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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 2

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  1. A certain communicable disease has the following signs and symptoms
    1. Sweating alot at night
    2. Loss of weight
    3. Coughing blood stained spatum
      The disease is likely to be;
      1. Malaria
      2. Tuberculosis
      3. Whopping cough
      4. Measles
  2. Which among the following uses of water is a use of water in the farm?
    1. Sport fishing
    2. Making fountains
    3. Mixing chemicals
    4. Making products
  3. The diagram below shows a developing foetus
    3 adada
    The part labelled X has the following function except?
    1. Keep the foetus warm
    2. Protect the foetus from shock
    3. Help in exchange of food nutrients
    4. Allows free turning of the foetus
  4. Excretory system consist of the following except?
    1. Lungs
    2. Skin
    3. Kidney
    4. Anus
  5. The following are changes that takes place during adolescence in girls except?
    1. Pubic hair grows
    2. Increase in weight
    3. Menstruation start
    4. Chest broadens
  6. A weed has the following characteristics
    1. Has fleshy stems
    2. Produces purple flowers
    3. Grows along the ground
      The weed is likely to be
      1. Pigweed
      2. Oxalis
      3. Wandering Jew
      4. Sodom apple
  7. All the following are causes of soil pollution except one. Which one is it?
    1. Polythene and plastic
    2. Oil spoils
    3. Excess fertilizers
    4. Rotting vegetable matter
  8. Which one of the following plants makes its own food but do not produced flowers?
    1. Grass
    2. Cabbage
    3. Fern
    4. Maize
  9. Which one of the following drugs is illegal when abused?
    1. Cobblers glue
    2. Tobacco
    3. Khat
    4. Alcohol
  10. The diagram below shows blood components and their functions
    10 dada
    Which one is not correctly matched with it's function?
    1. U
    2. V
    3. W
    4. X
  11. The following are characteristics of a certain animal
    1. Body covered by moist skin
    2. Breath by lungs
    3. Liver partly in water and on land
    4. Lay eggs
      The animal is likely to be:
      1. Tilapia
      2. Crocodile
      3. Frog
      4. Whale
  12. Which among the following pair of animal feeds nourishes the animal with energy when fed?
    1. Desmodium and cloves
    2. Maize stalks and sunflower seeds
    3. Cotton seed cake and saltlick
    4. Napier grass and lucern
  13. Internal livestock parasites causes the following effect on animals except?
    1. Poor health
    2. Anaemia
    3. Irritation
    4. Swollen stomach
  14. Grade 6 learners carried the following materials to class
    1. Basin
    2. Mirror
    3. Water
      What were they likely to investigate?
      1. Making a rainbow
      2. Sending of light
      3. Reflection of light
      4. Refraction of light
  15. All the following are signs and symptoms of syphilis except one. Which one is it?
    1. Painless pimple appears on the lips
    2. Skin rash
    3. Swelling of lymph glands
    4. Ring shaped patches appeals on the skin
  16. The diagram below shows a jaw of a mammal adapted to its feeding
    16 afddad
    The type of teeth marked X is called:
    1. Canines
    2. Carnassial teeth
    3. Premolars
    4. Diastema
  17. In which one of the following methods of grazing is an animal not likely to feed an pasture?
    1. Stall feeding
    2. Paddocking
    3. Herding
    4. Strip grazing
  18. The attachment of the zygote to the uterine walls is called?
    1. Gestation
    2. Conception
    3. Implantation
    4. Fusion
  19. Which one of the following statements is not true about hard water?
    1. Clogs hot water pipes
    2. Lathers easily with soap
    3. Is good for drinking
    4. Can be softened by boiling
  20. In which one of the following activities is friction least needed?
    1. Writing
    2. Walking
    3. Riding a bicycle
    4. Swimming
  21. Which one of the following shows the third and the sixth planet from the sun respectively? 
    1. Earth and Saturn
    2. Venus and Jupiter
    3. Mars and Uranus
    4. Venus and Mercury
  22. The diagram below shows a mammalian heart
    22 adada
    Which chamber labelled above pumps deoxygenated blood?
