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English - Class 8 End Term 1 Exam 2021 Set 2

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Read the passage below It contains blank spaces mumhered 1 to 15. For each blank space, choose the BEST alternative from the choices given

People usually feel like taking some time    1     to sit alone and    2     some personal decisions. This requires a quiet place without any noise.    3    the background. Such places     4    have become very      5    due to urbanisation and industrialisation. Even if     6     was to get into a    7     forest, far away from the road, he     8     only succed in keeping off noise from machine-related sources as there are animals and birds which     9    in the forest and communicate to one another by the noises they make. A monkey, for example, will    10   to pass information to other monkeys.    11    at night, complete silence is impossible to achieve as there are some birds, insects     12   wild animals which hunt at night. They make noise to tell the others     13      where they are or where danger they should avoid has been     14   . It is therefore only    15      to achieve some reasonable amount of silence but almost impossible to achieve complete silence.

  1. A away                    B. off                        C. out              D.about
  2. A. take                    B. plan                      C. bring           D. make
  3. A at.                        B. in                          C. by               D. on
  4. A. therefore             B. moreover             C. however     D. consequently
  5. A rare                      B.special                  C. strange       D. clear
  6. A be                        B. one                       C. she   
  7. A green                   B. tall                        C. wide            D. thick
  8. A should                  B would                    C. might           D. could
  9. A move                    B. remain                 C. stay             D. live
  10. A trumpet                B chatter                   C. howl            D.scream
  11. A Even                    B. Now                      C. so               D. Likewise
  12. A of                         B. also                      C. and              D. then
  13. A either                   B both                       C. neither         D.only
  14. A defeated              B detected                C. dejected       D. suspected
  15. A known                  B. easy                      C. believed      D. possible

For questions 16 la 18 cheese the alternativ That means the SAME AS the underlined wory

  1. The hardworking teacher was promoted
    1. Strict
    2. Clever
    3. Industrious
    4. Energetic
  2. You will finally get your destination if the vehicle does not break down.
    1. lastl
    2. immediately
    3. really
    4. actually
  3. You have to be smart in your work to achieve your aim
    1. intelligent
    2. neat
    3. attractive
    4. clean

For each of the questions 19 to 21, choose from the alternative given the statement which when combined with the phrase makes a complete and sensible sentence

  1. Susana will only be treated
    1. because she reaches the hospital on time.
    2. as she reaches the hospital on time.
    3. after she reaches the hospital on time.
    4. if she reaches the hospital on time.
  2. If I had time, I
    1. should visit my grandmother
    2. could visit my grandmother.
    3. would visit my grandmother,
    4. might visit my grandmother.
  3. It was until the rains started
    1. that the farmers started planting their crops.
    2. when the farmers started planting their crops.
    3. as the farmers started planting their crops.
    4. before the farmers started planting their crops.

For questions 22 and 23, choose the BEST arrangement of the given sentences to make sensible paragraphs

  1. Use of written or oral language should be effective
    it is importance to communicate in order to be understood
    The response too will help you know whether you communicated or not
    If the language is too high or too low, you may not achieve your aim
    1. ii, iv. iii, i
    2. ii, i, iv, iii
    3. ii, iii, iv, i
    4. ii, i, iii, iv
  2. However, the water has to be clean to keep you healthy.
    Water is essential for life.
    This could change depending on the type of food eaten and the day's weather
    You need to drink an average of eight glasses of water per day:
    1. iv, i, ii,iii
    2. iv, ii, iii, i
    3. ii, iii, iv. i
    4. ii, iv, iii, i

In questions 24 and 25, choose the correct alternative that means the SAME AS the given sentence.

  1. Hardly had the cock crowed than we woke up.
    1. We woke up when the cock crowed.
    2. The cock crowed and immediately we woke up.
    3. The cock crowed as soon as we woke up
    4. We woke up then the cock crowed.
  2. "What have you been doing since morning?" her mother asked.
    1. Her mother asked if she had been doing anything since morning.
    2. Her mother asked her what she was doing since morning.
    3. Her mother asked her what she had done since morning
    4. Her mother asked her what she had been doing since morning

Read the passage below and then answer questions 26 to 38.

When Tolo arrived back, he was not in a talking mood. He looked tired, worn out, hungry and moody. His clothes too, looked torn, dirty and it was obvious wherever he had been to was hell on carth. It took a few days then he gathered courage to take a few trusted friends who remained glued next to him, especially in the evenings.

