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Social Studies & Religious Education Questions and Answers - Class 8 Mid Term Exams Term 1 2023 Set 7

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doha area

Study the map of Doha area and use it to answer questions 1-7.

  1. The land in Doha area slopes from:- 
    1. North east to south west
    2. North west to south east
    3. South east to north east
    4. South west to north east
  2. Which combination of cash crops is likely to do weil around south west of Doha area?
    1. Pyrethrum and tea
    2. Tea and cocoa
    3. Sisal and cotton
    4. Cloves and pyrethrum
  3. Which one of the following economic activities is not practised in the area?
    1. Farming
    2. Mining
    3. Tourism
    4. Lumbering
  4. The people living in Doha area are likely to be the:-
    1. christians
    2. muslims
    3. hindus.
    4. pagans
  5. The type of settlement in Doha area is:-
    1. lincar
    2. dense
    3. dispresed
    4. nucleated
  6. The seniormost head of Doha area is:-
    1. the governor
    2. the Mp
    3. the Senator
    4. the Speaker
  7. The climatic condition around South West is likely to be:-
    1. hot and dry
    2. cool and dry 
    3. cool and wet
    4. hot and wet
  8. The National celebration that marks or that enriches our cultural is celebrated on:-
    1. 1st June yearly
    2. 10th October yearly
    3. 1st May yearly
    4. 12th December yearly
  9. Who among the following is elected to represent a county in the National Assembly?
    1. Women representative
    2. Mp
    3. MCA
    4. Senator
  10. The chief govemment legal advisor and head of constitution is:-
    1. chief justice
    2. National speaker
    3. Deputy president
    4. Attorney general

Use the map of Africa below to answer questions 11 to 13.

11 adadad

  1. The country marked x is a former colony of:-
    1. Portugal
    2. Germany
    3. France
    4. Britian
  2. The sun is overhead on the line marked 23 'S in the month of:-
    1. December
    2. March
    3. June
    4. September
  3. The water body bordering Africa continent around the area marked z is:-
    1. Red sea
    2. Mediterranean sea
    3. Indian ocean
    4. Atlantic Ocean
  4. Which one of the following colours represent hills and mountains in a map?
    1. Blue
    2. White
    3. Green
    4. Black
  5. Three of the following are factors influencing climate change. Which one is not?
    1. Afforestation
    2. Use of petroleum products
    3. Reafforestation
    4. Growing rice under irrigation.
  6. The Greenwich or prime meridian passes through the following African countries. Which one is not?
    1. Niger
    2. Algeria
    3. Mali
    4. Ghana
  7. Which one of the following communities is believed to have originated from horn of Africa?
    1. Samburu
    2. Rendile
    3. Maasai
    4. Luhya
  8. Which one of the following types of marriage allows a man to marry up to four wives?
    1. Customary marriage
    2. Christian marriage
    3. Islamic marriage
    4. Civil marriage
  9. The main purpose of rearing horses among the Fulani pastoral community is:-
    1. means of transport
    2. payment of dowry
    3. Source of employment
    4. search for water and pasture
  10. Which one of the following is a least factor that has influenced industrial development in Kenya?
    1. Presence of many foreigners.
    2. Presence of raw materials.
    3. Availability of power.
    4. Availability of capital.
  11. Which one of the following international roads runs from Mombasa in Kenya to Lagos in Nigeria?
    1. Great North road
    2. Trans-African Highway
    3. Cotonou-Gao-Oudja Highway
    4. Trans-Saharan Highway
  12. . The capital city of South Africa is:-
    1. Cape Town
    2. Johannesburg
    3. Pretoria
    4. Durban
  13. The main reason for the scramble and partition of Africa was to:-
    1. settle surplus population
    2. show pride and power
    3. stop slave trade
    4. search for raw materials
  14. The title given to the King of Swaziland is:
    1. Ngwenyama
    2. Tinkhundla
    3. Kabaka
    4. Liqoqo
  15. Which one of the following occurs when human rights are respected?
    1. Political instabilities
    2. Peace and harmony
    3. Demonstrations and violence
    4. Cattle rustling
  16. Which one of the following methods of solving conflicts involves use of legal system?
    1. Dialogue
    2. Mediation
    3. Litigation
    4. Negotiation

Use the diagram below to answer question 27.

