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Language Activities - Grade 5 End Term 1 Exam 2021 SET 2

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Read the passages below and answer the questions in the spaces provided

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On Saturdays, school children have a holiday. Early in the morning, they help their mothers in lighting the fire, putting out cups and saucers, sugar bowls and teapots ready to make tea. After the members of the family have had their break fast, girls help their mothers in washing the dishes and drying them up. Some also help in washing of the school uniform for children, cooking and cleaning the home compound.

Some boys help in cutting the grass around the home compound, cleaning the tlower gardens and washing the house walls and windows.

  1. On which day do the school children have a holiday?
  2. The opposite of morning is
  3. Who helps in cutting the grass?
  4. Who helps in cooking and cleaning the home compound?

    Climate changes

    The climate of a place is formed by the daily changes in weather patterns recorded for a long period of time. In some places, the climate is hot and dry throughout the year. In other places, the climate is hot and wet. Some places have one rainy season and other places have two rainy seasons in a year. The rainy season that lasts longer is called long rains. The one that lasts for a short time is called short rains. Too much rains causes floods. Floods do a lot of harm. They sweep away bridges and homes. If no rain falls for a long time, there is a dry season. No crops or grass can grow in a dry weather. During drought, animals and people lack food. During such a time, there is famine

  5. The long rainy season is called
  6. The short rainy season is called
  7. What causes floods?
  8. What is the opposite of dry as used in the passage?

    The unlucky two

    Once upon a time, there lived a brother and a Sister. Their parents were so poor that they could not take them to school. The boy was called James and the girl was called Jane, They used to stay at home while their parents went to look for food. One day, James and Jane found a book in the forest. It had very beautiful pictures in it. They wanted to know what was written in it but they did not know how to read. They were unlucky for they could not tell what the book was all about.

  9. Why could the parents of James and Jane not take them to school?
  10. The opposite of parents as used in the passage is
  11. James and Jane stayed at home while their parents
  12. James and Jane could not know what was written in the book because


    Transport is the movement of people and goods from one place to another. People in Duses, cars, aeroplanes, trains and ships are called passengers. Pedestrians walk the along road or footpaths. Trains move on rails, a ship travels on water, an aeroplane tlies in the air while buses and cars move on the road. Pilots fly aeroplanes all over the worid.
    Cars, trains, aeroplanes, ships and buses all have engines. When people pay for transport, they are issued with tickets. Vehicles obey traffic lights. When passengers reach their destination, they get off or alight.

  13. Pedestrians are people who
  14. What is common with cars, buses, ships, trains and aeroplanes? They all
  15. Tickets are given to people
  16. It is true to say that cars and buses move on

Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the brackets

  1. My sister is ___________good girl. (a, an)
  2. Grace is writing with ___________ ink pen. (an, the)
  3. I have waited for you for ___________hour. (a, an )

    Use the words in the box fo complete the sentences
    [abuse, punished, rights]
  4. Today, all the children know their
  5. People who treat children badly should be
  6. Parents need to protect their children against child

    Write the plural of the underlined words
  7. She bought a dress from the shop
  8. I have a knife in the dish
  9. My sister has a banana

    The following words are jumbled up. Write them down correctly.
  10. renchild _________________________________________
  11. isklsl_________________________________________

    Complete the sentences using Those, These or This
  12. Look at  __________ beautiful birds over there.
  13. I wish  __________book on the shelf was mine.
  14. All  _________books here are marked.

Write a composition about: MY SCHOOL


  1. Saturdays
  2. Evening/night
  3. Some boys
  4. Girls
  5. long rains
  6. short rains
  7. Too much rain
  8. wet/ rainy weather
  9. Thye were poor
  10. children
  11. went to look for food
  12. they did not know how to read
  13. walk along the roads and footpaths
  14. thye have engines
  15. when they pay for transport
  16. roads
  17. a
  18. an
  19. an
  20. rights
  21. punished
  22. abuse
  23. dresses
  24. knives
  25. bananas
  26. children
  27. skills
  28. those
  29. this
  30. these
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