Tolo was at home and like other hunters, he decided to go and inspect his traps. The first two had caught nothing and so he proceeded to the third one which was located near the riverbank. It was a forested area and thus, having a panga in the hand was essential.

He was lucky! A deer had been trapped and it looked either dead or dying from a distance. llowever, when he moved closer, he realized its eyes were wide open although it made no attempt to Ilee. lle knew it was just waiting to be carried away but how wrong it was! The poor creature had been struggling for hours and hours and upon realizing it couldn't flee itself, decided to save the little energy left for any opportunity of escape ifit ever came. So when Tolo cut off the rope it had entangled itself in. the deer made a leap into the air and its first landing was four metres away
Tolo was shocked and surprised but he picked his panga and went after the creature. Due to his speed and undergrowth, he lost it. Knowing that it couldn't cross he adjacent river that fast, he decided to keep going after it; sooner or later, he would get it.

It was not long when he reached it but what he saw almost made him faint. The deer was in the claws of a ferocious-looking leopard, with teeth dripping fresh blood, glared and glowled at him, he found himself climbing the closest tree. It was the safest thing he could do but it was the gravest mistake that landed him in trouble.

The went up the tree with the heart beating fast but hopeful to get the safety he was very much wanted. For some time, it remained so but at around eight o oclock, he heard some noise and looked down. Tulis utter surprise, the Icopard, with the deer's neck in the jaws, was struggling up the tree! This shocked him and made him climb to even higher branches. It was then that he realized that he was 100, was trapped! The leopard settled on a thick branch, just below him and started eating its meal probably aware of his presence.

It's this meal that lasted a whole two days and within those two days. lolo learnt that one can actually stay for two days and nights without food, drink and very little sleep lle vowed to abandon trapping animals and ventured into crop cultivation.

  1. Tolo was not in a talking mood because
    1. he had just arrived back
    2. many people had talked ill about him.
    3. what he had undergone was still tormenting him.
    4. he did not find the right people to address
  2. From the way Tolo looked, it is possible to suggest that he
    1. knew little about good grooming,
    2. decided to change his appearance completely
    3. he intended to attract the villages attention.
    4. he had not had time for good grooming.
  3. What does the writer mean by describing where Tolo had been as hell on earth?
    1. The conditions there were undesirable.
    2. No one else had been there
    3. He had been to hell and saw for himself
    4. lt took him a long time to return.
  4. When Tolo left home that evening.
    1. he was accompanied by other hunters.
    2. it was a routine he always did.
    3. he expected to catch a trapped animal
    4. he was in too much of a hurry
  5. The item Tolo carried as he inspected his traps can BEST be described as
    1. Weapon
    2. equipment
    3. instrument
    4. tool
  6. As soon as Tolo saw the trapped deer, he
    1. became curious to acertain its state.
    2. wondered how to carry it away.
    3. suspected it would cause trouble
    4. doubted if he was truly lucky
  7. The MAIN reason why the deer leap into the air is
    1. it was alarmed by Tolo's arrival.
    2. it had been resting all along
    3. its life depended on it. 
    4. it had just opened its eyes.
  8. Which of the four words below describe what made Tolo to follow the fleeing deer?
    1. concentration
    2. determination
    3. curiosity
    4. anxiety
  9. What made Tolo realise that the deer wouldn't go far?
    1. Knowledge of how deer behave.
    2. The speed at which it had left.
    3. This experience as a hunter 
    4. The time the deur had taken in the trap
  10. By climbing the nearest tree, Tolo wanted to
    1. frighten the leopard off its prey.
    2. see if the antelope was actually dead.
    3. hide from the leopard then take the antelope
    4. save himself from danger.
  11. Why does the writer describe climbing the true the gravest mistake?
    1. it almost made him lose his life.
    2. the tree was not strong enough for him and the leopard.
    3. leopards normally hunt their prey up the tree
    4. he should have climbed a different tree
  12. The leopard settled only two branches away from Tolo because
    1. it had no business following Tolo.
    2. it felt comfortable there.
    3. the upper branches were weak
    4. it was tired because of the load it had.
  13. The BEST summary for this passage would
    1. it's unwise to venture out alone.
    2. We have to be selective on where to go.
    3. you can lead yourself into serious trouble
    4. your company can discourage you from talking.