27 adada

  1. The weather instrument is used to measure:-
    1. wind strength
    2. amount of rainfall
    3. air pressure
    4. speed of winds
  2. Which one of the following forms of transport is used to carry heavy goods on land to far distances?
    1. Road
    2. Water
    3. Air
    4. Railway
  3. Which one of the following combination of physical features forms drainage pattern?
    1. Lakes and valleys
    2. Ranges and oceans
    3. Swamps and rivers
    4. Plains and sea
  4. Which one of the following items is not likely to be used to measure distance along curved lines?
    1. Straight-edged papers.
    2. Pair of dividers.
    3. Use of a thread.
    4. Use of a ruler.
  5. Which one of the following is not an effect of revolution of the earth?
    1. It causes day and night.
    2. It causes different sesons.
    3. It causes differences in length of day and night.
    4. It influences the position of the midday sun.
  6. Shona and Ndebele are Bantu mainly living in:-
    1. Rwanda
    2. Zimbabwe
    3. South Africa
    4. Democratic Republic of Congo
  7. Which one of the following is a function of the deputy headteacher?
    1. Admiting new pupils.
    2. Allocating duties to teachers.
    3. Incharge of discipline.
    4. Chairs the staff meeting.
  8. The main reason for construction of Seven Folks in Kenya was:-
    1. to provides energy for industries
    2. source of tourist attraction
    3. to provide water for irrigation
    4. to control floods
  9. Which one of the following methods of mining is correctly matched with its mineral?
    1. Open cast - Soda ash
    2. Drilling - Copper
    3. Dredging - Oi!
    4. Shaft - Gold
  10. The headquarters of Common Market For Eastern and Southern Africa is based in- 
    1. Gabrone Botswana
    2. Lusaka Zambia
    3. Lagos - Nigeria
    4. Addis Ababa - Ethiopia
  11. The pyramids at Giza and valley of Kings are major tourist attractions in:-
    1. South Africa
    2. Tanzania
    3. Egypt
    4. Kenya
  12. Three of the following are factors that contributed to the rise of Old Ghana. Which one was not?
    1. Large royal families.
    2. Powerful and respected rulers.
    3. Favourable climate.
    4. Strong and disciplined army.
  13. Which one of the following methods of colonial administration was used to rule DR. Congo?
    1. Indirect rule
    2. Association
    3. Assimilation
    4. Direct rule
  14. Three of the following are effects of drugs and subsistence. Which one is not? They:-
    1. cause psychological instabilities.
    2. promote good working relationship.
    3. increase chances of diseases infection.
    4. cause poor health.
  15. Which one of the following promotes peace in the society?
    1. Nepotism
    2. Racism
    3. Patriotism
    4. Tribalism

Use the physical feature below to answer questions 42 to 44.

