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English Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 6 End of Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 1

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  •  This paper consists of 5 tasks.
  • Answer all the questions.

Listen to the following scene being read by the teacher and respond to the questions

It's a Saturday morning, your parents have left for work and you hear the house phone ringing from a far. You rush to it and answer the call at instant and you realize from the voice its your Sunday school teacher.

  1. How would you start the conversation?
  2. State two telephone etiquette you will observe?
  3. How will you maintain the conversation if you realize what you have been told you did not hear it well?
  4. What roles do you play at your church as Sunday school student?
  5. Using two sentences imitate a person you dearly like when talking to on the phone?

Task 2: READING ALOUD (10 mks)
Read the following story aloud as instructed by the teacher

There lived in village a certain a poor old woman who had collected a mess of beans and was going to cook them. So, she made a fire on her hearth and in order to make it burn better she put in a handful of straw. When the beans began to bubble in the pot, one of them fell out and lay, never noticed near her was a straw which was already there. Soon a red-hot coal jumped out of the fire and joined the pair.

The straw began first and said, "dear friends how did you come here?" The coal answered, "I jumped out of the fire by great good luck. I should have been burnt to ashes." The bean said, "I too have come out of it with a whole skin. I should have been cooked like my comrades." "Luckily I managed to slip through her fingers." The straw asked, "What had we better do now?" Said the coal, "I think we should hide," The bean responded,"that as we have been lucky to escape with our lives,we will go together into foreign lands." The proposal pleased the other two and they started on their travels.

Soon they came to a little brook and as there was no bridge the straw was struck with a good idea and said, "I will lay myself across so that you can go over me as if I were a bridge." So, the straw stretched itself from one bank to the other and the coal quickly trotted up to goover the newly made bridge. When he reached at the middle and heard the water rushing past beneath her, she stopped and could not go farther. So, the straw began to get burnt and broke in two pieces and fell in the brook. The coal slipped down hissing as she touched the water. The bean who had prudently remained behind on the bank went on laughing so excessively that she burst and now would she certainly have been undone forever, if a tailor on his travels had not by good luck stopped to rest himself by the brook. He took out needle and thread and stitched her together again. The bean thanked h im, but as he had sewn her up with black stitches, all the beans since then have a black seam.

Read the stories below and answer the questions that follow

Fire Alarm Beep! Beep! Beep! Do you know what to do if the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night?

First, crawl to your bedroom door. Crawling is safer, since smoke rises. Feel the door with the back of your hand. If it feels cold, open the door. Look around. Find the closest door to outside, and crawl outside. Go to the meeting place your fami ly picked, and wait for them to meet you.

What happens if the door feels hot? Do not open the door! Crawl to get a blanket , then cravi to your bedroom window. Open the window and let most of the blanket hang outs de. Close the window to hold the blanket in place. Firefighters will see the blanket a iidd know to come and get you. Stay under your window so they can find you easily. Firefighters might look scary, but they are there to help. They have to yell, because they have masks on, so it is hard to hear them. Do not be afraid of the fire-fighters, they will keep you safe. It is important to have a plan in place with your family in case the fire alarm goes off so that you all stay safe!

  1. What is the main topic of the 4th paragraph?
  2. Where should you stay if the door of your bedroom feels hot?
  3. Why should you hang a blanket out of your window?
  4. Which precaution should you take with your parents in case of fire?
  5. What is one question you could ask a friend about fire safety?

Task 4: GRAMMAR (20 mks)

  1. Rewrite the following_ words correctly
    1. raef
    2. gnantsta
    3. roobm
    4. teller
  2. Write three words with the sound /0 a /
  3. Circle determiner from the table
    some between were run
    these  each is those
    it am enough smile
    are I and heavy
  4. Write a word that has similar sound as the one below
    1. Ball
    2. Eye
    3. Axes
    4. Accept
  5. Complete the following sentences with the correct preposition
    1. We walked __________ a crowd of people
    2. Jeremy arrived _________ 9 o'clock
    3. It was ____________ Monday morning that our parents brought us to school.
  6. Write three words used to ask questions

TASK 5: WRITING (10 mks)
The following story has been started for you. Read and complete it making it more interesting.

It was a busy morning. parents hurl bought all that we needed for any younger sister's birthday. The moment had popped up, visitors started arriving.

Marking Scheme

Task 1 

Student should give appropriate verbal answers

Task 2

Student should read the story as instructed

Task 3

  1. the main topic of the fourth paragraph is to not be afraid of firefighters
  2. Yous should stay under your window if the door of your bedroom feels hot.
  3. The blanket is a signal to the firefighters that there is someone inside that room and to come and rescue you.
  4. To have a plan in place with your family in case the fire alarm goes off so that you all stay safe.
  5. Answers will vary  

Task 4

    1. Fear  
    2. Stagnant
    3. Broom
    4. Retell
  2. Rear, clear, severe
  3. Some each enough
    1. bawl
    2. I
    3. axis
    4. except
    1. Into   
    2. At
    3. On
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