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English Language Activities and Literacy Activities Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End of Term 3 November 2022 Exams Set 2

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TASK 3: Comprehension 1.
Read the following usage and answer questions to 3

It was a hot sunny afternon. The lion and leopard saw a small water body for a drink. The began arguing and fighting about who should drink first. After a while, they were tired and stoppet a breath, when they noticed vultures above. Soon they realised the vultures were waiting for both them to die and feast on them. The lion and the leopard then decided that it was best to make up a be friends than fight and become food for the vultures. They drunk the water together and part the ways


  1. Which animals are mentioned in the story? 
    1. Lion and leopard
    2. Vulture and rebra 
    3. Elephant and leopard
    4. Vulture and hawk
  2. Why did the animals argue? 
    1. They wanted to eat 
    2. To know who would drink water first
    3. They wanted to fight
    4. To carry water
  3. What is the past tense of the word fight?
    1. Fighting 
    2. Fought
    3. Had fought
    4. Is fighting
  4. What were the vultures waiting for?
    1. To sleep on bed 
    2. To catch the lion
    3. For the animal to die and feast on them
    4. For the leopard to run
  5. What can you learn from the story?
    1. fighting our friends 
    2. reconciling with our friends
    3. denying our friends water
    4. avoiding our friends

Read the following page and answer questions 6-10
Tools are expensive so we use them well and take good care of them. Tools can cause acccidents if safety rules are not followed. Tools should be maintained properly so that they last longer. Som ways of caring for them include sharpening tools like pangas, jembes and knives for easy use. Some tools require proper usage for which they are ready for.

Those that are made of sharp edges require a file. A file is used for sharpening blunt edges. Some tools become worn out due to frequent movement of their portion. Others due to contact with water they rust. To prevent rusting oil is applied.


  1. To sharpen a panga one needs a; 
    1. sisal fibre
    2. file
    3. pen
    4. stone
  2. If safety rules are not followed tools can cause:
    1. accidents
    2. enemity
    3. easy work
    4. roughness
  3. The opposite of the word expensive is; 
    1. more expensive 
    2. cheap
    3. durable
    4. easy
  4. What cause rusting of tools?
    1. contact with water 
    2. greasing
    3. oiling
    4. vibration
  5. Why do we maintain tools?
    1. To prevent them from rusting
    2. To maintain their colour
    3. To sell them
    4. To water them

For questions 11 to 30 answer the questions according to the instructions
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences

  1. They .............................. quickly into the yard yesterday.
    1. drive
    2. drove 
    3. driven
    4. driving
  2. He was .............................. a letter
    1. writing
    2. written
    3. wrote
    4. write
  3. That  .............................. my book.
    1. are
    2. is
    3. were
    4. it
  4. They have .............................. well.
    1. did
    2. do
    3. done
    4. doing
  5. Ikron .............................. James are brothers.
    1. or
    2. is
    3. nor
    4. and

Write the plural of the following sentences

  1. My name is very short.
    1. Our names are very short.
    2.  My names are very short.
    3. Our names are very long
    4. Our names is very short
  2. The book is hers.
    1. The book is theirs
    2. The books are theirs
    3. The books is theirs
    4. The book are theirs
  3. The sheep is sick. 
    1. The sheep is sick.
    2. The sheep are sick.
    3. The sheeps are sick.
    4. The sheeps are sicks

Use the correct pronouns to fill the gaps.

  1. The pencil belongs to Martha. It is  ..............................  
    1. his
    2. theirs
    3. hers
    4. its
  2. These books belong to Paul. They are ..............................
    1. hers
    2. his
    3. its
    4. ours
  3. The oranges belong to us. They are  .............................. 
    1. ours
    2. theirs
    3. its
    4. hers

Write the short form of the following phrases

  1. He can not work hard. 
    1. can'not 
    2. can't
    3. cann't
    4. cannot
  2. It is not okey to fight in school.
    1. isnot
    2. isn't
    3. sin't
    4. is not

Choose the sentences in the past continuous tense

    1. The boy is eating food.
    2. The teacher will come tomorrow. 
    3. Mum was washing our clothes.
    4. We will go on a trip on Tuesday.
    1. The next lesson is Mathematics.
    2. Mr Juma visited our school on Tuesday
    3. The baby is eating meat.
    4. The souts were guiding the guests.

Select the verbs from the sentences below

  1. The big duck laid a big egg. 
    1. laid
    2. duck
    3. big
    4. egg
  2. Children are playing in the field.
    1. children
    2. playing
    3. field
    4. are

Write the correct form of the adjectives in bracket

  1. Mercy is the ..............................  girl in her class. (beautiful)
    1. more beautiful 
    2. most beautiful 
    3. less beautiful
    4. beautiful
  2. Lily is .............................. than her sister Lucy. (short)
    1. shorter
    2. shortest
    3. more shorter
    4. most shorter
  3. A warthog is the .............................. animal in teh jungle. (ugly)
    1. uglyier
    2. uglier
    3. ugliest
    4. more uglier 


Write a composition about

My Birthday Party


TASK 1: Listening and speaking (10 mks)

  1. What is your name? (Learner responds)
  2. Which holiday do we celebrate on 20th October? (Learner responds)
  3. What do you always do during your leisure time? (Learner responds)
  4. Who is the president of Kenya? (Learner responds)
  5. What is your talent? (Learner responds)

TASK 2: Reading aloud
Hare came home one day and found that snake had eaten all his children. When he met snake, Hare pretended that he had not known what snake had done.

Hare greeted the snake and said, "I have just been telling monkey that you are the longest animal in the forest. Monkey did not believe it. He said you're not. "Of course I am the longest, see, I'm as long as this tree!" snake said, standing on his tail against a tall tree.

"Let me tie your head, your body and tail on the tree then I will see if you are that tall, I can as well call monkey to come and witness for himself. He tied the snake and left. He never came back.


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