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Creative Arts & Social Studies/RE Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 6 End of Term 2 Exams 2022 Set 2

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  1. You have been given this question booklet and a separate answer sheet.
  2. Do any necessary rough work in this booklet.
  3. When you have chosen your answer, mark it on ANSWER SHEET, not in the question booklet.


  1. Use an ordinary pencil. 
  2. Make sure that you have written on the answer sheet:
  3. By drawing a dark line inside the correct numbered boxes mark your full Assessment Number in the grid near the top of the answer sheet.
  4. Do not make any marks outside the boxes.
  5. Keep your answer sheet as clean as possible and do not fold it.
  6. For each of the Question, answers are given. The answers are lettered A, B, C, and D. In each case only ONE of the four answers is correct. Choose the correct answer.
  7. On the answer sheet the correct answer is to be shown by drawing a dark line inside the box in which the letter you have chosen is written.
    In the Question Booklet:
    23. The cheapest way of preserving fish is
    1. freezing
    2. sun drying
    3. smoking
    4. canning
      The correct answer is B (sun drying)
      On the answer sheet:
      23. [A] [B] [C] [D]
  8. Your dark line MUST be within the box. 
  9. For each question ONLY ONE box is to be marked in each set of four boxes.



  1. What is still life drawing? 
    1. Drawing from observation 
    2. Drawing plants 
    3. Drawing from imagination 
    4. Drawing of non-moving objects
  2. Grace, a grade 5 pupil, was making baskets using twinning technique. Which natural materials could she use to make the basket? 
    1. Nylon
    2. Plastic
    3. Nylon threads
    4. Sisal fibres
  3. Three of the following are parts of a book jacket. Which one is not?
    1. A spine
    2. A Back cover
    3. A flap
    4. Decorated pictures
  4. Kimathi mixed colours to paint in a colour wheel. Which colour did he get after mixing red and orange?
    1. Amber
    2. Pink
    3. Red - orange
    4. Purple
  5. Which career is related with the skill and talent of making quality pictures?
    1. Painting
    2. Photography
    3. Design
    4. Fashon design
  6. Which of the following techniques can be used to create a dark effect on the picture below
    6 d
    1. Painting
    2. Colouring
    3. Stippling technique
    4. Scratching technique
  7. Tonal variation can be created through addition of one of the following pairs of colours. Which one?
    1. Orange and white
    2. White and black
    3. Yellow and green
    4. Green and black
  8. The following are used in painting except
    1. Crayon
    2. Sponge
    3. Spatula
    4. Point brush 
  9.                                  makes a piece of artwork attractive.
    1. Balance 
    2. Colour
    3. Texture
    4. Size
  10. The following materials are used in crayon etching except
    1. mounting surface
    2. glue
    3. sharp tools
    4. water


  1. The following are all ornaments except
    1. necklaces
    2. anklet
    3. earing
    4. descant 
  2. Grade 5 pupils were told to compose a song about HIV/AIDs. What type of song did they compose?
    1. Love song
    2. Patriotic song
    3. Action song
    4. Topical song
  3. A drum is a musical instrument that is played by
    1. shaking
    2. hitting
    3. blowing
    4. plucking
  4. The musical instrument drawn below is known as
    14 d
    1. Wandidi 
    2. Nyatiti
    3. Obukamo
    4. Piano
  5. Three of the following are benefits of songs in the community. Which one is not
    1. For entertainment
    2. To pass information
    3. To curse people
    4. To preserve culture
  6. Which of the following song are performed to lure children to sleep?
    1. Work songs 
    2. Play songs
    3. Lullaby songs
    4. Action songs
  7. Which one of the following elements refers to the speed of a song?
    1. Tempo
    2. Pitch
    3. Dynamics
    4. Structure
  8. The Kenya National Anthem has                            stanzas.
    1. 1
    2. 4
  9. What is the name of the traditional musical instrument shown below?
    19 d
    1. Drum 
    2. Horn
    3. Guitar
    4. Piano 
  10. Songs sung to show love and respect to our country are known as                                  songs. 
    1. patriotic 
    2. love 
    3. topical 
    4. action

Use the map of KIGI are below to answer questions that follow:

kigi area map

  1. Which is the main religion in Kigi area
    1. Islamic
    2. Christianity
    3. Hindu
    4. Traditional
  2. Kigi area is likely to be a
    1. Sub county
    2. Country
    3. County
    4. Ward
  3. River Kigi flows from                            to                               
    1. South West to North East
    2. South East to North East
    3. North East to South West
    4. North West to South East 
  4. What is the settlement pattern evident in Kigi Area? 
    1. clustered
    2. Linear
    3. Dense
    4. Sparse 
  5. The climate of the South Western part of Kigi Area is likely to be
    1. hot and dry
    2. cool and dry 
    3. cool and wet 
    4. hot and dry
  6.                                            is something that we use to create wealth.
    1. Resource 
    2. Economic activity 
    3. Trade
    4. Farming

