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English Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 6 KPSEA End Term 3 Exam 2022 Set 1 Featured

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Read the following conversation and then answer questions 1 - 5

Cow:            Hallo everyone. The other day our discussion did not come to an end as there fell a heavy rain. Let us discuss our importance to our master, man.
Dog:             You all know how important I am to man. I make sure that you, the farmer and his family are safe. For that reason, I am the most important animal in the farm. 
Sheep:          But dog, you don't give our master any food product. I give him mutton which is good for his health. I also give him wool as well. This way, he's safe from cold weather. So, I am the most important anımal here.
Donkey:         Who carries our master's luggage to the market? I am the strongest animal of all of u Are we together?
Chicken:        I believe you all know that my meat is the most delicious. Whenever our master has special visitors, he depends on my meat and eggs  to make them and his family happy.
Cow:               You all know that the farmer uses my milk to make his children healthy. That aside, I provide skin and manure to the farmer. Since I provide more than all of you, I am the most important animal. (enters the farmer)
Man:                Hey! Hey! I have been following in your argument keenly. Though some of you provide food products, some provide services. This means that each one of you is equally important to me. For that reason, you are all my friends.

  1. According to this conversation, which of the following animals provide services only?
    1. Cow and donkey. 
    2. Dog and donkey.
    3. Sheep and dog.
    4. Sheep and cow
  2. The conversation puts it clear that man gets duvets from
    1. sheep.
    2. cow: 
    3. chicken.
    4. donkey
  3. "Who boasted to be the strongest animal?
    1. Dog
    2. Chicken.
    3. Cow
    4. Donkey
  4. According to this conversation,for his children's health, which animal did the farmer depend on?
    1. Chicken.
    2. Dog.
    3. Cow.
    4. Sheep.
  5. Finally, what is man's conclusion? 
    1. Food product providers were more  important.
    2. Service providing animals were liked most
    3. None of the animals was of any importance.
    4. All the animals were equally important.

Read the passage and then answer questions 6 to 9

             In a warm simmer afternoon in a park or garden, bees are buzzing around the flowers. You might be sitting in the sun and feeling kind of lazy. But the bees are busy doing work that is important to you. Bees work very hard day and night. They are also very organized.
            Bees are insects. They have three pairs of legs and four wings. Like all insects, they have a head, thorax and abdomen. They have mouth parts and a tongue for collecting nectar. Becs live in groups called colonies. They can also live in hives. They like flowers and you can see them from one flower to another. They collect nectar and pollen as food. They also make wax'which is used to make candles. Bees have a queen. There is only one queen in the hive. The queen lays eggs in the hive. There are other bees called workers. They make the hive and collect nectar. They also protect the hive. They sting anyone or anything that disturbs them.

  1. When bees work hard day and night, they
    1. sting any intruder.
    2. make honey.
    3. protect the colony. 
    4. lay eggs.
  2. Bees are not different from other insects because they.
    1. have three pairs of wings.
    2. sting anybody or anything that disturbs them.
    3. have a thorax.
    4. make honey using nectar.
  3. To humans, bees are useful in that they
    1. make wax for candles
    2. protect their colonies.
    3. feed on honey and nectar.
    4. sting whatever disturbs them.
  4. The work of the queen bee is to
    1. collect nectar.
    2. protect the hive.
    3. lay eggs.
    4. make the hive.

Read the passage and then answer questions 10 to 12.

             The are many species of wild cats ranging in size. Some of the wild cats are leopard, lions and tigers. Which of these did our domestic cats come from? Cats are more difficult to tame than other members of the dog family like wolf cubs or jackal cubs.
             Like people, wolves, jackals and dogs live and work together naturally in packs. They are social animals. Cats are not at all like this. As wild animals, they live and hunt alone. They are naturally unsociable animals. This makes them difficult to tame. Even the kittens of domestic cats, if born in a different corner of the garden, can be difficult to tame unless brought into the house very young.
             If you have both a cat and a dog in your house, you will notice the difference in their characters. The dog wants to take part in everything that is going on as a full member of the family. He sometimes barks at strangers to keep them away and has a much sense of responsibility to the house and family. But your cat simply lives with you because it suits him and takes no real part in things. Nobody ever heard of a cat yowling at a stranger or bitter at a burglar.

