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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 End Term Exams Term 1 2023 Set 3

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  1. Which one of the following diseases is a child immunized against Oyrs, 11/2months, 21/2 months and 31/2 months after birth?
    1. Yellow fever
    2. Poliomyelitis
    3. Measles
    4. Tuberculosis
  2. The following diseases are correctly matched with their causes except
               Disease         Cause
    1. Gonorrhoea       Virus
    2. Syphilis             bacteria
    3. Genital Herpes  Virus
    4. Chancroid         bacteria
  3. Which one of the parts of the reproductive system have the same function?
    1. Ovary and penis
    2. Ovary and testis
    3. Urethra and uterus
    4. Uterus and cervix
  4. A plastic glass was inverted over water in a basin as shown in the diagram below. It was observed that the water did not enter the glass.
    4 zdaa
    Water can be made to enter the plastic glass by
    1. adding more water in the basin 
    2. reducing the size of the glass by cutting.
    3. placing a heavy stone at the bottom of the glass
    4. making a hole at the bottom of the plastic glass.
  5. Which one of the following pairs of forms of energy can be transmitted in a vacuum?
    1. Sound and electricity
    2. Eletricity and light
    3. Heat and light
    4. Light and sound
  6. Which part of the human breathing system is involved in the exchange of gases?
    1. Air sacs
    2. Bronchus
    3. Mouth
    4. Nose
  7. Which of the following groups of foods would provide nutrients suitable for a patient suffering from Rickets?
    1. Irish potatoes, sugarcane, guavas, peas
    2. Sweet potatoes, arrow roots. sorghum, oranges
    3. Millet, liver, fish, milk
    4. Spinach, cassava, mangoes, carrots
  8. A pupil was walking towards the Southern direction past a hospital and noticed a windsock stretching to her left. In which direction was the wind blowing from?
    1. West
    2. North
    3. East
    4. South
  9. The following are signs and symptoms of diseases
    1. Violent diarroea
    2. Constipation
    3. Dehydration
    4. Blood in urine and faeces
    5. Stomach pains
      Which signs and symptoms are for cholera
      1. ii, iii, v
      2. iii, iv, v
      3. i, v, ii
      4. i, v, iii
  10. Pupils from Mosocho primary school assembled the following materiais. A mirror, clear water, a white sheet of paper and a basin. What were they likely to investigate?
    1. Apparent bending of light
    2. Bouncing of light
    3. Making a rainbow
    4. Dispersion
  11. The following are plants growing in wet area except
    1. boabab
    2. butter cup
    3. water lettuce
    4. duck weed
  12. Which of the diagram below shows convection as a method of heat transfer in liquids?
    12 adada
  13. Which one of the following is a use of the component of air that makes 0.97%?
    1. Used in burning
    2. used in preserving soft drinks
    3. Used by plants to make proteins
    4. Used in electric bulbs
  14. Which one of the following is NOT an effect of crop diseases?
    1. Reduced yields
    2. Reduced quality produce
    3. Increase cost of production
    4. Stunted growth
  15. The following are signs of ill health in livestock noticed immediately by the farmer except
    1. loss of weight
    2. blood in stool
    3. coughing
    4. rough coat
  16. The chart below shows a simple classification of vertebrates
    16 adadada
    The animals represented by X and Y respectively are
               X             Y
    1. Trout       Dove
    2. Newt       Shark
    3. Turtle      Eagle
    4. Rat         Crocodile
  17. The following statements are true about simple machines except. They 
    1. reduce workdone
    2. increase effort distance
    3. reduce effort required
    4. help us to do work conviniently
  18. Which one of the following electrical appliances is NOT used at home?
    1. Torch
    2. Refrigerator
    3. Electric iron 
    4. Welding machine
  19. Two pupils, Mwende and Njeru wanted to find out the soil sample that retains more water. They added equal amounts of water to clay and sand. The set up was as shown in the diagram below
    19 adada
    What mistakes did they make when setting the experiment?
    1. Using different amount of soils
    2. Using similar funnels
    3. Using collecting jars of different sizes
    4. Adding equal amounts of water
  20. Which one of the following pairs consists of substances which have definite size?
    1. Steam and wax
    2. Wax and ink
    3. Flour and oxygen
    4. Glue and neon
  21. Which one of the following consists of only characteristics of wind pollinated flowers?
    1. Brightly coloured petals, nectary, small in size
    2. Large anthers, large feathery stigmas, light powdery pollen grains.
    3. Green petals, anthers firmly attached to the filament, stigma hanging outside
    4. Scented, large in size, dull in coloured
  22. Which one of the following is NOT true about farm yard manure? it
    1. bind soil particles
    2. improve air circulation in the soil
    3. improve the ability of the soil to hold water
    4. release nutrients very fast to the soil
  23. Which one of the following components of the environment covers a large part of the earths surface?
    1. Water
    2. Air
    3. Soil
    4. Plants
  24. Which one of the following effects of drug abuse consists of only health effects?
