps ahead
    4. road junction
  19. Which of the following countries is not correctly matched with its capital city?
    1. Ghana     -    Accra
    2. Senegal   -    Dakar
    3. Egypt       -    Cairo
    4. Nigeria     -    Lagos
  20. All the following are cocoa producing areas in Ghana except
    1. Kumasi
    2. Volta
    3. Accra
    4. Takoradi

Use the map below to answer questions 41 and 42.

  1. The game park marked A is likely to be
    1. Nairobi
    2. Maasai Mara
    3. Amboseli
    4. Tsavo
  2. Below are the pre-historic sites. Which one likely to be found at the area marked D on the map?
    1. Olorgesaille
    2. Kanapo
    3. Koobi Fora
    4. Naikotome
  3. Below are some description of a certain prominent leader;
    1. His home was made the headquarter of the British
    2. Controlled long distance trade between Coast and Uganda
    3. Was a medicineman and a prophet
    4. Warned his community against welcoming the European
      The leader described above is likely to be
      1. Masaku
      2. Nabongo Mumia
      3. Koitalel Arap Samoei
      4. Mekatilili wa Menza
  4. Three of the following statement are true of the government of Kenya and Swaziland. Which one is not?
    1. Swaziland is ruled by a king
    2. President is elected by people in Kenya
    3. MP in Swaziland are elected by the king
    4. The king and president are the heads of state in their countries
  5. Which president did not retire voluntarily from politics?
    1. Julius Nyerere
    2. Sedar Senghor
    3. Gamel Abdel Nasser
    4. Nelson Mandela
  6. All the following are benefits of the coming of the Christian missionaries in Eastern Africa except;
    1. they introduced Western education
    2. different religions brought rivaly in Kenya
    3. they introduced a new way of living
    4. they introduced modern facilities like hospitals
  7. Which colony attempted to colonise Ethiopia but they were defeated during the battle of Adowa?
    1. Portugal
    2. Italy
    3. France
    4. Russia
  8. The following are African countries that struggled to attain independence;
    1. Namibia
    2. Zimbabwe
    3. Kenya
    4. Algeria
    5. Senegal
      Which of the above countries got assistance from the OAU to attain their independence?
      1. ii and v
      2. iii and iv
      3. v and iv
      4. i and ii
  9. All the following are members or IGAD except;
    1. Tanzania
    2. Eritrea
    3. Djibouti
    4. Ethiopia
  10. A foreigner who wants to become a Kenyan citizen should obtain
    1. a certificate of good conduct
    2. a birth certificate
    3. a national Identity card
    4. a registration certificate
  11. When a citizen is participating in elections he/she is exercising the
    1. right to join a trade union
    2. right to vote for a new government
    3. right to security
    4. freedom of association
  12. The following are ways of solving conflict in the society. Which one involves taking the matter to the court?
    1. Litigation
    2. Mediation
    3. Arbitration
    4. Dialogue
  13. All government policies are formulated by the
    1. parliament
    2. Judiciary
    3. cabinet
    4. the senate
  14. The legal system in Kenya are headed by the
    1. Chief justice
    2. Attorney General
    3. President
    4. Speaker of the senate
  15. The IEBC official in charge of elections at the constituency level is likely to be
    1. the president
    2. returning officer
    3. chairperson of IEBC
    4. presiding officer
  16. The prison department has its main task as
    1. punishing wrong doers
    2. prosecuting wrong doers
    3. reforming wrong doers
    4. rehabilitating mentally ill person
  17. Which one of the following is a function of the police force in Kenya?
    1. To control traffic jams in town
    2. To prevent people from committing crime
    3. To punish law breakers
    4. To protect the country from external attack
  18. The type of mountain formed in the way shown in the diagram below can be found in
    1. Chad
    2. Morocco
    3. Algeria
    4. Benin
  19. The most common type of democracy applied in Kenya is
    1. Direct
    2. Participatory
    3. Indirect
    4. Authoritative
  20. The Trans-African highway begins in Mombasa and ends in
    1. Lagos
    2. Dakar
    3. Cairo
    4. Kampala


