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Social Studies and Religious Education Questions and Answers - Class 8 Term 2 Opener Exams 2022 Set 1

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PART 1: Social Studies

SS map

Study the map of Kwetu area and use it to answer questions 1-7

  1. What is the direc of the church from the P.H.S?
    1. North East .
    2. South East
    3. South West
    4. North West
  2. The approximate area of the beef ranch is
    1. 63km2
    2. 18km2
    3. 35km2
    4. 56km2
  3. Which of the following economic activities is NOT carried out in the Northern part of Kwetu area?
    1. Tourism
    2. Crop far
    3. Ranching
    4. Trading,
  4. Who among the following is incharge of security in Kwetu area?
    1. Governor
    2. County Commissioner
    3. Senator
    4. Member of parliament
  5. People of Tawa town MAINLY belong to which religion?
    1. Christianity 
    2. Pagans
    3. Islamic
    4. Traditionalist
  6. Which one of the following crops can do well in the area where there is paddy field?
    1. Cotton
    2. Tea
    3. Coffee
    4. Wheat
  7. The MAIN factor influencing population distribution in Kwetu area is,
    1. transport
    2. religious factors
    3. relief
    4. job opportunities.
  8. Which of the following groups of people comprises of those who migrated in search for land to cultivate ONLY?
    1. Kamba, Borana, Luo
    2. Abaluhya, Taita, Ameru
    3. Abagusii, Baganda, Iteso
    4. Maasai, Taita, Pokomo
  9. The following are reasons why Africans resisted colonial rule in Kenya. Which one is NOT?
    1. Erosion of African culture
    2. Loss of independence
    3. Improvement of infrastructure
    4. Increase in number of landless and squatters.
  10. The time in Rabat 12°W is 8:12am, What is the time in Cairo Egypt 28°E?
    1. 2:40am
    2. 10:52am
    3. 6:32am
    4. 9:52am
  11. Which of the following factors explains why the coast of Namibia is hot and dry?
    1. The existence of cold Benguela current.
    2. It is found below the sea level.
    3. It has been affected by deforestation.
    4. It is caused by the shape of coastline.
  12. Three of the following are ways of managing, slow population growth. Which ONE isnot?
    1. Encouraging immigration.
    2. Providing family planning services.
    3. Increasing food production.
    4. Improving medical services
  13. The following places are associated with the early man. Which one is WRONGLY matched with the country is found in?
    1. Olduvai gorge - Tanzania
    2. Ngoloba - Tanzania
    3. Ismailia - Ehtiopia
    4. Koobi Fora - Kenya
  14. In which of the statements given below is NOT TRUE about civil marriage?
    1. Ite can be conducted at attorney general's office.
    2. The couple gives a three weeks notice before the wedding
    3. A marriage certificate is issued.
    4. It is done according to the culture and customs of the couple.
  15. The following are characteristics of a certain climatic region
    1. Rainfall range between 380mm to 500mm per year.
    2. Temperatures range between 22°C to 27°C
    3. The skies are generally clear.
      The climatic region described above is
      1. Semi-desert climate
      2. Savanna climate
      3. Desert climate
      4. Mediterranean climate
  16. The capital city of Angola is:
    1. Windhoek
    2. Luanda
    3. Gaborone
    4. Lusaka
  17. Three of the following are principles of democracy. Which one is NOT?
    1. Unequal opportunities
    2. Equality before the law
    3. Promotion of justice for all
    4. Power belongs to the people
  18. Which of the following water bodies borders Africa to the North East?
    1. Mediterranean Sea
    2. Atlantic ocean
    3. Red sea
    4. Indian ocean
  19. Which group of people gives below consist of semites ONLY?
    1. Hawa, Falasha, Arabs
    2. Tigreans, Ankara, Arabs
    3. Iraqw, Mbanga, Burunga
    4. Tigreans, Amhara, Pokomo