    1. Drug induced accidents and withdraw symptoms,
    2. Impaired judgement and truancy
    3. Loss of consciousness and addiction
    4. Rape and lack of concentration
  25. The diagram below represents a beak of a certain bird
    25 adad
    The bird represented is a
    1. fish eater
    2. nectar feeder
    3. grain eater
    4. filter feeder
  26. Which one of the following is most likely reason why some pregnant mothers crave for soil? To
    1. provide sufficient mineral salts
    2. increase breast milk production after giving birth
    3. help in digestion of food 
    4. provide sufficient iron
  27. Insectivorous plants grow in areas
    1. containing enough water
    2. lacking nitrogenous salts
    3. lacking water
    4. containing enough flies
  28. Which one of the following is not a way of storing water?
    1. Dams
    2. Pots
    3. Jerry can
    4. Pipes
  29. Which one of the following describe soil texture?
    1. The way the soil drains water 
    2. The way water remain in the soil.
    3. The coarseness and smoothness of soil
    4. The rising and dropping of water in the soil
  30. The following are methods of food preservation. Which methods are in the part marked X
    30 adada
    1. use of low temperature, drying
    2. drying, canning
    3. salting, smoking
    4. freezing, drying
  31. Which one of the following pairs of plant is correctly matched with their roots?
          Fibrous            Tap
    1. Acacia          onion
    2. Coconut       blackjack
    3. Cabbage      maize   
    4. Cowpeas    Sugarcane     
  32. Which one of the following planets are in the 4th and 7th position from the sun?
    1. Earth and saturn
    2. Saturn and mars
    3. Uranus and jupiter
    4. Mars and uranus
  33. The following are methods of separating mixtures of solids only except
    1. picking
    2. winnowing
    3. filtering
    4. sieving
  34. Which one of the following statements about a beam balance is correct? The hole for the pivot must be
    1. very small
    2. very wide
    3. on the left
    4. wide enough
  35. The diagram below show a simple machine in use
    35 adada
    To reduce the effort required to raise the stone the length between
    1. Land M is increased
    2. Land K is increased 
    3. K and M is decreased
    4. Land Mis decreased
  36. The following are factors to consider when comparing solubility of solids in a liquid except
    1. temperature of the solute
    2. size of the container used
    3. amount of the solvent
    4. amount of the solute
  37. Which one of the following cannot be used to reduce the force that opposes motion?
    1. Retreading
    2. Streamlining
    3. Greasing
    4. Smoothening
  38. The diagram below shows an experiment carried out by std 4 pupils to investigate pressure in liquids
    38 adada
    What was their correct observation? 
    1. Pressure in liquids decrease with increase in depth
    2. Pressure in liquids is the same at all levels
    3. Pressure in liquids increase with increase in depth.
    4. Pressure in liquids is exerted in all directions
  39. Which one of the following groups of animals feeds help the animals in the body building?
    1. Lucern, cats
    2. Glycine, sunflower
    3. Nappier grass, sweet potato vines 
    4. Desmodium, lucern
  40. Which one of the following is an adaptation to animals that fly and swim?
    1. Streamlining
    2. Presence of wings
    3. Strong hind legs
    4. Webbed feet
  41. Which one of the following is a reason why gaps are left in a railway line? 
    1. To prevent rail users from shock 
    2. To allow expansion and contraction
    3. For the train to move freely
    4. To reduce the speed of the train
  42. The following are practices for mantaining simple tools except
    1. Storing in a safe place
    2. Greasing
    3. Sharpening
    4. Cleaning after use
  43. Newton is not a unit for
    1. weight
    2. force
    3. mass
    4. friction
  44. Which of the following gases take the lowest parcentage?
    1. Inert gases and carbon dioxide
    2. Inert gases
    3. Carbon dioxide and oxygen.
    4. Nitrogen and oxygen
  45. Which one of the following weather instruments is wrongly matched with its working principle
      Instrument  Working principle
    Windvane Matter occupies space
    Windsock Matter occupies space
    Raingauge Matter occupies space
    D Air thermometer Matter expand and contract
  46. A boat made of metal floats in water while a nail sink due to its
    1. material
    2. weight
    3. size
    4. shape
  47. The diagram below shows a set-up that can be used to investigate a certain property of matter
    47 adadad
    What was being investigated?
    1. Liquids are bad conductors of heat
    2. Water contains air
    3. Expansion and contraction of liquids
    4. Liquids contain organic matter
  48. When the heart of a mammal contracts, blood in the left ventricle is forced out
    1. through the pulmonary artery
    2. into the left auricle
    3. through the aorta
    4. through the pulmonary vein
  49. In which of the following are both materials wrongly grouped as non-magnetic and magnetic
      Non-magnetic  Magnetic
    Silver Iron
    Steel copper
    Aluminium nickel


  50. HIV/AIDS can be controlled by the following ways except
    1. campaigns through media
    2. creating public awareness
    3. mass education
    4. keeping it secret among members


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