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Types of Songs - Music CBC Grade 6 Notes

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Types Of Songs

  1. Religious songs
  2. Patriotic songs
  3. Topical songs
  4. Popular songs
  5.  Action song
  6.  Western art sons
  7.  African art songs
    NB: An art song is a traditional song that has been rearranged for solo or choral performance.
    They are usually accompanied by musical instruments.

Western Art Songs

  • Is a European or western folk song which has been arranged for solo or choral performance.
  • Are simply art song based on the western/European style of performance.
  • Art songs are written in verses.
  • Western art songs are based on stories and talk about the beauty of nature.
  • When performing western art songs ensure that you bring out the correct mood.
  • The mood can be shown through facial expressions, gestures observing performance directions and observing correct tempo or speed.
  • Different art songs convey different messages.
  • Example of western art song:

    Lyrics: The Path to the Moon
    Eric H. Thiman l Choir

    I long to sail on a path to the moon
    On a de-ep blue night
    when the wind is cool
    A glist'ning Path that runs out to sea
    Silver the sails to carry me
    To ca--rry
    Ca--rry me over the sea
    So will I sail on a stary night
    on the path to the moon, a sea bird's flight!
    Skimming the waves where the fishes play
    Traveling on for many a day
    Silver the sails to carry me,
    to ca--rry
    ca--rry me over the sea! 

African Art Song

  • African folk songs or African songs which have been rearranged for solo or choral performances.
  • They can also be accompanied by African musical instruments or western musical instruments
  • African art songs are written and performed in an African style.
  • The songs use African rhythm and language
  • African art songs are based on traditions of Africa.
  • Example of African art song


    Wimbo huu ni wimbo wa historia watu wote mnaombwa msikize kwa makini
    Ilikuwa oktoba 1952 watu wote tulisikia kenyatta ameshikwa
    Hakushikwa kenyatta pekee yake lakini alishikwa na mabingwa wa uhuru
    Oooooh ooohh ooohhh
    Ilikua kilio nchini kenya watu wote tuliona huzuni mwingi sana
    Wakina baba kina mama na watoto wote walilia machozi wakisema wooooi wooooiiii woi tunataka
    Kenyatta aachiliwe
    Baba (wa) taifa alipotoka gerezani aliwakuta wajumbe wetu wametengana vibaya sana
    Kishayake baba taifa alikata shauri moja kujiunga na chama chetu Kanu
    Aliongoza wajumbe pa kaula ya kufika huko alipigwa na mayai yaliyooza
    Baba taifa hakujali alishinda na kurudi na katibaya nchi yetu hapa Kenya
    Ilipofika Disemba kumi na mbili sitini na tatu mzee wetu alinyakua uhuru kenya
    Kisha yake Disemba sitini na nne mzee wetu alipandisha bendera jamuhuri
    Mzee wetu alituomba tusahau yaliyopita badala yake tuijenge nchi yetu
    Alisema Harambee tuungane na hivi sasa tumejua harambee ni umoja
    Asante baba wetu kweli we asante baba wetu 

Patriotic Songs

  • They are sung in praise of a county and its leaders.
  • They emphasize on patriotism, ,peace, unity love, pride of our country and social cohesion among citizen.
  • The words in patriotic songs may talk about history, people, resources, sceneries and values of a nation.
  • Examples of patriotic songs
    • Kenya, Kenya Taifa Leo
    • Tunajivuniakenyanchiyetu,
    • Tushangiliekenya.

Religious / Sacred Songs

  • They are songs performed by different for religious groups e.g. Christianity, Islam and Hinduism
  • Are specifically sung for the purpose of worship and praise a divine or prayer.
  • Example of a religious song
    This is the day
    This is the day (x2)
    That the Lord has made (x2)
    Let us rejoice (x2)
    And be glad in it (x2)
    This is the day that the Lord has made
    Let us rejoice and be glad in it
    This is the day (x2)
    That the Lord has made
    Come unto Me (x2)
    O My people come (x2)
    Sing praise to Him (x2)
    I will make you one (x2)
    Come unto Me, O My people come
    Sing praise to Him, I will make you one
    This is the day (x2)
    That the Lord has made
    Sing and be glad (x2)
    For the Lord is good (x2)
    He’s done great things (x2)
    As He said He would (x2)
    Sing and be glad, for the Lord is good
    He’s done great things, as He said He would
    This is the day (x2)
    That the Lord has made 

Topical Songs

  • Are songs that talk about issues affecting the society.
  • They are used to convey special message on pertinent and contemporary issue.
  • Some of the issues that affect society include:
    • Safety
    •  personal hygiene
    • health and nutrition,
    • importance of education
    • environmental conservation
    • drought/famine
    • disease
    • water and sanitation
    • Children’s right
  • Topical songs offer advice on how the society can address the various issues.
    Example of topical songs.
    • Corona ni hatari
    • Wash your hands
    • Njoo twende shule

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