  1. According to the first paragraph, which statement is true?
    1. Cats and dogs are easier to tame than wolves and jackals.
    2. Cats, leopards, lions and tigers belong to the same family.
    3. Tigers, lions, dogs and jackals belong to the same family.
    4. Wolves and jackals are members of wild cats.
  2. Why are cats not easy to tame? They
    1. hunt alone and are not social
    2. are very fearful and very dangerous.
    3. don't like to live with people.
    4. have funny characters.
  3. According to the passage, why do cats  live with people?
    1. Because they were tamed.
    2. Because of the benefits they get  from people.
    3. To show responsibility as the owner  of the house.
    4. They don't like living as wild animals.

Read the passage and then answer questions 13 to 15.

             Jack and I examined the bread-fruit. We were much struck with its broad leaves which were twelve or eighteen inches long, deeply indented and of a glossy smoothness like laurel.
             The tree bears two or three crops of fruits in a year-much like wheatened bread in appearance. It is found in shape, about six inches in diameter with a rough outer skin. It forms the principal food of many south sea islanders. The fruit of the tree we inspected hung in clusters of twos and threes on the branches and were of various colours from light pea-green to brown and rich yellow. Jack said the yellow fruits were ripe. The trunk was twenty feet high, being quite destitute of the branches upto that height, where it branched off into a beautiful head. The wood which is durable and of a good colour is used to build native houses, the bark of the young branches being made into cloth. Another product of this wonderful tree is the gum which serves the natives for pitching their canoes.

  1.  What is the fruit like in appearance?
    1. Deeply indented and of a glossy smoothness.
    2. Broad leaves and of a glossy
    3. It is twelve or eighteen inches long.
    4. It is like wheatened bread in appearance and round in shape.
  2. Why is the tree very important to the  natives?
    1. It bears fruits that form the principal food for many islanders.
    2. Because it bears fruits sic inches long and has a rough outer skin.
    3. because of its broad leaves. 
    4. because it has a glossy smoothness. smoothness.
  3. How could you recognise a ripe fruit? By its 
    1. leaves which are 12 or 18 inches long. 
    2. rough outer skin.
    3. rich yellow colour.
    4. round shape. 

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20. For each blank space select the best alternative from the choices given

             Kimberly watched the moving van     16      to the house next     17    . Finally, some new neighbours. The house had stood     18    for months and Kimberly had been hoping a girl of her age would move in.
             "Mom, they are here!" She   19   . "Well, let them settle and then we'll go over and say hello and welcome them to the neighbourhood," Mother said. Kimberly stared     20    and hopeful as the van door opened.

16  A. wind up B. pull up  C. get down  D. break down 
17 A, place B. apartment C. door  D. room
18 A. empty B. occupied C. vacancy  D. still
19 A. whisper B. barked C. ordered  D. yelled
20 A. eyes apart B. blindly C. wide-eyed  D. loud and clear

For questions 21 to 23. select the correct relative pronoun to complete the sentences,

  1. By ________ was the van driven?
    1. who
    2. whose
    3. whom
    4. which
  2. The boy _______ shoes were missing is here. 
    1. who
    2. whose
    3. where
    4. whom
  3. _________ is the fifth president of Kenya?
    1. Who
    2. What
    3. Whose
    4. Whom

For questions 24 to 26. choose the best alternative to replace the underlined words.

  1. Komu was showing off because of his new computer game. 
    1. playing.
    2. . boasting.
    3. displaying.
    4. representing.
  2. A group of lions was seen in the grassland.
    1. herd. 
    2. flock.
    3.  troupe.
    4. .pride.
  3. The Ballers beat our team in the tournament.
    1. won
    2. crushed.
    3. defeated
    4. sentenced.

In questions 27 to 29. choose the best alternative to complete the sentences,

  1. The basket was ______ Masese to lift.
    1. very heavy. 
    2. too heavy.
    3. so heavy.
    4. quite heavy.
  2. Mr. Kanga was _________ tired that he had to take a rest.
    1. So
    2. very 
    3. too
    4. extremely
  3. The guests ________ for ugali and fried pork in the resturant.
    1. begged 
    2. asked
    3. demand
    4. ordered

For question 30, select a different pronoun,

    1. Nowhere
    2. Anywhere 
    3. Where
    4. Somewhere

Marking Scheme

  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. C
  5. D
  6. B
  7. C
  8. A
  9. C
  10. B
  1. A
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A
  5. C
  6. B
  7. C
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C
  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C
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