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Social Studies and Religious Education Questions and Answers - Grade 5 End of Term 3 Exams 2022 Set 1

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The map below shows CHEFE AREA. Use it to answer questions 1-7.( 8 marks).

  1. River Tar has _______________  tributaries.
  2. People in CHEFE Area worship on_________________
  3. CHEFE Area is headed by a _________________(police, chief, governor)
  4. People of CHEFE Area transport their things mainly by _____________________________
  5. Name any two economic activities in the area shown on the map. _________________________ and _________________________
  6. What is the direction of Rare Market from the mosque? 
  7. Name any social amenity in CHEFE Area.
  8. Kenya lies to the _________________________ of Tanzania. (1 mark)
  9. The following is a description of a certain climate condition
    1. temperatures are between 20°C and 25°C
    2. Rainfall is 1100 mm - 2400 mm per year, 
    3. It is cool and wet throughout the year.
      1. Which climatic region of Kenya is described above? (Cool and wet climatic region, tropical climatic region) (1mark)
      2. Name two towns experiencing the above climatic conditions. (2 marks)
  10.  List two ways in which vegetation is important. (2 marks)
  11. Name two factors influencing population distribution. (2 marks)
  12.  Complete the table below. (4 marks)
    Language group Community that make up the language group
      Agikuyu, Wadawida
  13. Give two reasons dairy farming is practiced in the highlands. (2 marks)
  14. In the puzzle below identify and circle the 4 modes of transport. (4 marks)
    R R I L W Y
    O A T U V
    A I G Y X L
    D L O P R S
    L W A T E R
    W A I U P T
    A Y R N O M
    C A B L E S
  15. The diagram below shows the administration structure of school. (3 marks)
    1. Name the administrative leader represented by letter Z.
    2. State two roles of the administrative leader marked Z. 
  16. Road transport is well developed in Kenya. It is also common and very convenience.
    State two causes of road accidents in Kenya. (2 marks)
  17. List two methods of traditional fishing. (2 marks)
  18. Executive is one of the arms of the government. Name any two members of the executive. (2 marks)
  19. Floriculture is the growing of flowers. Name any two types of flower grown in Kenya. (2 marks) 
  20. Name where the following minerals are mined in Kenya. (3 marks)
    1. diatomite
    2. Limestone
    3. Soda ash
  21. What it tourism? (1 marks)
    Use the map below to answer questions 22-24. (3 marks)
  22. The large water body the to the south east of this map is called ____________
  23. The national park marked x is called _____________
  24. The country neighbouring the country to the west is likely to be _____________

SECTION B: Christian Religious Education

  1. State one instruction that John the Baptist gave to the crowd. (1 mark)
  2. Jesus was baptised in which river? ____________(1 mark) (Nile, Jordan, Galilee)
  3. A difficult situation that requires a lot of effort to overcome is called (1 mark) ____________(a challenge, a success, a task)
  4. State a way of showing kindness to the needy. (1 mark)
  5. The paralysed man was healed because he had ____________.(1 mark) (faith, wisdom,honesty)
  6. Re-write the following values correctly. (2 marks)
    1. spectre
    2. еарес
  7. What is a talent? (1 mark) _____________
  8. Write two roles you perform at home __________________. (2 marks)
  9. Write one gift of the Holy Spirit (1 mark)
  10. Who was the first man to be created by God? (1mark)
  11. Who among the following is not a nuclear family member? (1 mark) (Father, uncle, sister)
  12. Name one king mentioned in the Bible. (1 mark)
  13. Write one way of showing respect to elders. (1 mark)

Answer all the questions below. 

  1. Which Surah of the Holy Quran describes the episode of elephant? 
  2. The year the prophet was born was termed as 
  3. Al-waahid means
  4. Which angel is in charge of the gates of Jannah?
  5. Name two attributes or qualities of the prophets of Allah (S.W.T)
  6. Which prophet had a miracle of building an ark?
  7. Name nullifies of saum.
  8. We use ____________________ when taking wudhu.
  9. The sunnah prayer performed before a faradh prayer is called
  10. The word taraweh means
  11. Name one example of social media platform.
  12. Which is the first surah of the Holy Quran?
  13. Angels were created from

Marking Scheme


  1. Two
  2. Friday
  3. Chief
  4. Road transport
  5. cash crop farming trading, lumbering 
  6. West
  7. School, mosque, markets
  8. North East
    1. cool and wet climatic region
    2. kisii, kiambu, Nakuru, and any other place that experience th same climate
  10. Assess
  11. Climate, pest and diseases, floods, government policy, soil, relief, industries, mining etc.
  12. Nilotes- Luo, nandi, marakwet, pokot, turgen, maasai
    Bantus - Luhya, kisii, akamba, aembu, ambeere, agikuyu, 
    Cushites - somali, dahalo, borana, sanye, mbungu
    Asians -  indians, japanese, chinese,
    europeans - britons, french, italians
  13. Cool and wet reliable rainfall
    Good transport and communication
    Plenty of water for the livestock
    Large market
  14. Road, railway, air, water, cable transport
    1. Deputy head teacher
    2. Assist the head teacher
      in charge of discpline
      Secretary during staff meeting
      Makes school time table and routine
      Ensure safety and security
  16. Ignorance of traffic rules
    Driving beyond the speed limit
    Driving vehicles that are in poor condition
    Poor roads
    Driving under influence of alcohol
  17. Use of herbs
    Harpooning/ use of spears
    Use of baskets
    Hand lining
  18. The president
    Deputy president
    Attorney general
    Cabinet secretaries
    Civil servants
  19. Roses, lilies, hibiscus, carnation, orchards
    1. diatomite - kariandusi
    2. Limestone - bamburi, machakos, athi river, sultan hamud, koru
    3. soda ash- lake magadi in kajiado county
  21. Travelling from one place to another for leisure
  22. Indian ocean
  23. Amboseli national park
  24. Uganda
  25. A- award 5 marks for a well- drawen structure including the shield.


  1. If you have two shirts give to one who has none,
    if you have food share with the hungry
  2. Jordan
  3. a challenge
  4. supporting them with food and clothing
    building them shelter
  5. faith
  6. respect
  7. special abilities or gifts from God
  8. Cooking,
    washing clothes etc
  9. Assess
  10. Adam
  11. Uncle
  12. King david, king solomon
  13. Assess


  1. fil/ fily
  2. The year of elephant/ Amul fil
  3. the one
  4. ridhwan
  5. Are honest, truthful, faithful, generous, kind , obedient, intelligent, wise, responsible, repsectful, sinless/ maasumeen
  6. prophet nus (as)
  7. eating intentionally, 
    drinking intentionally
    vomiting intentionally
    sexual intercourse
    experiencing heidh
  8. Water/ clean water
  9. Qabliyah
  10. Pause or rest
  11. Google, 
    (Accept any correct answer)
  12. Fatiha/ hamdu
    Nur/ light

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