      Use the map of Africa below to answer
  20. The road marked His called
    1. Trams Africam highway.
    2. Coatonoa Gao Ouija highway.
    3. The Great North rand.
    4. Trans Sakaram bighoway.
  21. Which statementt is TRUE about the region marked M? The
    1. region lics withic the tropics.
    2. region expericaces ot wet summer and cold dry winters,
    3. rainfall in the region is caused by the westerlies winds.
    4. temperatures are high throughout the year.
  22. The country marked Y was colonized by the
    1. Germans
    2. French
    3. Halians
    4. British
  23. The tourist site marked X is
    1. Kruger National Park.
    2. Ancient town of Marakech.
    3. Cairo pyramic's.
    4. Victoria falls
  24. Three of the following are duties conducted by the Independent Electoral and Boudaries Commission, Which one is NOT?
    1. Register and maintain voters register.
    2. Conduct civic education to the voters.
    3. Review the electoral boundaries.
    4. Nominate candidates to take past elections.
  25. Which of the folr wing is NOT a hightamd forest?
    1. Cherangani forest
    2. Mt. Elgon forest.
    3. Arabuko - Sokoke Forest.
    4. Kakamega forest.
  26. In which of the towing National Parks do we have a game sanctuary for White Rhino?
    1. Lake Nakura National park.
    2. Meru Nationat park
    3. Nairobi Nationa park.
    4. Tsavo National park.
  27. The MAIN factor to consider whe starting, a mining industry 
    1. availability of water
    2. availability of raw material
    3. nearness to the market
    4. nearness to means of transport.
  28. The following characteristics fits a certain town in Kenya:
    1. Its growth was influenced by the early traders.
    2. The main town is built on an island,
    3. lt is considered to be a gateway to Eastern Africa.
    4. It is a military centre.
      The town describe above is
      1. Malindi
      2. Kisumu
      3. Mombasa
      4. Dar es salam
  29. Below are factors that favour fishing in Japan. Which one DOES NOT?
    1. Availability of loan from government
    2. Improved fishing technology.
    3. Formation of co-operatives that help in marketing.
    4. Availability of many rivers and lakes.
  30. Which river is WRONGLY matched with its source
    1. R. Nyando - Mt- Elgon
    2. R. Turkwel - Mt. Elgon
    3. R. Athi - Ngong hills
    4. R. Ewaso nyiro North - Aberdare
  31. Below are roles of the school in the community. Which one is NOT?
    1. The commmmmity donates land to the school.
    2. The members of the community gets employment in school.
    3. The school help to develop talents in the community.
    4. The school helps in preservation of the community culture
  32. Which of the following was NOT a requirement for one to be assimilated as a french citizen in West Africa?
    1. Be a Christian
    2. Accept the french administration
    3. Readiness to practice french way of life.
    4. Ability to read and write in English.
  33. The following description fits a prominent leader in Africa:
    1. Born in 1918
    2. Was imprisoned at Robbens Island
    3. Became the first democratically elected president in his country.
    4. Died on 2013
      The leader described above is
      1. Kwame ‘Nkrumah
      2. NelsonMandela
      3. Julius Nyerere
      4. Leopold Sedar Senghor
  34. Who is the head of court system in Kenya?
    1. Attomey General
    2. President
    3. Chief Justice
    4. Director of public prosecution
  35. Which of the following factors negatively influence trade in Eastern Africa?
    1. Political instability.
    2. Availability of market
    3. Good transport network.
    4. Production of different types of goods.
      The diagram below shows the map of Ghana. Use it to answer question 36
  36. Which factor influencing climate makes Accra to receive less rainfall than Axim?
    1. Shape of the coast line.
    2. Distance from the sea,
    3. Ocean currents
    4. Latitude
  37. The following are events that happened in Kenya:
    1. Kenya became a republic.
    2. The first legco was established.
    3. Kenya became a British colony.
    4. Kenya was declared a British protectorate.
      Which is the CORRECT order from the earliest?
      1. (iii) (i) (iv) (i)
      2. (ii) (iv) (iii) (i)
      3. (iv) (ii) (iii) (i)
      4. (iv) (iii) (ii) (i)