42 adada

  1. The area marked x receives little rainfall mainly because:-
    1. it is within the windward side
    2. it experiences wet winds
    3. it receives cold and dry winds
    4. it is found in a dry area
  2. Which type of rain is formed as a result of the above process?
    1. Orographic rainfall
    2. Heavy rainfall
    3. Cyclonic rainfall
    4. Convectional rainfall
  3. Which one of the following crops is not likely to do well on area marked z?
    1. Coffee
    2. Pyrethrum
    3. Tea
    4. Cotton
  4. Which one of the following traditional weather observation techniques was used to signify drought?
    1. Trail of ants
    2. Shedding of leaves
    3. Croaking of frogs
    4. Heavy thick clouds in the sky
  5. Africa continent lies between latitudes ................................and.................................
    1. 52°W and 18°E
    2. 18°W and 52°E
    3. 37°N and 35
    4. 35°N and 37'S
  6. Which one of the following types of vegetation is characterised by aromatic shrubs and conical trees?
    1. Mediterranean forest
    2. Savannah woodland
    3. Tropical rainforest
    4. Mountain vegetation.
  7. The African communities interacted in the past mainly through:-
    1. regional organizations
    2. games and sports
    3. cultural exchange
    4. intermarriages
  8. Which one of the following areas in Ghana is cocoa mainly grown?
    1. Cocoa triangle
    2. Accra region
    3. Kumasi
    4. Takoradi
  9. The main benefit of forests to the economy of Democratic Republic of Congo is:-
    1. source of employment
    2. provides medical herb
    3. earning foreign exchange
    4. provides building timber
  10. Which one of the following methods of fishing is not a traditional one? Use of:-
    1. herbs.
    2. gillnets
    3. traps
    4. basket
  11. Three of the following forms of communication are known as mass media. Which one is not? 
    1. Radio
    2. Newspaper
    3. Television
    4. Cellphone
  12. The political organisation among the Sans was based on:-
    1. consensus
    2. chiefdoms
    3. kingdoms
    4. council of elders
  13. Three of the following African leaders resisted colonialists. Who among them did not?
    1. Samori Toure
    2. Koitalel Arap Samoei
    3. Lewanika of Lozi
    4. Mekatilili wa Menza
  14. Which one of the following forms of citizenship allows one to be a member of two countries? 
    1. By registration
    2. By dual
    3. By naturalisation
    4. By birth
  15. Which one of the following arms of the government makes laws?
    1. Cabinet
    2. Executive
    3. Judiciary
    4. Legislature
  16. . General election is held in Kenya to elect the following leaders. Who among them is not elected?
    1. Deputy president
    2. Women representative
    3. Member of parliament
    4. Senator
  17. Which one of the following may not cause a parliamentary by election?
    1. If a member is elected the speaker of the National Assembly.
    2. If a member is found to be of unsound mind.
    3. If a member becomes a dual citizen
    4. If a member is declared bankrupt by a court of law.
  18. Who among the following in Kenya was the first prime minister?
    1. Oginga Odinga
    2. Jomo Kenyatta
    3. Daniel Moi
    4. Raila Odinga
  19. The ex-officio member of parliament in Kenya is:-
    1. the National Assembly Speaker
    2. the Attorney General
    3. the president
    4. the chief Justices


