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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 6 End of Term 2 Exams 2022 Set 1

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  1. The following are functions of stems in plants. Which one is not? 
    1. They store water for the plant 
    2. They store food 
    3. They transport food from the leaves. 
    4. They make food for the plant
  2. Pupils from Maua Primary School tied a clear polythene paper on a plant leaf. After sometime they noticed some droplets inside the polythene bag. What were they likely to be investigating? 
    1. Photosynthesis 
    2. Respiration 
    3. Transpiration
    4. Absorption
  3. What is the name of invertebrate shown below
    d 3
    1. Millipede 
    2. Centipede 
    3. Snake 
    4. Caterpillar
  4. Which component of blood helps in blood clotting? 
    1. Red blood cells 
    2. Platelets 
    3. White blood cells
    4. Plasma
  5. In the female reproductive system, fertilization takes place in the
    1. oviduct
    2. Uterus
    3. Ovaries
    4. Vagina
  6. The following are ways of reducing water wastage. Which one is not? 
    1. reparring leaking taps
    2. using drip irrigation
    3. turning off water taps after use.
    4. avoiding use of water
  7. Study the diagram below.
    The following crops have the same type of roots as shown above. Which one does NOT? 
    1. Maize 
    2. Grass 
    3. Rice
    4. Beans
  8. The following are characteristics of an invertebrate:
    1. Has six legs 
    2. Has three body parts
      Which of the following insects is likely to have the characteristics above? 
      1. Housefly 
      2. Tick 
      3. Spider
      4. Millipede
  9. The diagram below shows parts of the female reproductive systerm.
    The part marked C is known as 
    1. uterus 
    2. ovary
    3. oviduct
    4. birth canal
  10. A person who gives blood during transfussion is known as the
    1. donor 
    2. recipient 
    3. giver
    4. doctor
  11. The transfer of heat from a source without using any medium is known as
    1. convection 
    2. radiation
    3. reflection
    4. conduction
  12. The following are effects of sound pollution. Which one is not? 
    1. Hearing problem 
    2. Irritability 
    3. Sleep disturbance
    4. Good communication 
  13. Which one of the following is not a physical property of acids? 
    1. They taste sour. 
    2. They turn blue litmus paper red.
    3. They are corrosive.
    4. They turn red litmus paper blue.
  14. The change of liquid state of matter to gaseous state through heating is known as 
    1. melting 
    2. evaporation
    3. condensation
    4. freezing 
  15. The                          is a thin sheet of muscle that separates the chest and the abdomen.
    1. diaphragm
    2. gullet 
    3. lungs 
    4. ribcage
  16. Which one of the following shows the correct order of change of state of matter? 
    1. Solid → Gas → Liquid 
    2. Solid → Liquid Gas 
    3. Gas → Solid → Liquid 
    4. Liquid → Solid → Gas
      Use the diagram below to answer question
  17. Digestion of food starts at the part marked:
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
  18. d18
    Grade five pupils performed the experiment above. Which pin was the first to fall?
    1. B
    2. A
    3. D
    4. none
  19. Grade six learners did the experiment below.
    Where should the candle be placed when performing the experiment above?
    1. B
    2. D


  1. Which one of the following is an indigenous cereal crop?
    1. yams 
    2. Sorghum 
    3. Arrow roots
    4. Pig weed
  2. The following are advantages of sunken bed. Which one is not? 
    1. They retain moisture 
    2. They capture maximum rainfall 
    3. They keep roots cooler
    4. They cause soil erosion
  3. Landside is a form of                        erosion.
    1. rill
    2. sheet
    3. gulley
    4. splash
  4. The following are creeping crops except 
    1. pumpkin 
    2. watermelon 
    3. sorghum
    4. grapevine
  5. Giving drugs to animals to get rid of parasites is called
    1. watering
    2. deworming
    3. vet care
    4. drenching 
  6. The method of irrigation shown below is called                             
    1. basin irrigation
    2. drip irrigation
    3. pipe irrigation
    4. flood irrigation 
  7. Teacher Grace, a grade 6 Agriculture teacher intended to clean the bush in her farm. Which safety clothing should she wear?
    1. Gumboots, goggles, overcoat 
    2. Rubber, gloves, face mask, ear buds. 
    3. Shoes, face masks, rubber gloves
    4. Shirt, trouser, hat
  8. The following activities contribute to soil fertility in the farm. Which one does not?
    1. Use of organic manure 
    2. Mulching
    3. Burning
    4. Recovering soil 
  9. Identify this type of deterrent?
    1. Thorny fence
    2. Deflector 
    3. Wire mesh
    4. Traps 
  10. A female sheep is known as
    1. Ram
    2. Lamb 
    3. Ewe
    4. Sheep


