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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 Mid Term Exams Term 1 2023 Set 5

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  1. The chart shows classification of plants;
    1 dada
    Which plants are correctly matched by letters labelled M, N and Q respectively?
    1. Sugarcane, tomato, pawpaw
    2. Potato, fern, puffball
    3. Orange, mushroom, pine
    4. Maize, millet, sorghum
  2. The following are symptoms observed on an individual who was infected with HIV infection;
    1. Loss of body weight
    2. Persistent cough
    3. Skin rashes
      The person was likely in which stage of HIV infection?
      1. Full blown stage
      2. Asymptomatic stage
      3. Symptomatic stage
      4. Window stage
  3. The medicine that remains after completing a dose should be
    1. thrown in a pit latrines
    2. shared with other family members
    3. kept in locked cupboard for future use
    4. returned to hospital
  4. Which one of the following is a pair of communicable diseases only?
    1. HIV and AIDS and kwashiorkor
    2. Tetanus and anaemia
    3. Malaria and tuberculosis
    4. Tuberculosis and kwashiorkor
  5. The diagram below shows a root of plant;
    5 dada
    Which plant does not have the root drawn above?
    1. Millet
    2. Rice
    3. Wheat
    4. Spinach
  6. The diagram below shows an improvised weather instrument;
    6 Ssdsfs
    The weather instrument was found to give wrong readings. Which mistake was like to have been done when constructing?
    1. Using a measuring cylinder that was calibrate
    2. Rising the raingauge 15cm above the ground
    3. Keeping the raingauge in an open ground
    4. Using a wide funnel to collect it rain water
  7. Which planets given consist of 2nd, 5th and 7th planets in the solar system respectively?
    1. Venus, Mars, Neptune
    2. Venus, Earth, Saturn
    3. Venus, Jupiter, Uranus
    4. Venus, Mars, Uranus
  8. In which parts of the body does the absorption of water and mineral salts take place?
    1. Mouth
    2. Small intestine
    3. Large intestine
    4. Stomach
  9. The diagram drawn below shows an experiment set up to investigate a certain component of soil;
    9 adada
    Which component of soil was being investigated?
    1. Living organisms in soil
    2. Air in the soil
    3. Humus in the soil
    4. Water in the soil
  10. The following are characteristics of a certain weed;
    1. Short and thick stem
    2. Has swollen roots
    3. Pink flowers
      The weed described likely to be
      1. wandering jews
      2. pig weed
      3. mexican marigold
      4. oxalis
  11. The following are signs and symptoms of a certain waterborne diseases;
    1. Skin rashes
    2. Itching of the bowls
    3. Blood in the urine and faeces
      The disease described above can be prevented through three of the following way except one. Which one is it?
      1. Proper sanitation
      2. Draining stagnant water
      3. Wearing gumboots
      4. Vaccination
  12. Transfer of heat from a jiko in room to the far end of the room takes place through
    1. conduction and radiation
    2. radiation only
    3. conduction only
    4. convection radiation
  13.  Which material given are correctly grouped?
      Opaque  Transparent  Translucent 
    clear glass shoes air
    dirty water clear glass skylight
    C mirror clear water frosted glass
    D oiled paper air oiled paper
  14. The following are materials collected to investigate a certain aspect of light;
    1. Source of light
    2. Water in a basin
    3. Ruler
      Which aspect was being investigate?
      1. Reflection of light
      2. Making a rainbow
      3. Dispersion of light
      4. Refraction of light
  15. The following are characteristics of matter
    1. Expand when heated and contract when cooled
    2. Occupy space
    3. No definite shape
    4. Definite volume
      The types of matter described above are most likely to be
      1. sugar and salt
      2. water vapour and flour
      3. porridge and paraffin
      4. sand and water
  16. The pie chart shown below shows composition of air;
    16 adada
    Which component of air labelled is used during combustion?
