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English Language & Literacy/Kusoma Questions and Answers - Grade 5 End of Term 3 November 2022 Exams Set 2

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Read the following passage and answer questions 1-5
Sonkole and Ombija lived near river Kredo with their parents. There was also a smell behind their home. The small river flowed down the hill. Sonkole and his brother played near the river ev eryday after they returned home from school.
They picked beautiful flowers and fruits and ran around the trees. They also played hide and seek game. When it became very hot they could take a rest under the trees. Some times they also jumped into the water to cool themselves. They always made sure that they got home before dark ness fell for the fear of the wild animals and because their parents had told them.

  1. Where did the two children live with their parents?
    1. On the mountain
    2. Near the river
    3. In the lake
    4. Near the hill
  2. There was__and __near their home.
    1. mountain and a lake
    2. a river and a hill
    3. a book and a pen
    4. a forest and a park
  3. Mention one game played by the two boys?
    1. Hide and seek
    2. Football
    3. Kabaddi
    4. Volleyball
  4. What did the boys do when it was hot? 
    1. They went home running
    2. They took a rest under the trees
    3. They run around the trees
    4. They played hide and seek game
  5. Why do you think the boys rushed home before darkness fell? 
    1. They were tired of playing 
    2. To please their parents 
    3. to go and work
    4. They feared wild animals

Read the passage below and answer questions 6 - 10.
One day Wambui woke up very late and was very sorry about it. She had to prepare herself and run to school. She took a quick shower, brushed her teeth and joined her mum in the kitchen for breakfast. "Why are you late?" Her mum asked, "I am sorry, I overslept."
After breakfast she thanked her mum and waved goodbye. Took her bag and run to school. Upon her arrival, she found the teacher in class. Her heart almost skipped a bit as she knocked the door. "Excuse me teacher, may I come in?" "Yes come in, where are you from this late?" the teacher asked, "Pardon me please, I watched a scary movie, had a terrible dream" "You are always a good girl join the rest," thank you teachers."

  1. The expression her heart almost skipped abit means;
    1. she was tired
    2. she fainted
    3. she was terrified
    4. she died
  2. Why do you think the teacher pardoned Wambui? 
    1. She was very indisciplined 
    2. She had bribed the teacher
    3. She had always been good
    4. The teacher hated her
  3. If you were Wambui what would you have done to avoid lateness?
    1. Watch movie till late
    2. Not watch scary movies till late
    3. Sleep early some times
    4. Play games till late
  4. How did Wambui feel when she woke up late?
    1. She celebrated
    2. She felt sorry
    3. She cried loudly
    4. She did not go to school
  5. What was the mother doing when she woke up?
    1. She was sleeping
    2. she was preparing breakfast
    3. She was playing
    4. She was in the garden

For questions 11-30, complete the sentences according to the instructions Use the correct form of adjective to complete the sentences

  1. Benard is___than Derrick.
    1. hand some
    2. more handsome
    3. handsomer
    4. most handsome
  2. This toy is the___of all.
    1. uglier 
    2. ugly
    3. more ugly
    4. ugliest
  3. His results are____compared to the previous.
    1. good
    2. better
    3. best
    4. more best

Choose the correct question tag to complete the sentences

  1. He went to school late yesterday,____
    1. went he
    2. didn't he
    3. doesn't he
    4. do he
  2. They were sent back home in the morning, 
    1. weren't they
    2. did they
    3. wasn't they
    4. don't they
  3. Saka and Gaby are not good football players, ____
    1. are we
    2. is they
    3. aren't they
    4. are they

Use the correct word to complete the sentences below

  1. They boy dressed
    1. herself
    2. himself
    3. themself
    4. yourself
  2. The cat hurt___
    1. himself
    2. herself
    3. themselves
    4. itself

Re-write the following sentences using joining words

  1. She has been sleeping___morning.
    1. but
    2. because
    3. since
    4. and
  2. Father___son are sick. 
    1. but
    2. and
    3. so
    4. or
  3. He is a clever boy ___very lazy.
    1. since
    2. but
    3. also
    4. and

Use the correct preposition to fill in the blank spaces

  1. The dog is___the shade
    1. in
    2. under
    3. on 
    4. below
  2. He has jumped___the fence.
    1. across
    2. over
    3. above
    4. closer

Use the correct form of tense to fill in the blank spaces

  1. James has___the ball out
    1. kick
    2. kicken
    3. kicked
    4. play
  2. They have___him up badly.
    1. beat
    2. beaten
    3. bit
    4. beated
  3. Salim is___noise in class. 
    1. making
    2. playing
    3. make
    4. made

Which word has been mispelt

    1. suprise
    2. queue
    3. receive
    4. their
    1. dining
    2. shinning
    3. running
    4. writing

Complete the following similes

  1. As poor as;
    1. a beggar
    2. an orphan
    3. hunter
    4. a church mouse
  2. As white as:
    1. milk
    2. white sheet
    3. snow
    4. leaf

Write an interesting composition about;



Answer all the questions.
TASK 1: Listening and speaking (10 mks)
We went to school on Monday after the half-term holiday. When we arrived at school, we realized there were some changes. Our classrooms had been painted. They had the dark blue colour. The flowers had been planted along the pathways. When our class manager arrived, he shared with us that we had on new class. It was spacious and neat. We all celebrated.


  1. When did the writer return to school?
  2. What changes did they realize when they arrived at school?
  3. Who told them about their new class?
  4. What has been planted along the pathways?

TASK II: Reading aloud
Once upon a time there lived two siblings. Their parents were so poor that they couldn't take them to school. The boy was John and the girl was Jesmil. They used to stay at home while their parents were out to look for food.
One day, John and Jesmil found a book written 'How to get" in the forest. It had very beautiful pictures in it. They really wanted to know what was written in it but they did not know how to read. They were unlucky that they could not tell what the book was all about

SEHEMU A: Kusikiliza na kuzungumza
Mwalimu amwulize mwanafunzi maswali yoyote matano kuhusu msamiati wa 'sokoni'

  1. Neno soko liko katika ngeli gani?
    (Mwanafunzi ajibu)
  2. Taja bidhaa mbili ambazo huuzwa sokoni.
    (Mwanafunzi ajibu)
  3. Wafanyabiashara katika soko lenu hudumisha usafi vipi?
    (Mwanafunzi ajibu)
  4. Wafanyibiashara hutangaza bidhaa vipi?
    (Mwanafunzi ajibu)
  5. Taja matunda mawili ambayo huuzwa sokoni.
    (Mwanafunzi ajibu)

SEHEMU YA B: Kusoma kwa sauti
Mkonge ni mmea unaostawi vizuri katika maeneo kame. Mkonge huwa na majani mapana yaliyochanua kutoka kwenye shina lake. Majani ya mkonge yana maji mengi sana. Mkonge huchumwa ili kutoa nyuzi nyeupe nyeupe zinazosokotwa ili kuunda kamba na mikeka.
Nao mnazi ni mmea mrefu. Mnazi humea katika maeneo ya pwani. Mmea huu una majani marefu yanayopatikana juu kileleni mwake. Mnazi hujaa nazi. Nazi ni tunda lenye maji na nyama nyeupe ndani yake. Mbali na nazi kuwa tunda hukunwa na kupata tui. Tui la nazi hutumika kama kiungo wakati wa upishi.







  1. B
  2. B
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D
  6. B
  7. C
  8. B
  9. B
  10. B
  1. B
  2. D
  3. C
  4. D
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. D
  9. C
  10. B
  1. B
  2. B
  3. B
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A
  7. A
  8. B
  9. D
  10. C

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