  1. Which of the following is a reason God created Eve?
    1. To work for the man.
    2. To provide companionship.
    3. To bear children for Adam to the man.
    4. To till the land.
  2. God tested Abraham's faith when he asked him to:-
    1. marry Hagar
    2. take Lot with him to Caanan
    3. make an alter at Bethel
    4. give his son as a sacrifice
  3. In which of the following places did Jacob see a vision of Angels going up and down a ladder?
    1. Bethel
    2. Peniel
    3. Hebron
    4. Shechem.
  4. The bitter herbs eaten by the Israelites on the night of Passover represented:-
    1. suffering in Egypt
    2. their loyalty to God
    3. readiness to leave Egypt
    4. their obedience to God
  5. Which of the following commandments given to Moses on Mt. Sinai teaches Christians to respect their partners?
    1. Do not commit adultery.
    2. Do not kill.
    3. Do not desire another man's property.
    4. Honour your father and mother.
  6. The main duty of judges in Israel was to:-
    1. lead people in worship
    2. divide land
    3. lead people to war
    4. foretell the future
  7. God rejected King Saul as the first King of Israel because he:-
    1. ate sacrificial meat
    2. refused to kill the fat animals
    3. performed priestly duties
    4. visited a medium at Endor
  8. The following are achievements of King David except:-
    1. capturing Jerusalem from the Jebusites
    2. bringing the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem
    3. killing Goliath the Philistine giants
    4. building a temple for God
  9. Prophet Micah prophesied that Jesus would:-
    1. set captives free
    2. be born in Bethlehem
    3. be called the prince of peace
    4. be a refugee in Egypt
  10. The main reason John the baptised baptized Jesus was to:-
    1. prepare the way for him
    2. show he was sent by God.
    3. obey God's will
    4. proof he had power to forgive
  11. The main lesson Christians learn from the story of King Herod wanting to kill baby Jesus is that:-
    1. God protects the innocent
    2. we should be kind to one another
    3. we should respect those in authority
    4. we should be envious
  12. . Which of the following events took place in the town of Jerusalem?
    1. Jesus was rejected.
    2. Jesus healed Simon Peter's mother-in-law. 
    3. Jesus was anointed.
    4. Jesus sent away money changers from the temple.
  13. According to Jesus teaching on Mark 6:, his brothers are those who:-
    1. sacrifice their time for God's service
    2. obey Jesus teaching
    3. know all God's commandments
    4. do his father's will
  14. Complete the Beatitude. Happy are the spiritually poor for they shall:- 
    1. see God
    2. be called God's children 
    3. see the kingdom of heaven.
    4. be comforted.
  15. Which of the following parables of Jesus teachers christians to pray without giving up? 
    1. Pharisee and the tax collector.
    2. Friend at midnight.
    3. Rich man and Lazarus.
    4. Ten virgins.
  16. Which of the following accusations was brought against Jesus before Caiphas and high priest? 
    1. Claiming to tear down the temple.
    2. Calling himself the King of the Jews.
    3. Healing people on a sabbath.
    4. Telling people not to pay taxes.
  17. Which of the following events took place on the day Jesus died?
    1. A voice was heard from heaven.
    2. His face shone like the sun.
    3. The curtain in the temple was torn.
    4. Peter denied him.
  18. Who among the following was the first witness to the resurrection of Jesus?
    1. Simon Peter
    2. Martha
    3. Cleophas
    4. Mary Magdalene
  19. A lesson christian learn from the story of Ananias and Saphira is to:-
    1. help the needy
    2. respect their leaders
    3. attend worship services
    4. be honest
  20. Which of the following activities by the apostles in the early church is a fruit of the Holy Spirit?
    1. Preaching the gospel.
    2. Healing the sick.
    3. Helping the sick.
    4. Reading the Bible.
  21. Which of the following is not a rite of passage in traditional African community?
    1. Baptism
    2. Initiation
    3. Marriage
    4. Death
  22. Who among the following specialists in traditional African society was believed to cause harm?
    1. Diviner
    2. Herbalist
    3. Seer
    4. Sorcerer
  23. Both people in traditional African religion and Christianity believe that God:-
    1. is supreme
    2. lives in caves
    3. is three in one
    4. has a son
  24. Which of the following is a pleasure activity in traditional African society?
    1. Going for picknicks.
    2. Attending seminars.
    3. Wrestling
    4. Mountain climbing
  25. Which of the following is a consequence of misuse of sex among the youth?
    1. Passing exams.
    2. Success in life.
    3. Getting good jobs.
    4. Transmission of STI's
  26. Peter a std 8 boy does not like helping in the farm because he gets tired easily. Which advice does he need?
    1. Ask the parents to employ workers.
    2. Work and get some rest later.
    3. Hide in the bush to avoid working.
    4. Go and visit his grandmother.
  27. Caroline's parents help orphans and the less fortunate in their village. Which of the following christian values do they have?
    1. Honesty 
    2. Humility
    3. Kindness
    4. Gentleness
  28. The church can best help people living with HIV/AIDS by:-
    1. organising for routine testing 
    2. praying for them
    3. giving them food
    4. starting support group and income generation projects for them
  29. In some traditional African Communities initiates lived in seclusion in order to be:- 
    1. married
    2. punished
    3. taught their duties and responsibilities 
    4. made better than others
  30. Which of the following was not a result of the coming of missionaries to Kenya?
    1. Spread of christianity.
    2. Formal education was introduced.
    3. Promotion of slave trade.
    4. Introduction of modern medicine to treat discases.


