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English Questions and Answers - Class 8 End of Term 1 Exams 2022

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Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1 10 15. For each blank space, choose the BEST alternative from the choices given.

As you grow up, you have your 1 set on what you would__2__to be in future. Many say they would wish to be a doctor, pilot, engineer __3__any of these__4__ professions. They forget
that in equal measure, we__5__ nurses, mechanics, carpenters and police officers to keep our country going and get the__6__required from them. If everybody got what they desired to be, __7__ would be a serious imbalance__8__ professionals. You can just__9__ how difficult it would be to get people to do __10__ jobs like road construction, charcoal vending, fishing, watchmen and __11__artisans. It is important for us to understand that__12__single person is important irrespective of __13__ he does in life.
Be focused and ensure you don't get__14__from achieving your dream. Your parents, teachers, relatives and other well-wishers are just there to __15__ you in realising the dream. However, it is you to go for it.

    1. idea
    2. plan
    3. mind
    4. direction
    1. require
    2. wish
    3. need
    4. hope
    1. and
    2. like
    3. as
    4. or
    1. nice
    2. great
    3. attractive
    4. rich
    1. know
    2. need
    3. have
    4. get
    1. services
    2. time
    3. work
    4. salary
    1. their
    2. then
    3. there
    4. this
    1. for
    2. with
    3. at
    4. of
    1. remember
    2. imagine
    3. decide
    4. know
    1. manual
    2. big
    3. heavy
    4. real
    1. likewise
    2. maybe
    3. even
    4. then
    1. each
    2. every
    3. all
    4. one
    1. whoever
    2. whichever
    3. wherever
    4. whatever
    1. attracted
    2. advised
    3. distracted
    4. tired
    1. support
    2. sponsor
    3. check
    4. cheer

For questions 16 and 17. choose the alternative that BEST completes the sentence given.

  1. We go to hospital whenever we fall sick,_______?
    1. isn't it
    2. do we
    3. don't we
    4. couldn't we
  2. Maria has never been to Kitale,
    1. has she 
    2. isn't it 
    3. hasn't she 
    4. is it

For questions 18 and 19, choose the alternative thal BEST completes the sentence given.

  1. He was not only praised for his bravery
    1. yet also rewarded with a cow. 
    2. and also rewarded with a cow.
    3. then also rewarded with a cow. 
    4. but also rewarded with a cow.
  2. The patient was so tired
    1. and he was admitted into the ward immediately.
    2. that he was admitted into the ward immediately.
    3. to be admitted into the ward immediately 
    4. as he was admitted into ward immediately

For questions 20 to 22, choose the sentence that means the SAME AS the underlined one.

  1. Our class teacher hardly comes to school late. 
    1. Our class teacher sometimes comes late. 
    2. Our class teacher never comes to school late. 
    3. Our class teacher usually comes to school late. 
    4. Our class teacher rarely comes to school late
  2. As soon as the players heard the whistle, they walked into the field. 
    1. The players walked into the field immediately they heard the whistle. 
    2. The players walked into the field soon after they heard the whistle. 
    3. The players walked into the field just before they heard the whistle. 
    4. The players walked into the field when they heard the whistle.
  3. I would visit Malindi if I had time.
    1. I will visit Malindi if as soon as I have time. 
    2. I will visit Malindi when I get time. 
    3. I cannot visit Malindi because I don't have time. 
    4. I cannot visit Malindi unless I get time.

Read the passage below and then answer questions 23 to 25.
Four pupils, Teresa, Ben, Regina and Musa were talking about the domestic animals they had at their homes. Ben said he liked cows and goats which they had at home while sheep and goats were in Musa's list, Regina's family kept geese, sheep and pigs while Musa, whose father kept cows and donkeys, said he had his own pigeons too. Teresa kept some rabbits as a hobby but the family kept pigs and sheep. Only Musa's parents did not rear chicken but instead they had some turkeys.

  1. Who among the four pupils had the MOST animals at their home?
    1. Teresa 
    2. Musa 
    3. Ben
    4. Regina
  2. The LEAST preferred animal among the children is 
    1. goats 
    2. pigs 
    3. cows 
    4. donkeys
  3. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? 
    1. Chickens and sheep had the same number of preference. 
    2. All the children had chicken at home. 
    3. Sheep was the only animal preferred by the highest number of pupils. 
    4. Regina and Teresa had the same type of animals at their homes.