    1. W
    2. X
    3. Y
    4. Z
  23. An animal growing at a very slow rate and do not reach maturity with others of its age is said to have:
    1. Robust growth
    2. Average growth rate
    3. Stunted growth
    4. Unhealthy growth
  24. Which one of the following is away of softening temporary hard water?
    1. Adding soap
    2. Boiling
    3. Shaking water
    4. Adding chemicals
  25. Which among the following media when used to campaign against the spread of HIV/AIDS is the best?
    1. Television
    2. Radio
    3. Newspaper
    4. Magazine
  26. Fish and birds move easily because of:
    1. hollow bones
    2. streamlined
    3. presence of wings
    4. presence of fins
  27. The following are domestic waste management practices except?
    1. Reducing waste generation
    2. Making compost
    3. Re-Using items
    4. Recycling
  28. Which one of the following statements about HIV and AID is true?
    1. People living with HIV/AIDS are thin
    2. HIV and AIDS is a curse
    3. Only immoral people get HIV/AIDS
    4. HIV and AIDS are not the same
  29. The next method of separating a mixture of sugar and sand after adding water is:
    1. Decanting
    2. Dissolving
    3. Filtering
    4. Sieving
  30. The diagram below shows the human digestive system
    30 adada
    Which part labelled above is not correctly matched with its function
             Parts       Function
    1. (i)              Digestion of protein
    2. ii)              Mixes foods with cigestive enzymes
    3. (iii)            Absorption of digested foods
    4. (iv)            Absorption of water
  31. Which group of small animals below is correctly grouped?
    1. Ant, spider, mite
    2. Spider, tick, scorpion
    3. Weevily, butterfly, tick
    4. Mite termite, tick
  32. Which one of the following is the percentage of oxygen and rare gases in the atmosphere respectively?
    1. 0.97% and 21%
    2. 21% and 0.03%
    3. 21% and 0.97% 
    4. 78% and 0.97%
  33. Which one of the following pests is correctly matched with the part of the crop it attacks?
           Pest                   Part of crop attacked
    1. Aphid                  Grains
    2. Stalkborers         Leaves
    3. Cutworms           Stems
    4. Weevils               Leaves
  34. Which one of the following levers is the effort at the centre when in use?
    1. Wheelbarrow
    2. Spade
    3. Claw hammer
    4. Crawbar
  35. Which one of the following is a source of electricity?
    1. Electromngnet
    2. Bulb
    3. Bicycle dynamos
    4. Dam
  36. The diagram below shows a set-up used to demonstrate a certain aspect of heat
    36 adada
    The aspect of heat investigated was:
    1. Conduction of heat in different solids
    2. Convection of heat in liquid
    3. Expansion in solid
    4. Radiation of heat
  37. When investigating the component of soil pupils heated soil in a contain until smoke was produced, this was to investigate the presence of:
    1. Air in the soil
    2. Organic matter
    3. Water in the soil
    4. Living organism in the soil
  38. Which one of the following pairs are both reason for lighting a house?
    1. Safety and discouring pests
    2. Safety and warming
    3. Warming and avoiding accident
    4. Keeping off pests and keeping house tidy
  39. When breathing in the:
    1. Diaphragm flattens
    2. Lung shrinks
    3. Diaphragm become domeshaped
    4. Volume of chest decreases
  40. Which one of the following plants is not a tuber crop?
    1. Onion
    2. Cassava
    3. Arrowroot
    4. Carrot
  41. Which among the following consists of characteristic of insect pollinated flowers?
    1. Sweet scented large amount of pollen grains
    2. Brightly coloured, sticky pollen grains 
    3. Light pollen grains, sweet scented 
    4. Dull coloured, sweet scented
  42. The diagram below shows a set up used to investigated a certain property of air
    42 adada
    Which one of the following will not be observed?
    1. Bubbles formed on water
    2. Water rose up the straw when heating stopped
    3. Water rose up the straw when heating continued
    4. Water dropped down the straw when heating continued
  43. Which one of the following factors will not affect sinking and floating of a material in water? The
    1. Mass of material 
    2. Type of material
    3. Size of material
    4. Shape of material
  44. Which one of the following consists of magnetic materials only?
    1. Tin, aluminium, copper
    2. Iron, steel, cobalt
    3. Tin, iron, copper
    4. Aluminum, steel, cobalt
  45. Which one of the following is a major component of the environment?
    1. Water
    2. Light
    3. Heat
    4. Sound
  46.  Which material below is a translucent material?
    1. Mirror
    2. Window pane
    3. Kerosene
    4. Dirty water
  47. The diagram below shows the change of state in matter
    47 adadad
    Which two processes involves an increase in temperature?
    1. ii and iv
    2. ii and iii
    3. i and ii
    4. i and iv
  48. Which one of the following is not a source of light?
    1. Moon
    2. Firefly
    3. Star
    4. Sun
  49. Which one of the following causes an increased growth of water plant in a nearby river? Presence of:
    1. Market place near
    2. Factory
    3. Garage
    4. Tea farm
  50. A humming bird is adapted to feed on nectar by having a beak that is:
    1. Short and curved
    2. Long and curved
    3. Short and strong
    4. Long and straight


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