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Leisure - Class 8 CRE Revision Notes

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The Meaning of Leisure

  • Leisure is the time when we are free from work or studies.
  • There are many activities one can do during leisure.
  • These activities can be classified into:
    •  Active leisure
    • Passive leisure
  • Active leisure involves physical activities .
  • Such activities include:-
  • Sports and games.
  • Dancing.
  • Passive leisure has minimal or no physical activity.
  • It includes watching television, reading, listening to music or sleeping.
  • We should not use leisure time to engage in immoral activities.


  1. List four games one can take part in during leisure time
    1. ________________
    2. ________________
    3. ________________
    4. ________________
  2. The fourth commandment states

Leisure Today And In Traditional African Communities.

  • There were many leisure activities in traditional African communities.
  • Different people participated in leisure activities according to:-
    1. Age
    2. Gender
    3. Social status.
  • Today leisure activities are done according to people’s :-
    1. Interests
    2. Affordability.
    3. Availability of time.
  • Leisure activities were conducted during seremonies such as:-
    1. Naming
    2. Initiation
    3. Marriage
    4. Funerals
    5. Thanksgiving.
  • Some of these leisure activities were
    1. Visits
    2. Games and sports
    3. Folk stories
    4. Riddles and tongue twisters.
    5. Leisure activities accompanied work in African societies.
    6. Leisure is important to all people irrespective of age, gender or social status.

Uses of Leisure For Personal Growth

  • Leisure is good for physical and spiritual growth.
  • One can do voluntary work in the community.
  • Leisure time can also be used to develop skills and talents.
  • One can also acquire new skills during leisure time.
  • Leisure time can be used for fellowship with other chriatians.
  • David used his leisure time to play the harp.
  • He ended up using the skill to help King Saul when he was tormented by evil spirit.
  • Leisure can be used to relieve fatigue, evil thoughts and sadness.


  1. List three talents one can develop during leisure
    1. _______________
    2. _______________
    3. _______________
  2. State four examples of passive leisure
    1.  _______________
    2.  ______________
    3. _______________

To Be With Family

  • Leisure time can be used to be with one’s family
  • During leisure time, family members can
    1. Visit friends or relatives.
    2. Pray and worship together.
    3. Visit different places.
    4. Engage in charity work.
  • Leisure time allows family members to :-
    1. Unite as a family
    2. Appreciate one another
    3. Understand one another.
    4. Enjoy each other’s company.
      The bible teaches that Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth felt honored to be visited by the Lord’s mother
  • We should spend quality leisure time with our friends and relatives.


  1. List two types of families
  2. State three things one can do with his or her family members. 

For Cultural Development

  • Leisure time can be used to gain knowledge on culture.
  • This can be done through
    1. Visiting cultural centers
    2. Participating in music and drama festivals.
    3. Telling folk stories, riddles and tongue twisters.
    4. Visiting grandparents.
    5. Encouraging sports and games.
    6.  Supporting cultural events.
    7. Having family leisure time.
  •  David was gifted in playing the harp.
  • Playing the harp was a Jewish cultural practice for boys.
  • He ended up helping Saul who was tormented by evil spirits. 6. We should enhance our culture during our free time.


  1. Name two cultural centers in Kenya
  2. Write three proverbs in English, Kiswahili and your mother tongue.

Christian Activities During Leisure

  • There are many ways a Christian can spend their leisure time
  • Christian leisure activities should be morally right.
  • Such activities may include
    1. Visiting
    2. Worshipping God
    3. Resting
    4. Spending time with family
    5. Participating in church activities
    6. Attending retreats.
    7. Games and sports
    8. Guidance and counseling
    9. The bible teaches that God sanctioned rest when he made the sabath. 5. The Sabbath is sanctified as a holy day of rest.
    10. Christians should observe the Sabbath and keep it holy.


  1. List the creations of God according to the biblical order of creation a
    1. ______________________
    2. ______________________
    3. ______________________
    4. ______________________
    5. ______________________
    6. ______________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________is the fourth commandment.

Misuse of Leisure

  • Leisure can be used to engage in immoral activities.
  • This may be caused by
    1. Peer pressure
    2. Curiosity
    3. Idleness
    4. Lack of guidance
    5. Having too much money.
  • Activities that misuse leisure include
    1. Pre-marital sex
    2.  Abusing drugs
    3. Idling and gossiping
    4. Over-indulging in the same activities.
    5. Getting into bad company.
  •  Misuse of leisure makes life miserable
  • Noah abused leisure when he got drunk with wine.
  • He ended up staying naked in sight of his son Ham.
  • The end result was that Ham got cursed
  • We should avoid destructive leisure activities.


  1. State two effects or results of irresponsible sex during leisure
  2. The sons of Noah were _____________________

Leisure And Unemployment

  • Leisure time is the time when one is free from work and studies
  • Unemployment, on the other hand, is lack of work to earn a living.
  • Unemployed people are not in continuous leisure time.
  • Such people may engage in crime and other destructive activities.
  • This can be avoided through self employment.
  •  One can also train to acquire new skills.
  • Apostle Paul condemned laziness when teaching Thessalonians.
  • He was a good example for he worked as a tent-maker.
  • Unemployed people should not engage in idling and gossip. 
  • They should trust in God and keep trying to gain regular employment.


  1. State two categories of leisure activities
  2. 2ndThessalonians 3:10 says
  3. List two traditional leisure activities

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