Read the following passage and answer questions 26 to 38..
When Siro's goat disappeared, he looked for it for almost the entire evening. He had tied it close to his home and although he was sure it had not snapped the rope, it was not there and there was no trace of the rope too. He was about to give up hope when the stillness of the night enabled him hear the muffled noise of a goat in distress. He keenly listened again. He moved stealthily, following paths and crossing fences and hedges and was relieved to find it. It was tied in the thicket behind Lima's home with the same rope. He simply untied it, removed the plastic container that had been put round the mouth to contain the sound level and led it home. He was sure he knew who the thief was.
Two weeks later, his ncighbour, Kalua, lost his goat in the same circumstance. As Kalua searched from home to home, checking if his goat could have strayed there, he got no positive response. Then, he decided to check at Siro's home and this is how he got a companion. As the pair walked towards the thicket near Lima's home, they heard a sound Siro claimed was familiar to him. They were not equally surprised as their discussion had been along that line. They bumped into the goat, tied at almost the same spot, with the mouth covered in the same fashion. Not interested in making accusations that could not be substantiated but just end up straining relationships in the village, they took the goat away. I lowever, they had a plan in mind on how to stop the thief once and for all.
It took over three weeks then a repeat of the same occurred. When Siro got the information, he rushed to Kalua's home and together with Sule, the man whose goat had just disappeared, they decided to execute the plan they had at hand in darkness. Each of them was armed with a weapon. in case the thicfappeared and showed any sign of defiance or became violent. They knew whom they expected to confront, knew his home and even the path he was likely to follow when coming for the goat. Ilowever, they had no idea of when he would come but they were determined to wait, however long it took.
The wait was long and tiring and had they been together, they would have given up, taken the goat and planned to catch the thief another day. It was just that none of them wanted to be the one to ask the others if they could leave. They were already dristing in and out of sleep when they heard the rustling of Icaves. Something' was coming and his cough made it clear that it was a human being. The moon was up so they could make out the shape of a tall man with a big hat. On one hand, he had a club and as he cautiously made his way, his walking style was unmistakable. The person approaching was not Lima but Walo, the watchman of the school behind the hedge where they were.
Walo went to where the goat was tied, coughed again then untied it. Little did he know that three men were silently moving towards him and already, he was at the centre with no chance of escape. Then, Siro, who was the nearest to where he was, coughed. Walo's club dropped to the ground, just as Siro shouted he surrenders by raising his hands or get killed. Due to shock, scar or both, he obliged and the men cut part of the rope with which the goat had been tied, used it to tic his hands at the back and walked him to his workplace to begin the second phase of waiting. They would wait for daybreak to make a report about the thief to the head teacher and the chief.

  1. Why was Siro sure the lost goat had not snapped the rope? 
    1. The goat could not have been that strong. 
    2. He was sure the rope had not become very weak 
    3. He did not see any evidence to confirm it. 
    4. He had been lying it at the same spot for a long time.
  2. The muffled noise Siro heard can be BEST described as 
    1. croak 
    2. low 
    3. bray
    4. bleat
  3. What do you think was the plastic container used for on the goat? 
    1. To ensure the owner does not trace it. 
    2. So that the noise does not bother the neighbours 
    3. To make it produce a peculiar sound than usual. 
    4. To prevent insects from entering its mouth.
  4. What made Siro be sure of who the thief was? The 
    1. way the goat was tied. 
    2. location where the goat was found. 
    3. use of the plastic container. 
    4. distance the goat had been moved.
  5. Kalua looked for the goat from home to home because 
    1. he believed Siro would definitely offer him the solution. 
    2. goats usually go to homes where other goats are. 
    3. thieves were known to keep stolen goats in their homes. 
    4. he was not sure of where it could have gone to
  6. By saying Siro and Kalua bumped into the goat, the writer means
    1. they got the goat when they least expected. 
    2. it was already growing too dark to see clearly. 
    3. the goat was tied loosely in the thicket. 
    4. the two of them were equally in ahurry. 
  7. Why do you think was the second stolen goxat tied at almost the same spot as previous ones? 
    1. To enable the owner get it with case. 
    2. That was the safest hiding place for stolen goats. 
    3. Its location was convenient to the thic. 
    4. It was the thickest thicket in the locality
  8. Kalua and Siro could not substantiate their allegations because 
    1. they had not seen the thicistealing. 
    2. they were not the village elders. 
    3. they wanted to remain friendly to the thief 
    4. there was no proof as to whom the geau belonged to
  9. According to the three men who planned in catch the thief, they knew the thief was 
    1. Kalua 
    2. Lima 
    3. Siro 
    4. Walo
  10. Why were Siro, Kalua and Sule drifting in and out of sleep? 
    1. The goat was still making a lot of noise.
    2. They were suddenly growing hungry and bored. 
    3. They were regretting why they decided to catch the thief. 
    4. The wait for the thief was taking too long.
  11. The MAIN reason why Walo did not expect to be caught is that 
    1. he was a watchman and could easily defend himself. 
    2. he was never suspected to be the thief. 
    3. the goat was still at the spot where he had left it.
    4. he always waited till late in the night.
  12.  What made Walo's club to drop when Siro coughed?
    1. The cough brought him to some reality. 
    2. He had not carried it well. 
    3. The goat knocked it down accidentally. 
    4. He was in a hurry to use it.
  13. In the end, we learn that
    1. a report was made to the chief and the head teacher. 
    2. the three men and the suspect went to the school the school
    3. stealing of the goats in the village stopped. 
    4. Sule took back his goat.