Use the diagram below to answer questions 27 and 28

27 d

  1. The latitude marked 'b' is likely to be
    1. prime meridian
    2. Tropic of Cancer
    3. Arctic circle
    4. Equator 
  2. The latitude labelled T measures
    1. 23 1/2° N
    2. 23 1/2° S
    3. 66 1/2° S
    4. 23 1/2° S 
  3. The following are qualitites of good leader except
    1. Kind
    2. Honest 
    3. Responsible
    4. Arrogant

Study the map below and answer questions 20 to 32

30 d

  1. The drainage feature marked D is
    1. R. Athi 
    2. R. Tana
    3. R. Turkwel
    4. L. Victoria
  2. The physical feature marked B was formed through a process known as 
    1. faulting and uplifting 
    2. faulting and sinking 
    3. volcanicity 
    4. down warping
  3. Which of the following rivers has its mouth in the drainage feature marked C? 
    1. River Migori 
    2. River Yala 
    3. River Turkwel 
    4. River Sagana
  4. Which feature is formed at the point where River Tana flows into the Indian Ocean? 
    1. Tributarys
    2. Valley
    3. Delta
    4. Estuary 
  5. A person who belongs to a certain country is known as
    1. patriot
    2. resident
    3. citizen
    4. foreigner 
  6. A low-lying flat land is known as a
    1. plateau
    2. plain
    3. valley
    4. highland 
  7. Which one of the following is the highest mountain in Eastern Africa?
    1. Mt. Kenya
    2. Mt. Kilimanjaro
    3. Mt. Elgon
    4. Mt. Ruwenzori 
  8. The main work of the police is to
    1. arrest criminals
    2. protect the leaders
    3. maintain law and order
    4. kill the law breakers 
  9. Which group below is made up of Bantu speakers in Uganda?
    1. Agikuyu, Ameru, Aembu
    2. Wanyamwezi, Wayao, Chagga 
    3. Baganda, Basoga, Batoro
    4. Banyore, Abagusii, Wangoni 
  10. Eastern Africa has                            countries. 
    1. 11
    2. 12
    3. 13
    4. 14 
  11. General election in Kenya take place after every                            years.
    1. 15
    2. 10
    3. 5

SECTION B: C.R.E (20mks)

  1. Grade six learners were discussing the Biblical story of creation using their Bible. From theri discussion, they found that human beings were created on: 
    1. the fourth day 
    2. the third day 
    3. the fifth day
    4.  the sixth day 
  2. Which one of the following lessons can grade six pupil best learn from the story of Abraham? 
    1. To be honest 
    2. To trust in God 
    3. To be helpful
    4.  To be generous 
  3. Whic of the following is NOT a gospel book? 
    1. Acts
    2. Luke
    3. John
    4. John 
  4. Which one of the following boxes contain a pair of gifts of the Holy Spirit?
    1. Love
    2. Faithfulness
    3. Healing
    4. Preaching
  5. A grade six CRE teacher asked the
    pupils to complete the beatitude below: "Happy are the pure in heart ......" Which one of the following responses that they gave was CORRECT? 
    1. they will receive what God has promised
    2. they will see God
    3. they will be called children of God
    4. They will be comforted
  6. Grace was asked to take care of her siblings by her mother while she was away but she did not do that. The christian value that she lacked is: 
    1. Honesty 
    2. Wisdom 
    3. Obedience 
    4. Joy
  7. Which of the following was the first miracle that Jesus performed? 
    1. Turning water into wine. 
    2. Raising Lazarus 
    3. Feeding the hungry crowd 
    4. Healing the bleeding woman
  8. Which one of the following is NOT a factor that Lincoh, a grade six pupil, should consider when choosing a friend? 
    1. Disobedient 
    2. Hardworking 
    3. Irresponsible 
    4. Wealthy
  9. In which of the following ways can the residents of Mtwapa village do to care for their environment?
    1. Planting along river banks 
    2. Cutting doen trees 
    3. Planting trees 
    4. Blowing charcoal
  10. You have discovered that your best friend at school is suffering from an incurable disease. As a christian, what is the BEST thing for you to do? 
    1. Advice him or her to transfer to another school 
    2. Tell him or her to donate blood 
    3. Tell him or her to leave school. 
    4. Advice her or him to seek medical attention.


marking scheme

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