        Use the diagram below to answer questions 38 and 39

  38. The feature above was formed through a process called
    1. Horst
    2. Volcanicity
    3. Folding
    4. Faulting,
  39. Among the following mountains which is NOT an example of the feature above?
    1. Ruwenzori
    2. Atlas mountain
    3. Danakil alps
    4. Usambara
  40. Which of the reasons below DOES NOT explain why Tswana of Botswana practice pastoralism?
    1. Low population density in the country.
    2. High amount rainfall in the region.
    3. Presence of island in most parts of the country.
    4. Poor soil that does not support farming.
  41. The founders of Old Ghana kingdom belongs to ONE of the following language groups. Which one?
    1. Mande speaker
    2. Kwa speaker
    3. Afro-Asiatic
    4. West Atlantic 
  42. Which of the following is a least import in Kenya?
    1. Machinery
    2. Petroleum products
    3. Crude
    4. Fertiliser
  43.  Johannesburg in South Africa has a high population density MAINLY because of 
    1. increased job opportunities to farming activities.
    2. high and reliable rainfall
    3. improved means of transport and communication.
    4. mining activities which created a lot of jobs.
  44. The MAIN reason why Miombo, woodland is sparsely populated is because the
    1. area is affected by floods.
    2. area has poor soils for agriculture,
    3. area is infested by the tsetse flies.
    4. relief of the area do not encourage settlement,
  45. Which of the following institutions controls how the government spends its money?
    1. Executive
    2. Central Bank of Kenya
    3. Parliament
    4. Judiciary
  46. The road sign shown below indicates one of the following. Which one?
    1. No entry
    2. Slippery road ahead
    3. Do not overtake
    4. A bend ahead
  47. Who among the following persons represents the interest of the county in parliament
    1. Governor
    2. Speaker of the National Assembly.
    3. Member of parliament
    4. Senator .
  48. The MAIN reason why we should conserve wildlife is
    1. for future generations
    2. to earn foreign exchange
    3. to encourage human wildlife conflict
    4. to ensure tourists come to Kenya
  49. The following statements indicate population structure of different countries:
    1. Majority of the population is aging.
    2. The majority live in rural areas.
    3. Most people work in the industries.
    4. There is low life expectancy
    5. High death rate
      Which of the combination is common for both Kenya and India?
      1. (i) (ii) (iii)
      2. (ii) (iii) (v)
      3. (ii) (iv) (v)
      4. (iv) (v) only
  50. Among the following officers in the government of the Nyamwezi who was in charge of information?
    1. Mtwale 
    2. Mteko
    3. Minule
    4. Kikoma
  51. The following information describes one of the early visitors:
    1. He owned British India navigation company.
    2. He was from Scotland
    3. His company administered East Africa on behalf of British government.
    4. He was a trader
      The early visitor described above is
      1. Carl Peters
      2. William Mackinnon
      3. Seyyid Said
      4. Henry Morton Stanley
  52. Three of the following, are ways im which citizens demonstrate patriotisa EXCEPT
    1. respecting other peoples property.
    2. participating in National polls.
    3. paying taxes
    4. sharing the secrets of the commtry with foreigners.
  53. Max imported a new car from Japan, What kind of tax will he pay at the post?
    1. Income tax
    2. Sales tax
    3. Cess tax
    4. Customs duty
  54. Which of the following factors is the DIOS important to consider when establishing a poultry farm?
    1. Availability of cheap labour.
    2. Large farm to keep the chickem.
    3. Nearn ess to a large urbam cemtre.
    4. Nearness to a source of power.
  55. The third line of the second stanza off Kenyan National Anthem is
    1. With heart both strong, amd true
    2. Build this our nation together.
    3. The heritage of splendour
    4. Service be our earnest endeavour
  56. Which of the following is the MAIN benefit of both Kariba and Volta river project?
    1. Industrial development.
    2. Inland transport
    3. Control of flooding of rivers.
    4. Irrigation of land
  57. The following characteristics describe a certain mineral. It is
    1. mined using open cast.
    2. mined on the floor of the rift valley
    3. used in making heat insulators
    4. formed from remains of small living things that live in water.
      The mineral described above is mined at
      1. Kienwarer
      2. Kariandesi
      3. Athi River
      4. Magadi
  58. The MAIN reason why the Konza - Magadi railway was constructed is to transport
    1. cows from Kajiado to Mombasa,
    2. soda ash to Mombasa.
    3. Sisal from dry parts of Kajiado.
    4. people to Magadi soda company.
  59. Who among the following persons do NOT attend Cabinet meetings?
    1. Attorney general
    2. Cabinet secretary
    3. Head of civil service
    4. Principal secretary
  60. Which of the following places isthe safest for pedestrians to cross a busy road? At
    1. the traffic lights
    2. a zebra crossing
    3. a round about
    4. a foot bridge