Read the passage below and then answer questions 39 to 50
Owning a home is great. It is security but should it really be your financial goal? Some financial experts actually recommend that renting a house is better than struggling to buy one. A home is not an investment because it doesn't pay you every month. In fact, you have to pay for your home every month. An investment is not a good deal if you are paying in and no cash flow is coming out. Your capital is tied up, you can't access it. Instead, it's even better you invest in yourself, developing your skills and focusing on growing your income first.
When you rent, you have a set amount that you pay every month that you can easily budget for. The advantage of renting is that it also allows you to live without that debt. You may think that you are only paying rent but you are also buying something else: time. Time to think through exactly what you want for the long-term in terms of owning a house, time to save and time to shop around for a house and location that will be worth your time and not end up costing more than you had planned for it. It also allows you move when necessary, something to consider if you want to cast your net wider in terms of finances. While renting, you also don't have to worry about cost like security. These are the landlord's problems.
Most of the time, investing in housing is a good idea but buying into the idea that it will always give you a profit could leave you disappointed. A little investigation into the state of housing in several markets both here in Kenya and even abroad is very important. The price of houses recently fell by 1.8 % in the first half of the year.
We have all heard the running joke of the man who owns a Prado but parks it outside a rented house. Is he a fool not to have bought a house? What this belief fails to acknowledge is opportunity cost, which is the cost of a missed opportunity. Being stuck in a ‘matatu’ that has refused to be filled with passengers to leave or one that stops every five hundred metres can cost you a lot of time. You could end up missing what was supposed to be yours in terms of a doctor's appointment, an interview, a job, money and even status. Who can respect a person who can't keep time?
The few coins you save when use a ‘matatu' may end up being a drop in the ocean in comparison to what you could have gained during the time you lost. When you use our car, you can also use it as an extra source of income if you can use it to ferry people to work or even put it to work. It may also come in handy during emergencies and may make more financial sense if you have a family.
Remember, we usually pay more for quality. However, be careful! At times, we just pay more for brand names rather than the quality of the item. This happens more in medicine where most people do not buy generics while their composition is exactly the same as the original drugs.

  1. Some financial experts recommend that renting is better than buying a house because 
    1. it is cheaper to pay rent.
    2. the landlords are easier to handle. 
    3. the rent charged on houses is reducing. 
    4. buying a home does not pay back the owner.
  2. According to the passage, an investment should 
    1. pay back more than what was invested. 
    2. have security for the investor. 
    3. give back some amount in form of profil. 
    4. make the investor feel great.
  3. What does the writer mean by saying a renter also buys time? 
    1. He decides whether buying a house is worth it or not. 
    2. Considers if buying a house is actually better than renting. 
    3. Investing in yourself instead of buying a house. 
    4. He prepares to the buy a house at the right time and place.
  4. If you decide to buy a house in a hurry,
    1. renting could turn out to be equally good. 
    2. you may regret if the location and amount do not suit you 
    3. you are likely to have more money shortly. 
    4. he house could end up being of poor quality
  5. One of the advantages of renting a house is that 
    1. the rent reduction will always favour you.
    2. the increase in number of houses lowers the rent.
    3. you can change location when you need
    4. rentals are usually located in urban areas.
  6. Why is security considered to be the landlord's problem? 
    1. Tenants are mobile. 
    2. Landlords charge very high rent. 
    3. Security is usually got locally. 
    4. It is not as essential as owning a house.
  7. What should one think about when buying a house? 
    1. It will make you great instantly. 
    2. It is not likely to make you rich. 
    3. You will definitely go a class higher in life.
    4. Your security then becomes guaranteed.
  8. What many people do not know about owning a house is that
    1. houses keep increasing in number, 
    2. it is the most worthless investment. 
    3. cars and houses are owned by the rich.
    4. is not meant to improve financial status.
  9. The price of houses recently fell by 1.8% because
    1. probably more people are building their own. 
    2. quantity of houses being built have gone down.
    3. it is no longer an attractive investment. 
    4. the cost of building materials has gone up.
  10. The man who owns a Prado but parks it outside a rented house 
    1. could just be a fool. 
    2. knows well about opportunity cost. 
    3. cares less about opportunity cost.
    4. loves the car more than the house.
  11. The expression a drop in the ocean is used in the second last paragraph means 
    1. too little to make a difference. 
    2. almost enough for the intended purpose. 
    3. can build up to become something big. 
    4. what everyone can easily get.
  12. When buying an item, we should
    1. compare it with other related items.
    2. rely on others who have brought the same items. 
    3. be aware some manufacturers simply trick customers.
    4. be keener on the quality of the product.


  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A
  7. C
  8. D
  9. B
  10. A
  11. C
  12. B
  13. D
  14. C
  15. A
  16. C
  17. A
  18. D
  19. B
  20. D
  21. A
  22. C
  23. B
  24. D
  25. A
  26. C
  27. D
  28. A
  29. B
  30. D
  31. A
  32. C
  33. A
  34. B
  35. D
  36. C
  37. A
  38. B
  39. D
  40. C
  41. D
  42. B
  43. C
  44. A
  45. B
  46. D
  47. C
  48. B
  49. A
  50. D
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