  1. Which of the following is true about Genesis storyof creation? Man and woman
    1. are physically like God
    2.  are as intelligent as God
    3. are created in God's image
    4. should not work
  2. God told Abraham to circumcise all male children in order to
    1. be a sign of the agreement between God and Abraham
    2. prove that Abraham would become a king
    3. be a sign that Abraham would become a great person
    4. prove that Abraham would become the father of a big nation
  3. Among the following books, which one was written by Moses?
    1. Numbers
    2. Judges
    3. Proverbs
    4. Psalms
  4. Joseph told His brothers to go back home and bring their family. He cried when he saw them. What lesson do we learn from this story of Joseph and His brothers?
    1. We should be patien
    2. We should be kind and honest
    3. We should forgive those who wrong us
    4. We should interpret dreams
  5. Among the following people, who was told about the birth of Jesus by Angel Gabriel?
    1. Herod
    2. Priest
    3. Shepherds
    4. Wisemen
  6. Jesus showed obedience to God by
    1. doing what His disciples asked him to do
    2. dying on the cross for our sins
    3. praying and healing the sick
    4. obeying his parents
  7. Arrange the events according to the order in which they happened from the first to the last?
    1. David kill Goliath
    2. Saul is made a king
    3. Samuel anoints David
    4. Eliab sent David back home
      1. ii, iii,iv, i
      2. ii, iii, i, iv
      3. i, ii, iii, iv
      4. ii, iv, iii, i
  8. How should teenagers behave towards their parents?
    1. Respect and be useful to them
    2. Tolerate and always be polite to them
    3. Be patient with them
    4. Forgive them for being so old fashioned
  9. Two disciples travelling to Emmaus realised that the person they welcomed into their home was Jesus when he
    1. greeted them
    2. prayed for them
    3. broke the bread
    4. explained the scriptures
  10. God led Gideon to defeat the Midianites with how many soldiers?
    1. 300
    2. 30,000
    3. 3000
    4. 30
  11. "A prophet is never welcomed into his own home town." Luke 4:24. Jesus said these words
    when He
    1. was nailed on the cross
    2. prayed at Gethsemane
    3. was tempted by the devil
    4. was rejected in Nazareth
  12. Which plague made Pharaoh to finally let the Israelites go out of Egypt?
    1. When all the first born of the Egyptians were killed
    2. When the whole land of Egypt was filled with locust
    3. When the whole land was filled with frogs
    4. When all water in the Nile turned into blood
  13. In African traditional society, after initiation the youth were expected to
    1. Worship God
    2. run away
    3. marry
    4. start a clan
  14. To show that He had come to fulfil the law, Jesus healed the leper and told him to show himself to the
    1. Pharisees
    2. disciples
    3. elders
    4. priest
  15. "Sovereign Lord as you have promised, you now dismiss your servant in peace." Luke 2:29. Who among the following said this when he held baby Jesus in his arms?
    1. Annan
    2. Eli
    3. Simeon
    4. Joesph
  16. Matthew 2:18, "A sound is heard in Rammah, the sound of bitter weeping, Racheal crying for her children..... How were these prophesies of Jeremiah fulfilled?
    1. During the killing of Egyptians first borns
    2. When Racheal Tost her babies
    3. During the death of king David's baby
    4. When baby boys were killed in Bethlehem and its surrounding
  17. Luke 9:29-30, "As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning. Two men..... appeared in glorious splendour." Who were these two men?
    1. Moses and Elisha
    2. Moses and Elijah
    3. Elijah and Elisha
    4. Moses and Gabriel
  18. Ananias and Saphira were a couple that belonged to the early church. They died because of the following except;
    1. choosing to lie
    2. cheated the Holy spirit of God
    3. making the wrong choices
    4. selling the plot
  19. I witnessed the stoning of Stephen, the people even laid their clothes at my feet. Who said these words?
    1. Procorus
    2. Saul
    3. Paul
    4. Moses
  20. The best way of pleasing the ancestral spirits in the traditional African society was by
    1. building houses for them
    2. pouring libation
    3. offering sacrifices to them
    4. calling out their names
  21. Who among the following people was not a judge in Israel?
    1. Gideon
    2. Deborah
    3. Joshua
    4. Samson
  22. "Do not collect more than it is legal." Luke 3:13. These words were said by John the Baptist to teach about
    1. honesty
    2. tolerance
    3. humidity
    4. mercy
  23. Which of the following new testament books is a letter book?
    1. Mark
    2. Luke
    3. John 
    4. Timothy
  24. "I see heaven opened and the son of man standing at the right side of God." (Acts 7:56). These words were spoken by
    1. Joseph
    2. Jesus
    3. Stephen
    4. John the Baptist
  25. A common belief about death between Christians and African is that
    1. death is a way to world of spirit
    2. death unites people with ancestors
    3. there is life after death
    4. life ends at death
  26. In traditional African communities, people are expected to marry mainly to
    1. raise their status
    2. please the ancestors
    3. become leaders
    4. get children
  27. Which one of the following activities best shows how Christians should spend their leisure time?
    1. Reading stories
    2. Playing games
    3. Singing songs
    4. Visiting the sick
  28. Henry, a standard eight pupil is being forced by his friends to take alcohol. As a Christian, what should he do?
    1. Refuse and change his company
    2. Take it and then repent
    3. Report the matter to the police
    4. Announce it during assembly
  29. On her way from school, Beatrice a class 8 pupil meets an old lady carrying a heavy basket. Suddenly the lady falls down. The correct action for Beatrice to take is to.
    1. assist her to get up
    2. run away from the scene
    3. go back to school to get help
    4. tell her to rise up and go
  30. Your deskmate Timothy asks you for advice on how to use money given to him by his uncle. As a Christian, what will you do? Tell him to
    1. give you the money
    2. donate some to the needy
    3. buy himself a pair of shoes
    4. return it to the uncle

Std. 8 S/Studies & C.R.E/2023

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