    1. J
    2. i
    3. h
    4. G
  17. In which part of the human reproductive system does fertilization take place?
    1. Birth canal
    2. Ovary
    3. Uterus
    4. Fallopian tube
  18. The soil that has best water holding capacity has three of the following characteristics except;
    1. highest capillarity
    2. fine texture
    3. small particles
    4. large air space
  19. Which animal is correctly matched with its products?
    1. Poultry - Eggs and wool
    2. Cattle - Mutton and milk
    3. Sheep - Beef and milk
    4. Goat - Milk and mutton
  20.  The flow chart shows a certain group of plants. Which one are wrongly classified?
    20 sfsfs
    1. Acacia, cypress, mould
    2. Mould, cypress, beans
    3. Fern, sisal, pine 
    4. Acacia, sisal, fern
  21. Which one of the following animals is not correctly matched with its way of protecting itself from enemies?
    1. Snail - Hiding in shells
    2. Millipede - Coiling
    3. Wasp - Gliding
    4. Scorpion - Stinging
  22. Which of the following characteristics does not help desert plants to reduce amount of water loss?
    1. Stomata closure.
    2. Losing leaves
    3. Thick waxy cuticle
    4. Deep roots
  23. Class four pupils classified farm animals according to their product as shown below;
    23 adada
    Which products were wrongly classified?
    1. A,B,C
    2. B, G, C
    3. B, F, H
    4. E, A,H
  24. Which of the following statements is true?
    1. Tools should be cleaned after use 
    2. A stainless knife can easily rust
    3. Oiling prevent tools from drying
    4. Tools should be properly cleaned before use
  25. Pupils observed the following characteristics of clouds in the sky;-
    1. Covered the whole sky 
    2. Thick and feathery
    3. Mountainous in shape 
    4. Had flat base
    5. Dark grey in colour
      Which characteristics describe nimbus clouds?
      1. ii, v, i
      2. iv, i, iii
      3. iii, i, v
      4. i, iv, ii
  26. The following are methods of using energy sparingly except;
    1. using traditional jiko
    2. using vehicle with low fuel consumption 
    3. switch off lights when not in use
    4. walking when travelling short distance
  27.  The following are signs of ill health in animals except;
    1. low income
    2. rough coat
    3. reduced yield
    4. blood in the stool
  28. The following describes fertilization in plants but not in the correct order. Choose the correct order,
    1. Pollen tube forms
    2. Pollen tube breaks
    3. Pollen grain land on stigma
    4. Ovule develops into seeds
    5. Pollen grain fuses with ovule
      1. iii, i, ii, v, iv
      2. iii, v, iv, ii, i
      3. iii, i, v, iv, ii
      4. iii, i, v, ii, iv
  29. Which of the following is an effect of air pollution on non living thing?
    1. Acid rain kill soil micro organisms and other animals that live in soil after dissolving
    2. Industrial gases dissolves in rain water and causes harm to corrugated iron sheets
    3. Industrial gases causes respiratory diseases to humans
    4. Acid rain destroyed plant leaves
  30. A standard six pupil used a bucket to pour water at different points on a stanting soil surface. Which of these soil erosion methods were they demonstrating?