  1. The Surah whose earliest verses were the beginning of Wahyi was:-
    1. Fatiha
    2. Qadr
    3. Tiyn
    4. Alaq
  2. Halimah has a habit of talking ill of her friends. Which surah can best admonish her against this behaviour?
    1. Falaq
    2. Nasr
    3. Humazah
    4. Maun
  3. Which surah of holy Qur'an teaches muslims to offer sacrifice?
    1. Kauthar
    2. Ikhlas
    3. Fatiha
    4. Quraish
  4. The episode of Abraha - AL-Ashram is discusse in Surah:-
    1. Fiyl 
    2. Masad
    3. Kafirun
    4. Takathaur
  5. Hard times and moments of happiness are not permanent in life. This is a true teaching of surah:-
    1. Humazah
    2. Maun
    3. Inshirah
    4. Tiyn
  6. Complete the hadith of the prophet S.A. W with the most correct words. "The generous man is near paradise, near men and far from....
    1. women
    2. evil
    3. neighbours
    4. hell
  7. Which one of the following is not a rite of Umrah?
    1. Ihraam
    2. Arafah
    3. Tawaf
    4. Sa'ay
  8. The holy book that was revealed to Nabii Daud A.S was:-
    1. Zabur
    2. Injil
    3. Furqan
    4. Taurat
  9. The following are faradh parts of udhu except:-
    1. legs
    2. arms
    3. cars
    4. head
  10. The main activity that should be performed by muslims during Iddul-Adh-ha celebrations is:-
    1. distributing foodstuffs
    2. reciting takbirah
    3. slaughtering animals
    4. performing Idd prayers
  11. The prophet who took out a camel from a rock was:-
    1. Hud 
    2. Swaleh
    3. Issa
    4. Musa
  12. The faradh prayer that has no sunnah baadiyah is:-
    1. Dhuhur
    2. Ishai
    3. Maghrib
    4. Fajr
  13. Which one of the following najasat require washing seven times?
    1. Urine of a baby boy who takes breastmilk only.
    2. Vomit from a person who has taken alcohol.
    3. A container in which a rat died.
    4. Utensils that were licked by a dog.
  14. Who among the following is not a legal recipien of Zakat?
    1. Needy
    2. Debtor
    3. Traveller
    4. Orphan
  15. The immediate guardian of the prophet S.A.W after death of Amina was:-
    1. Abu-Twalib
    2. Abdul-Uzzah
    3. Halimah- Saayidiyah
    4. Abdul Mutwalib
  16. Which one of the following is among the Ash- hurul-hurum?
    1. Shaaban
    2. Ramadhan
    3. Safar
    4. Rajab
  17. During the conquest of Makkah all the following categories of people were declared safe except those who-
    1. surrendered their arms
    2. sought refuge in the house of Arqamah
    3. remained indoors
    4. got into the Kaabah
  18. The 10th year of prophethood of Muhammad S.A.W will be remembered mainly because:- 
    1. muslims won the battle of Badr
    2. muslims went for Hijrah to Yathrib
    3. the prophet S.A. W was wounded in the battle of Badr
    4. the prophet S.A. W lost his two beloved ones.
  19. The following are true about the battle of Badr Which one is not?
    1. Muslims emerged with great victory.
    2. There were 14 martyrs.
    3. It was fought in the month of Rajab
    4. It was fought in the year 2 A.H.
  20. The following are examples of prayers. Which is the odd one out?
    1. Kusuf
    2. Idd
    3. Istisqai
    4. Jumala
  21. The earliest Muadhin in Islamic history was:-
    1. Abdallah
    2. Baraah
    3. Abubakar
    4. Bilaa!
  22. The list below comprises of names.
    1. Jibril
    2. Idris
    3. Israfil
    4. Ridh-wan
      Which of the above names is the odd one out.
      1. iv
      2. ii
      3. i
      4. iii
  23. Halimah returned Muhammad S.A. W to his mother at the age of:-
    1. 4 years
    2. 6 months
    3. 6 years
    4. 12 years
  24. The people of Nabii Nuh A.S were punished using:-
    1. floods
    2. thunder
    3. fire
    4. volcano
  25. The best way to assist your poor relatives is by:-
    1. giving them food daily
    2. educating their children
    3. buying them clothes
    4. providing them with a source of earning.
  26. The miracle of a table full of food from heaven is associated with prophet:-
    1. Musa
    2. Issa
    3. Yunus
    4. Yahya
  27. During Isra-wai-Miiraj the prophet S.A. W was in the company of-
    1. Zeid
    2. Abubakar
    3. Jibril
    4. Ali
  28. The Truce at Hudaibyah was drafted by:-
    1. Suhail
    2. Ali
    3. Umar
    4. Athuman
  29. The following children were going out during a market day as follows:-
    1. Halimah- a miniskirt, skin tight, head, scarf
    2. Sofia - Sun glasses, a long dress, uncovered head
    3. Ramla-Long trousers. Tumbo cut and high heeled shoes.
    4. Laidah - Long loose dress, headscarf, rubber shoes.
      Who among the giris above dressed in the Islamic manner?
      1. Ramla
      2. Halima
      3. Lailah
      4. Sofia
  30. The other name for Masjidul- Aqswah is:-
    1. Baitul Maqdis
    2. Baitul - Attiq
    3. Masjidul Nabawwi
    4. Masjidul Haraam


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