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English Questions and Answers - Grade 5 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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Read the following dialogue and answer questions 1-5.


  Hannah    : Hello Rahab! How are you?     

  Rahab      : I am very fine. What about you?

  Hannah    : I am fine too. I am happy to see you again after you transferred from our school. It is almost a year.

  Rahab      : Yes. It's a long time but all has been well. The school I joined is good. Teachers as well as pupils are very friendly.

  Hannah    : Do you remember Mr. Nyamai, who was our class. teacher?

  Rahab      : Yes I do. Tell me about him. He was my best teacher.

  Hannah    : He was promoted. He is now the school head teacher.

  Rahab      : That's great news. He deserved that. And by the way, I must leave now. Bye for now.

  1. About a year ago, Hanna and Rahab were
    1. desk mates
    2. village mates
    3. house mates
    4. classmates
  2. What is not true about Rahab's new school?
    1. Pupils are very friendly
    2. All classrooms are modern
    3. Teachers are very friendly
    4. The school is good
  3. Why do you think Mr. Nyamai was promoted?
    1. He was a dedicated teacher
    2. He was a lazy teacher
    3. He was Rahab's best teacher
    4. He was a class teacher
  4. Rahab says 'I must leave now' This shows that
    1. she was afraid of Hannah
    2. she never wanted to see Hannah again
    3. she was probably in a hurry
    4. she was full of pride
  5. When Rahab said 'bye', Hannah would have answered
    1. okey
    2. alright
    3. thank you
    4. see you again

Read the passage below and answer questions 6 to 9


My uncle and I were driving along a lonely village road. It was late in the evening and we feared arriving home late. It usually took us two hours from grandfather's place to ours. My uncle found it necessary to speed.

It happened faster than the blinking of an eye. One of the front wheels got a puncture. Unfortunately, my uncle had not carried a spare wheel with him. To avoid any unexpected attack, he drove almost two kilometres until we reached a shopping centre. We were lucky to find a mechanic who fixed the puncture and tightened the brakes. We took off again and arrived home safe and sound. I put up at my uncle's place since our home was a little far and my uncle and I were very tired.

  1. Why did the writer's uncle drive fast?
    1. The road was smooth
    2. The village road was lonely
    3. It was late in the evening
    4. He feared being attacked
  2. How did the car get a puncture?
    1. Slowly by slowly
    2. All of as sudden
    3. Knowingly
    4. Mistakenly
  3. How long did it take the writer's uncle to drive with a flat tyre?
    1. About two kilometres
    2. Exactly two kilometres
    3. Atleast 2 kilometres
    4. More than two kilometres
  4. What could not be a reason why the writer spent the night at his uncle's place?
    1. He feared unexpected attack
    2. They arrived a little bit late
    3. They were both very tired
    4. His home was a little far from his uncle's

Read the passage below and answer questions 10-12


Many people take a long period of time before cleaning their wardrobes. They are usually messy and disorganised. A well-organised wardrobe will save you a lot of time in the morning.

When cleaning the closet, first empty the space. Remove all clothes, footwear and any other items in the wardrobe. Sort your clothing such as trousers, shirts, suits and others. Take out unnecessary items like foodstuff and stationery that are not suitable for a wardrobe.

Some clothing which are not needed or do not fit anymore should be separated for donation. Now start folding clothes and use hangers for those that need to be hanged. Try using same style and colour of hangers to give an impression of organisation and cleanliness. Always remember to completely avoid mixing water and wood. Wipe clean with a water -based cleaning solution. Moisture damages your cabinets and may cause wood rot which can dampen your clothing

  1. What is the advantage of a well-organized wardrobe?
    1. It takes too long to clean
    2. It saves a lot of time
    3. It wastes a huge space
    4. It makes the wardrobe look messy
  2. When cleaning wardrobe, the following are important except;
    1. sorting clothes according to type
    2. removing everything from the wardrobe
    3. taking out unnecessary items from the wardrobe
    4. messing and disorganizing the wardrobe
  3. Which one of the following is true according to the passage?
    1. Needless clothing should be given out as a donation
    2. Clothes should be hanged by use of new hangers
    3. All the clothing must be hanged
    4. The cleaning solution should be pure water

Read the following passage and answer questions 13-15.

Once upon a time, a wolf was strolling in the country-side. It found a sheep skin spread on the ground. The wolf thought, "If I put on the skin and mix up with the flock, the shepherd will hardly notice me. Then at night, I will sneak out with the fattest sheep.''

The wolf clothed himself in the sheepskin and mixed up with the flock of sheep. The shepherd, unaware of the enemy,
took it as a sheep and shut him together in the pen. The wolf patiently waited for the night.

That night, the shepherd had visitors. He decided to prepare them a feast. So he sent a servant to fetch the fattest sheep. The servant chose the wolf which was covered in sheepskin. The servant thought it was a fat ram. That night, the guests enjoyed a wolf for supper

  1. The shepherd of the flock would not notice the wolf because
    1. he was feeding on grass like sheep
    2. he was looking just like a real sheep
    3. he was hiding among the other sheep
    4. he was bleating just like a sheep
  2. Why did the shepherd shut the wolf together with the sheep?
    1. He was waiting for the night
    2. He was receiving guests that night
    3. He was not aware of the enemy wolf
    4. He wanted to have the wolf's meat for supper
  3. A flock is to sheep as _____  is to lion.
    1. shoal
    2. troop
    3. brood
    4. pride

Read the passage below keenly. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20. Fill in the spaces using the best alternative from the choices given.

Earth is the third __16___ from the sun in our solar system. Like __17__ the other planets, the sun. The Earth is the only planet in our solar system that is known to support ___19__ .This is because it has lots of water and oxygen that living creatures __20___ to survive. Earth goes support.

 16  moon  planet   world   ground 
 17  some  none   either   all 
 18  through  round   across   above 
 19  live   weight  life   space 
 20  need  needing   needs   needed 


For questions 21 to 25 fill in the blank spaces using correct alternative from the choices given.

  1. Pedestrians _______ use a footbridge to cross a busy road.
    1. could
    2. might
    3. would
    4. should
  2. A troupe of _______ entertained the guests.
    1. dancers
    2. soldiers
    3. visitors
    4. children
  3. The boy and the girl found ______ in the same class.
    1. himself
    2. themselves
    3. herself
    4. itself
  4. The ______ model won the beauty contest.
    1. tall, slim, young
    2. young, slim, tall
    3. slim, young, tall
    4. tall, young, slim
  5. She has ______ books enough for all of us
    1. few
    2. a little
    3. little
    4. a few

For questions 26 to 30, choose the alternative that completes each sentence.

  1. All birds ____ fly.
    1. does not
    2. are not
    3. do not
    4. is not
  2. Mariam ______ in this hotel. She is very polite.
    1. work
    2. worked
    3. working
    4. works
  3. The herd of cows ____ been grazing in the valley.
    1. have
    2. is
    3. has
    4. are
  4. My aunt ____ black cats.
    1. doesn't likes
    2. doesn't like
    3. don't likes
    4. don't like
  5. I had not ____ my breakfast when the strange man knocked at the door.
    1. took
    2. take
    3. taking
    4. taken


Write an interesting composition about the heading below:



  1. D
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. D
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. A
  10. B
  11. D
  12. A
  13. B
  14. C
  15. D
  16. B
  17. D
  18. B
  19. C
  20. A
  21. D
  22. A
  23. B
  24. A
  25. D
  26. C
  27. D
  28. C
  29. B
  30. D



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