PART 2: Christian Religious Education

  1. Among the, following statements, which one shows that Human beings are special in God's creation? They were
    1. settled in the garden of Eden.
    2. told to multiply and fill the earth,
    3. created in the image and likeness of God,
    4. told to eat fruits from other trees.
  2. The MAIN reason why God chose to use Noah to save his Tamily from the great flood is because Noah:
    1. was righteous before God.
    2. BL was speaking with God face to face.
    3. knew how to build the ark.
    4. was the oldest man and wise.
  3. The following activities shows Abraham's obedience to God. Which one DOES NOT?
    1. A. Accepting to move from his native land to unknown place.
    2. Accepting to sacrifice his son Ishmael
    3. Circumcisingall the mak: in his household.
    4. Accepting to sacrifice his son Isaac.
  4. The following commandments show that God wanted the Isaelites to love him above all things. Which one DOES NOT?
    1. Observe the sabbath day and keep it holy.
    2. You should not worship any other god but me.
    3. Do not use my name for evil purposes.
    4. Do not bear false witness against someone,
  5. What is the MAIN reason why king Pharaoh did not want to let the Israelites go?
    1. The Egyptians would lose their source of labour.
    2. They had a good relationship with the Israelites,
    3. He did not want them to die in the wilderness.
    4. He was providing them with good foods.
  6. Who among the following led the Israelites to the promised land?
    1. Joshua
    2. Moses
    3. Aaron
    4. Gideon
  7. What is the MAIN reason why God rejected king Saul?
    1. He married many wives who worshipped foreign gods.
    2. He did not obey God’s commands
    3. He tried to kill David.
    4. He was defeated in the battlefield.
  8. Who among the following was NOT a judge in Israel?
    1. Deborah
    2. Gideon
    3. Samuel
    4. Solomon
  9. Who among the following prophets was there during the anointing of Solomon as a third king of Israel?
    1. Elijah
    2. Nathan
    3. Ahijah
    4. Samuel
  10. "But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come a ruler over Israel..." This prophecy was from which prophet?"
    1. Jeremiah
    2. Hosea
    3. Micah
    4. Isaiah
  11. Jesus was once a refugee in?
    1. Jerusalem
    2. Egypt
    3. Nazareth
    4. Samaria
  12. Who among the following pairs were there during the presentation of Jesus inthe temple?
    1. Simeon and Anna 
    2. Elizabeth and Simeon   
    3. Zachariah and Anna
    4. John and James
  13. What was the MAIN message of Jesus when he taught his disciples the sermon on the mount?
    1. To give them power to preach.
    2. To prepare them for his second coming.
    3. To teach them how to heal the sick.
    4. How to live righteous lives.
  14. What do Christians learn from the encounter between Jesus and the people who brought an adulterous woman?
    1. We should punish the evil doers.
    2. We should not judge others.
    3. We should kill those who commit adultery.
    4. We should forgive others.
  15. "This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased, please listen to him”. These words were said during?
    1. Baptism of Jesus 
    2. The transfiguration
    3. The last supper
    4. The crucifixion
  16. “Then he led them out of the city as far as Bethany, where he raised his hands and blessed them”. Which event is described above?
    1. The day of Pentecost
    2. The resurrection of Jesus
    3. The ascension of Jesus
    4. The arrest of Jesus
  17. The following are the parables of Jesus. Which one shows the need to show concern for others?
    1. The parable of the prodigal son.
    2. The parable of the widow and the judge.
    3. The parable of the good samaritan.
    4. The parable of the mustard seed.
  18. Which one of the following reasons explain why Jesus was rejected in his home town of Nazareth?
    1. He referred to himself as the Messiah
    2. He was a son of Joseph arid Mary.
    3. He referred to people as hypocrites.