    1. Wind erosion
    2. Sheet erosion
    3. Gulley erosion
    4. Rill erosion
  31. Study the diagram below and use it to answer question 31.
    31 adada
    The parts marked BCD respectively are
    1. ureter, urethra, urinary bladder
    2. ureter, gall bladder, urethra
    3. urethra, urinary bladder
    4. ureter, urinary bladder, urethra
  32. An illness of the stomach brought about by cating food that contains harmful substance is called
    1. food contamination 
    2. food poisoning
    3. food spoilage
    4. food illness
  33. The reason why a breast feeding mother requires sufficient iron in the diet is to
    1. help in digestion and protect the baby against diseases
    2. replace blood lost during birth
    3. help in formation of strong bones in the baby
    4. increase milk production
  34. Which one of the following components of air is correctly matched to its percentage?
         Nitrogen          Carbondioxide
    1. 0.97                     78
    2. 21                      0.03
    3. 78                      0.03
    4. 78                      0.97
  35.  The experiment below shows that
    35 sfsfsf
    1. air has mass
    2. air occupies space
    3. matter contracts on cooling
    4. air expands when heated
  36. Below is an experiment conducted by class eight pupils;
    36 adada
    Pupils used the experiment to conclude that 
    1. the viewer can see through both pipes
    2. light travels in all direction
    3. light passes in a bent pipe
    4. light travels in a straight line
  37. The following are steps followed when constructing a beam balance but not in the correct order;
    1. Find the balancing points of the arm
    2. Fix the arm on the stand
    3. Suspend the tins onto the stand
    4. Make a hole on the arm
      Which is the third step?
      1. Suspend the tins onto the stand
      2. Find the balancing points of the arm
      3. Fix the arm on the stand
      4. Make a hole on the arm
  38. Class 4 pupils were spreading soil on a flat surfaces and observing. What were they trying to investigate?
    1. Air in soil
    2. Mineral particles
    3. Water in soil
    4. Living organism in soil
  39. Which of the following consists of materials which have a definite shape only?
    1. Sawdust, chalkdust, soil
    2. Soil, glue, ink
    3. Toothpaste, soda, glue
    4. Stones, water, nitrogen
  40. Which one of the following cannot help in maintaining dental hygiene?
    1. Using a toothpick
    2. Eating carrots and sugarcane regularly
    3. Brushing the teeth regularly
    4. Avoiding eating sugary foods
  41. Which of the following statement is correct about parts of human breathing system?
    1. Trachea warm the air
    2. Lungs allows exchange of gases
    3. Diaphragm increase in size during breathing in
    4. Bronchus has mucus and hair that cleat the air
  42. The diagram below shows part of a mammalian heart;
    42 adada
    The blood vessels V, K, Q and H respectively are
    1. venacava, pulmonary vein, pulmonary artery, aorta
    2. Pulmonary, vein, pulmonary artery, venacava, aorta
    3. venacava, pulmonary artery, aorta, pulmonary vein:
    4. Pulmonary artery, venacava, aorta, pulmonary vein
  43. Which one of the following groups of animals consists of reptiles only?
    1. Salamander, frog, toad, newt
    2. Crocodile, lizard, newt, turtle
    3. Platypus, snake, turtle, bat
    4. Tortoise, crocodile, snake, lizard
  44. The following materials are needed to make a certain weather instrument;
    1. Rubber band
    2. Glass bottle
    3. Manilla paper
    4. A beaker
    5. A wooden stand
    6. A biro pen tube 
    7. Coloured water
      Which one of the following weather instrument can be made using the above materials?
      1. Windsock
      2. Raingauge
      3. Liquid thermometer
      4. Air thermometer
  45. Which of the following diseases is correctly matched to its cause?
    1. Rickets - Lacks of vitamin C in the diet
    2. Marasmus-Lack of enough balanced diet 
    3. Kwashiorkor-Lack of calcium in the diet
    4. Anaemia-Lack of fibre and minerals salts in the diet
  46. Which one of the following is not a method of maintaining tools?
    1. Sharpening cutting edges
    2. Planting them regularly
    3. Cleaning them after use
    4. Greasing and oiling metallic parts
  47. When a metal spoon is fitted with a plastic handle the plastic
    1. makes the spoon look smart.
    2. makes the spoon a better conductor
    3. makes the spoon longer
    4. serves as an insulator
  48. Class four pupils wanted to investigate a property of soil using the following material;"
    1. Dry soil
    2. Candle
    3. Container
    4. Lid
      The property of soil being investigate was that soil has
      1. living organism
      2. air
      3. organic matter
      4. water
  49. Which one of the following parts of material is suitable for making wheels?
    1. Bottle top, maize cob
    2. Marble, boxes
    3. Block of wood, round stick
    4. Block of wood, bottle top
  50. Which one of the following happens when light rays pass from one medium to another?
    1. Diffraction
    2. Refraction
    3. Dispersion
    4. Reflection


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