Read the passage below and then answer questions 39 to 50

Speaking up is important, especially when addressing people who are senior to you. It is the best ever thing to do as it leaves no doubt to your listener that you know what you are saying and are confident. Mental toughness sometimes requires you to say 'No' even when given a command. In the Special Forces, it is called 'Chinese Parliament'. This is where all of us are able to talk very leely with one another, with complete disregard to positions others hold. It's common to hear one say, 'I'm going to be part of the mission and I'm not going to lose my life' If such a person thinks it is dangerous, it's wise for him to say so at once without mincing his words.

In the forces, it's difficult to go direct to the commander and tell him that the plan can't work and it's loaded with big risks. This, however, should be acceptable especially when one has read intelligence reports on the possible danger. It could make the commander think of a different way, of attacking the enemy. Options are usually many, not one. This only happens when you don't have mental toughness to question things or give suggestions.

If you fail to talk to your seniors and instead have the Big Boss mentality, with an assumption that the commander knows it all, you may die alongside the same commander or he might live after you're gone. This only happens when you don't have mental toughness to question things or give suggestions

In the army, however much you have trained and have expertise in a certain area, it is necessary to be flexible. This means that although rules are laid down to be followed, at times, they could be bent". It doesn't make sense to stick to laid down procedures when it looks obvious that it's leading you into a disaster. Sadly, at times, such actions end up affecting a specific individual who then is blamed for it.

If you are not flexible, you could end up gencrating lower results. This is because it kills creativity and innovation. Conditions and situations keep changing and this should make every single and individual by shifting the mindset. Creativity is vital for the growth and development because things, people, time and circumstances change.

  1. What does the writer mean by saying speaking up is importance? 
    1. It shows the speaker a lot of respect
    2. Speaking up makes it easy to identify seniors from juniors. 
    3. It makes one develop confidence when talking.
    4. It ensures the communication is effective.
  2. By saying 'No' When given a command, it shows that
    1. your state of mind is acceptable.
    2. you don't easily take in instructions.
    3. you think faster than others. 
    4. no one is clever as you are.
  3. For your listeners to confirm that he had been paying attention,
    1. only your seniors should get you
    2. statements said should be repeated.
    3. you should be loud enough.
    4. there must be many questions asked.
  4. In a Chinese parliament, one is expected to
    1. pay attention when being spoken to
    2. speaking loudly and clearly
    3. remember the positions people hold.
    4. express himself freely to all others.
  5. How do people in the forces pass information to their seniors?
    1. After getting intelligence reports,
    2. By talking politely to their commanders.
    3. If everybody is aware of the danger.
    4. By asking their seniors for solution problems
  6. The MAIN use of the intelligence is that
    1. his commander uses it to win the war
    2. it could safeguard the soldiers
    3. No soldier can go to fight without it
    4. Identifying the soldier to be promoted becomes easy.
  7. The Big Boss mentality is discouraged because
    1. both soldiers and the commander are at risk
    2. the commanders do not like it.
    3. only the commaders give orders to soldiers.
    4. it relies on a lot of assumption
  8. What is the opposite of the word flexible as used in the fourth paragraph?
    1. Tough
    2. Rigid
    3. Brave
    4. Strong
  9. By bending rules, the writer means that
    1. doing the opposite of what the rule says.
    2. there are rules to be followed.
    3. not following the rules exactly as expected
    4. the decision to follow the rules or not to is optional
  10. Some people are blamed for causing disasters
    1. as they obviously caused them.
    2. since they have got injured in the accidents
    3. as someone has to take the blame anyway. 
    4. they had the capacity to avert it.
  11. Why would people be flexible in decision making?
    1. Many decisions are eratic.
    2. Situations are not stati
    3. No one knows everything
    4. Many decisions are not popular
  12. The BEST title for this passage would be
    1. Communication within the armed forces
    2. How commanders intimidate their juniors
    3. The operation of the Chinese Parliament
    4. The blame game within the armed forces


Below is the beginning of a story. Complete it in your own words, making it as interesting as you can

We were at the parade in the morning when we saw two cars driving into the schol compound. They were parked near the head teacher's office and immediately we dispersed.....


  1. B
  2. D
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. B
  7. D
  8. C
  9. D
  10. B
  11. A
  12. C
  13. A
  14. B
  15. D
  16. C
  17. B
  18. A
  19. D
  20. C
  21. A
  22. B
  23. D
  24. B
  25. D
  26. C
  27. D
  28. A
  29. B
  30. D
  31. A
  32. C
  33. B
  34. C
  35. D
  36. A
  37. B
  38. A
  39. D
  40. A
  41. C
  42. D
  43. A
  44. B
  45. A
  46. B
  47. C
  48. D
  49. B
  50. A


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