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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 End Term Exams Term 1 2023 Set 2

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  1. Which one of the following food stuffs cannot be preserved by smoking?
    1. Meat
    2. Green vegetables
    3. Mushroom
    4. Fish.
  2. Three of the following are importance of breast feeding except that breast milk
    1. is readily available
    2. is at the right temperature
    3. boosts immunity of the baby
    4. is free from germs.
  3. Which one of the following groups consists of non living major components of the environment?
    1. Buildings and rocks.
    2. Soil and water.
    3. Plants and animals.
    4. Cattle and buildings.
  4. Which one of the following is a health effect of drug abuse?
    1. Addiction
    2. Martial conflicts
    3. Rape
    4. Truancy.
  5. The following are the characteristics of the cumulus cloud except
    1. dark grey in colour
    2. looks like a bundle of cotton wool
    3. indicates fine weather
    4. mountains with flat base.
  6. Which one of the following is not a way of conserving water?
    1. Harvesting water.
    2. Recycling water.
    3. Using water sparingly.
    4. Using flood irrigation.
  7. Which one of the following is not a source of electricity?
    1. Dam
    2. Dynamo
    3. Dry cell
    4. Geothermal generator.
  8. The diagram below represents a certain type of a human tooth.
    8 adaada
    The function of the above tooth is
    1. grasping
    2. tearing
    3. biting
    4. grinding.
  9. Which one of the following components of air varies most from time to time?
    1. Water vapour
    2. Carbon dioxide
    3. Nitrogen
    4. Oxygen.
  10. All the following are effects of force except
    1. changing the shape of an object
    2. changing the state of matter of something
    3. Increasing the speed of a moving object
    4. stopping a moving object.
  11. Which one of the following is an example of a insectivorous plant?
    1. Butterwort
    2. Moss
    3. Liverwort
    4. Ferns.
  12. Which one of the following shapes of the moon is seen in the morning before dawn?
    12 adada
  13. Pupils assembled the following materials to make a certain weather instrument.
    1. A long strong pole.
    2. A strong string.
    3. Wire.
    4. A strong big polythene bag.
      The weather instrument that was made measures
      1. temperature
      2. rainfall
      3. direction and strength of wind
      4. direction of wind only.
  14. Which one of the following diseases is a child immunised against at birth, sixth week and fourteenth week after birth?
    1. Tuberculosis
    2. Poliomyelitis
    3. Yellow fever
    4. Measles.
  15. Which one of the following is an effect of excessive use of farm chemicals?
    1. Formation of acidic rain.
    2. Interferes with the process of plants making their own food.
    3. Damages roofs made of corrugated iron sheets.
    4. Growth of weeds in water.
  16. Which one of the following pairs of materials are magnetic?
    1. Razor blade, glass, dry wool.
    2. Cobalt, steel wool, staple pins.
    3. Tin, copper, aluminium.
    4. Wood, rubber, glass.
  17. Which one of the following materials has definite volume but do not have definite shape?
    1. Oxygen
    2. Water vapour
    3. Chalk
    4. Kerosene.
  18. The percentage of air in the atmosphere which is used by legumes to make nutrients is
    1. 0.03%
    2. 78%
    3. 21%
    4. 0.97%
  19. The flow chart below shows a simple classification of farm animals and their Products.
    19 adadada
    Which products are represented by letters O and P respectively?
     Milk Beef 
     Wool  Mutton
     Milk  Wool
     Mutton  Milk
  20. Candle wax floats on water mainly because of its
    1. material
    2. shape
    3. size
    4. weight.
  21. Which one of the following weeds cannot be effectively controlled by uprooting?
    1. Mexican marigold
    2. Black jack
    3. Wandering jew
    4. Oxalis
  22. Which one of the following groups consists of cash crops only?
    1. Maize, millet, sorghum.
    2. Rice, beans, sweet potatoes.
    3. Banana, arrowroots, cotton.
    4. Sisal, sunflower, tea.
  23. Which one of the following pairs forms of energy does not require a medium for transmission?
    1. Health and electricity.
    2. Sound and light.
    3. Light and heat.
    4. Electricity and sound.
  24. The diagram below shows parts of a flower.
    24 adada
    Which part provides food to the germinating pollen tube?
    1. Y
    2. Z
    3. S
    4. X
  25. Which one of the following materials stores energy in the same way as firewood?
    1. Wind driven turbines
    2. Solar panel
    3. Car battery
    4. Dynamo.
  26. Which one of the following groups of food items consists of protective foods?
    1. Oranges, carrots, green vegetables.
    2. Beans, potatoes, groundnuts.
    3. Wheat, millet, fish.
    4. Maize, eggs, beef.
  27. Shallow channels were observed on a farm on a hill side. The best way to control this is by
    1. constructing gabions
    2. constructing terraces
    3. planting cover crops
    4. mulching.