    4. To fulfil the prophecy of prophet Isaiah.
  19. Which one of the following New Testament books is a prophetic book?
    1. Revelation
    2. Jude
    3. Acts
    4. Titus
  20. Which one of the following statements is NOT found in the Apostles Creed?
    1. Creator of heaven and earth.
    2. Lead us not into temptations.
    3. He will come to judge the living and the dead.
    4. He descended into hell.
  21. Which one of the following is NOT a way through which life of the unborn is protected in the traditional African society?
    1. Ensuring protection of the expectant mother from danger.
    2. Confining expectant mothers to the houses.
    3. Providing a healthy diet for expectant mothers.
    4. Avoiding overworking the expectant mothers.
  22. The following are reasons why Africans give sacrifices and offerings to God. Which one is NOT?
    1. Its a sign of appreciation for Gods gift of life.
    2. To seek God’s reconciliation and express fellowship with Him.
    3. Incase of any epidemic or when people fall sick.
    4. Inorder for God to provide them with a lot of wealth.
  23. Wedding were ceremonies found in both traditional African society and Christianity. Which one was found in both?
    1. Giving marriage certificates.
    2. Cutting the wedding cake.
    3. Praying for the couple.
    4. Making animal sacrifices.
  24. In traditional African communities what is the MAIN reason why ancestors are highly respected? They
    1. are the founders of a clan.
    2. link the living with God.
    3. lead people to worship.
    4. pray for the living
  25. What is the MAIN reason why children were considered very important in African traditional communities?
    1. They would inherit when the parents die.
    2. They ensured continuity of life.
    3. Inorder to take care of their parentsduring old age.
    4. To make the couple happy.
  26. Which one of the following is the BEST way Christian can spend leisure time?
    1. Reading the Bible
    2. Attending fellowships
    3. Visiting the sick
    4. Cleaning the compound
  27. Amina is your best friend. You have just discovered that she is keeping company of drug addicts. As a Christian how BEST can you help her?
    1. Report her to her parents
    2. Avoid her company
    3. Ask her to give you some money inorder not to report her.
    4. Talk to her about the dangers of drug abuse.
  28. Kamau was sent to the shop by his mother. He discovered that the shopkeeper gave him more money as change. As a Christian what should he do?
    1. Take the money to the children orphanage.
    2. Take the money to the church as an offering.
    3. Take the money back to the shopkeeper.
    4. Buy sweets and biscuits for himself and his friends.
  29. Which one of the following is FALSE about the early missionaries in Kenya? The
    1. mainly came to spread Christianity.
    2. colonised Africans.
    3. introduced formal education.
    4. were sent by the church missionary society.
  30. Who among the following was the first missionary in Kenya?
    1. Dr. Livingstone 
    2. Ludwig Krapf
    3. John Rebmann
    4. Michael Wood

Marking Scheme


  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. D
  5. C
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. A
  10. C
  1. B
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A
  5. C
  6. A
  7. B
  8. D
  9. B
  10. B
  1. C
  2. D
  3. A
  4. D
  5. B
  6. C
  7. C
  8. D
  9. B
  10. A
  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. D
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B
  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B
  6. D
  7. A
  8. A
  9. C
  10. B
  1. D
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. D
  6. A
  7. D
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B



  1. D
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. A
  9. C
  10. D
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. B
  5. D
  6. B
  7. A
  8. C
  9. D
  10. B
  1. C
  2. A
  3. C
  4. B
  5. A
  6. A
  7. B
  8. D
  9. C
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