  1. The following items are used as cosmetics. Which one is not?
    1. Lotion
    2. Eyeshadow
    3. Lipstick
    4. Watch 
  2. Dangers of mising cosmetics include all the following except
    1. They make one look appealing.
    2. They can cause skin irritation
    3. They can cause eye infection
    4. They can cause allergic reactions.
  3. Adolescence is a stage between the ages of
    1. 9 - 12 years
    2. 9 - 13 years
    3. 13 - 19 years
    4. 8 - 15 years
  4. The following foods are sources of iron. Which one is not? 
    1. Oranges
    2. Tuna fish
    3. Liver
    4. Spinach
  5. One of the following is a reason why we preserve meat. Which one?
    1. To remove fat 
    2. To make it more
    3. To make it tastier
    4. To make it last longer 
  6. Which one of the following is not a cooking equipment?
    1. Electric cooker
    2. Pot
    3. Paraffin stove
    4. Charcoal jiko 
  7. The causes of obesity are listed below. Which one is not? 
    1. Excess intake of fat 
    2. Lack of regular exercises 
    3. Maintaining a healthy body weight
    4. Eating junk foods 
  8. The needlework tool shown below is used for
    1. storing the sewing kit 
    2. protecting the tailor 
    3. holding thread
    4. storing pins and needles 
  9. The following are factors to consider when choosing buttons. Which one is not?
    1. The person you are buying the buttons for
    2. The colour of the garment 
    3. The size of the button 
    4. The number of button holes
  10. Which one of the following is not a permanent stitch? 
    1. Loop stitch
    2. Long and short tacking stitch 
    3. Overlock stitch
    4. Back stitch


  1. Grade 6 girls of Nyahururu Academy were having a swimming lesson. One girl lay on one side in the water as she swam in water. What is the name given to this swimming stroke? 
    1. Back stroke 
    2. Breast stroke 
    3. Side stroke
    4. Butterfly stroke 
  2. Below are steps in the scissor technique in high jump. Arrange them in the correct order:
    1. Approach 
    2. The flight 
    3. The take off
    4. Landing
      1. (ii), (i), (iii), (iv)
      2. (i), (iii), (ii), (iv)
      3. (iv), (iii), (i), (ii)
      4. (iii), (ii), (iv), (i) 
  3. Which equipment below is correctly matched with the event where they are used?
    1. Baton - Javelin
    2. Shot - Non-visual baton exchange
    3. Javelin - Shot put
    4. Cross bar - High jump 
  4. Below is an equipment used in standing discus. What is its name?
    1. Marking flag 
    2. Score card 
    3. Таре
    4. Flag
  5. Trapping is a skill performed by soccer players. Which part of the body can be used to trap the ball?
    1. Face 
    2. Ankle 
    3. Thigh
    4. Arm 
  6. Tackling in handball involves
    1. rolling the ball on the ground continuously 
    2. throwing the ball in the goal 
    3. stopping an attacking player with the hands and the chest
    4. catching the ball using a "W" formation
  7. Which one of the following is not a fault in a volleyball game? 
    1. Stepping on or over the line on a serve. 
    2. Reaching under the net and crossing the line.
    3. Hitting the ball twice in a row.
    4. Serving the ball over the net
  8. What is tagging in rugby?
    1. Pulling tags or stripes from the Striker carrying the ball to restrict their attack on the tryline.
    2. Passing the ball to the team mate. 
    3. Opposing the scoring
    4. Throwing the ball that was offside.
  9. Which one of the following is not a quality of a good leader?
    1. Charisma 
    2. High motivation 
    3. Good communication
    4. Selfish 
  10. In netball, which of these positions is not allowed in the D?
    1. Goal attract
    2. Centre
    3. Goal defence
    4. Goal shooter


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