  28. The diagram below shows a set up that was used to investigate a certain component of soil.
    28 adada
    The component of soil that was being investigated is
    1. water
    2. air
    3. humus
    4. mineral salts.
  29. Which one of the following is not a recreational use of water?
    1. Sailing boats.
    2. Boat racing.
    3. Surfing
    4. Sport fishing.
  30. The soil in which water rises the highest also
    1. has coarse particles
    2. has large air spaces
    3. drains water least
    4. is poor for farming.
  31. In which one of the following pairs of processes is heat lost in the environment?
    1. Condensation and freezing. 
    2. Melting and condensation. 
    3. Evaporation and melting
    4. Freezing and evaporation.
  32. Which one of the following materials allows light to pass through but one cannot see through clearly?
    1. Plane mirror
    2. Milk
    3. Frosted glass
    4. Dirty water.
  33. Malaria can best be controlled by 
    1. sleeping in treated nets
    2. draining stagnant water around homesteads
    3. taking anti malaria tablets
    4. killing mosquitoes using pesticides.
  34. A child with swollen arms, legs, face and stomach should be given food stuffs rich in
    1. starch
    2. oils
    3. proteins
    4. mineral salts.
  35. Which one of the following practices conserves soil?
    1. Using dry grass for mulching.
    2. Burning vegetation cover.
    3. Ploughing along slopes.
    4. Burying inorganic materials soil.
  36. Three of the following changes take place during adolescence in both boys and girls except
    1. production of sex cells
    2. appearing of pimples
    3. increase in size and weight
    4. on set of menstruation.
  37. Venus is the brightest planet because it
    1. twinkles at night
    2. reflects light from the sun
    3. produces its own light
    4. has a mass of glowing gases
  38. Which one of the following statements is true about HIV and AIDS?
    1. It is not spread during window stage. 
    2. All HIV positive people have AIDS.
    3. During window stage. a person may test negative.
    4. ARVs drugs can cure HIV and AIDS.
  39. The diagram below shows a set up that was used to investigate a certain component of energy.
    39 adada
    Which component was being investigated?
    1. Good and poor conductors of heat.
    2. Rate of conductivity in solids.
    3. Expansion and contraction in solids.
    4. Melting of solids.
  40. Which one of the following activities increases friction?
    1. Streamlining shapes of objects.
    2. Lubricating moving parts.
    3. Putting treads on tyres.
    4. Making surfaces smooth.
  41. The diagram below shows parts of the human digestive system.
    41 adada
    Which one of the following parts is wrongly matched with its function?
    1. P-Absorption of water.
    2. L-Absorption of mineral salts.
    3. K-Mixes food with enzymes.
    4. M-Passage of food to the stomach.
  42. Which one of the following pairs consists of field pests only?
    1. White ants and aphids.
    2. Rats and weevils.
    3. Cutworms and weaver birds.
    4. Rodents and stalkborers.
  43. Which one of the following is not a practice for maintaining simple tools?
    1. Keeping tools safely.
    2. Sharpening cutting tools.
    3. Oiling moving parts.
    4. Using tools for proper purpose.
  44. Which one of the following simple machines has the effort in between the load and the fulcrum when in use?
    1. Crowbar
    2. Spade
    3. Wheelbarrow
    4. Claw hammer.
  45. Which one of the following pairs of parasites can be controlled by dipping?
    1. Ticks and tapeworms.
    2. Liverflukes and fleas.
    3. Tape worms and hookworms
    4. Ticks and fleas.
  46. Class 6 pupils gave the following reasons as to why dairy cattle are given concentrates.
    1. To increase production.
    2. To supplement other feeds. 
    3. To treat certain diseases. 
    4. To substitute other feeds.
    5. To give specific nutrients.
      Which two reasons are correct?
      1. (iv) and (v)
      2. (iii) and (i)
      3. (ii) and (iv)
      4. (i) and (v)
  47. The blood vessel through which oxygenated blood flows from the heart is
    1. pulmonary artery
    2. pulmonary vein
    3. aorta
    4. venacava.
  48. A pupil mixed steel wool, sand and salt. Which one of the following will be the best procedure of separating the mixture after using the magnet?
    1. Sieving, dissolving, evaporating.
    2. Filtering, dissolving, sieving.
    3. Picking, sieving, filtering.
    4. Dissolving, filtering, evaporation
  49. The diagrams below represents electric circuits.
    49 1 adada
    49 2 adada
    In which circuit will the bulb light when the circuit is switched on?
    1. (i)
    2. (ii)
    3. (iii)
    4. (iv)
  50. The force that pulls objects downward towards the centre of gravity is
    1. weight
    2. volume
    3. density
    4. inertia.


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