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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 5 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 1

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Grade 5 learners wrote the following characteristics of a vertebrate. Use the characteristics to answer question 1 and 2.

  1. They are warm blooded. 
  2. They have a hairy body. 
  3. They give birth.
  4. They feed the young ones through mammary glands.


  1. The characteristics refer to
    1. amphibians
    2. mammals
    3. reptiles
    4. birds
  2. The characteristics apply to all the following animals, except;
    1. duck billed platypus
    2. whale
    3. bat
    4. a human being
  3. Which of the following statements is true about the animal shown below?
    3 adada
    1. It is warm blooded.
    2. It breathes through lungs.
    3. Its body is covered with a moist skin.
    4. It gives birth to young ones.
  4. Which one of the following is an example of small fungi?
    1. yeast
    2. mushroom
    3. puffballs
    4. toadstools
  5. What is the function of the rectum in digestion?
    1. to absorb digested food into the body 
    2. to temporarily store feces before egestion 
    3. to absorb water back into the body
    4. to produce digestive juices
  6. Njuguna was using a spade as shown below.
    6 adada
    Identify the FULCRUM from the diagram.
    1. Z
    2. X
    3. Y
    4. Q
  7. Which one of the following plants produces through cones?
    1. pine
    2. fir
    3. cypress
    4. cedar
  8. Zawadi and Nuru were balancing on the see saw as shown below.
    8 adada
    From the set up, it is true that;
    1. Zawadi and Nuru have equal mass. 
    2. Zawadi is heavier than Nuru.
    3. Nuru is heavier than Zawadi.
    4. Zawadi is older than Nuru.
  9. the process through which green plants make their own food.
    1. hydrolysis
    2. photolysis
    3. photosynthesis
    4. respiration
  10. The part of the eye that controls the amount of light passing into the eye is known as.
    1. iris
    2. eyelids
    3. pupil
    4. eye lashes
  11. Which of the following activities can be carried out by a grade one boy during windy weather?
    1. burning rubbish
    2. flying kites 
    3. winnowing 
    4. drying clothes
  12.  When modeling the respiratory system, the balloons represent
    1. thorax
    2. diaphragm
    3. lung:
    4. windpipe
  13. Which of the following statements is true?
    1. Filtered water is safe for drinking.
    2. Light moves in all directions.
    3. Force can change the shape of an object.
    4. Size affects floating and sinking. 
  14. Air pollution on dusty grounds can be controlled by all the following except;
    1. sprinkling water on the ground
    2. planting grass on the ground
    3. planting trees near the area
    4. disposing litter at the right place
  15.  The part of the computer that processes data is called
    1. CPU
    2. monitor
    3. mouse
    4. keyboard


  1.  Grade 4 learners from Jikazeni Junior School were asked to name practices that conserve water in the soil. Who gave two correct answers?
    1. Marko: irrigating and shading
    2. Yohana: shading and mulching
    3. Luka: mulching and pruning
    4. Mathayo: thinning and weeding 
  2. It is true that the soil with the smallest particles;
    1. retains no water.
    2. retains the smallest amount of water.
    3. retains medium amount of water.
    4. retains the highest amount of water.
  3. Which of the following statements is true about drip irrigation?
    1. It can only be done using bottles.
    2. It can only take place in the evening.
    3. It is a method that conserves water. 
    4. It can only be done using perforated bottles, 
  4. To ensure that nutrients are not washed away, it is advisable that;
    1. compost materials should be heaped under a tree.
    2. compost materials should be frequently turned.
    3. water should be sprinkled on the compost materials.
    4. ash should be sprinkled on the compost materials.
  5. Usually, the soil that is eroded is 
    1. dry soil
    2. loose soil 
    3. compact soil
    4. fertile soil
  6. For the seedlings to be ready for strong, direct sunlight after transplanting, it is advisable to;
    1. reduce the number of thinning on the nursery
    2. reduce the mulches.
    3. reduce the number of times of watering in a day
    4. reduce the shading on the nursery.
  7. Which one of the following crops cannot grow well in clay soil?
    1. potatoes
    2. cabbages
    3. rice
    4. groundnuts
  8. Which one of the following is the damage caused to crops by squirrels?
    1. They eat young chicks.
    2. They eat the roots of crops.
    3. They feed on small domestic animals.
    4. They eat the grains of maize."
  9. Which of the following practices ensures that a few number of healthy seedlings remain in the nursery bed?
    1. mulching
    2. shading
    3. weeding
    4. thinning
  10. Grade 4 learners from Miachake Academy sold some of the seedlings from the nursery bed at school. What would you advise them to do with the money they got from the sale of the seedlings?
    1. buy farming tools to be used on the school farm
    2. share the money among all the class members
    3. give the money to one of the classmates to keep
    4. buy some sodas in the nearby kiosk and take
  11. Which one of the following is a legume?
    1. sorghum
    2. peas
    3. rice
    4. millet
  12. What is the importance of recovering eroded soil and taking it back to the farm?
    1. to restore soil fertility
    2. to conserve soil moisture
    3. to kill weeds
    4. to reduce soil erosion
  13. Growing crops that spread on the ground is known as:
    1. mono-cropping.
    2. intercropping.
    3. cover cropping.
    4. ground cropping.
  14. Mkulima trapped a monkey that was destroying crop on his farm. What would you advise him to do?
    1. kill the monkey
    2. gently release the monkey
    3. keep the monkey at home
    4. give the monkey to his dogs
  15. Which of the following is not an importance of wild animals to the community?
    1. They eat other harmful animals.
    2. They attract tourists.
    3. Watching them brings relaxation.
    4. People get jobs when caring for the animals.


  1. .....................................are the serial of barriers that bring obstacles while running.
    1. hurdles
    2. batons
    3. discus
    4. starter
  2. The normal heart beat of an adult is, beats per minute.
    1. 50-80
    2. 40-60
    3. 60-100
    4. 70-90 
  3. Performing different skills together is known as
    1. combining 
    2. resilience 
    3. momentum
    4. fair play
  4. Identify the skill being performed by Fanaka in the picture below.
    34 sdada
    1. handstand
    2. T-balance 
    3. roll-balance
    4. headstand balance
  5. What is the importance of having an adult who knows how to swim with you during swimming?
    1. To save you in case you drown.
    2. To ensure that the swimming pool is clean.
    3. To ensure there is lifesaver around.
    4. To ensure that the swimming pool is safe. 
  6. Teacher Omusikoyo carried the item shown below during a Physical and Health Education lesson. Which game do you think he wanted the learners to play?
    36 adada
    1. Softball
    2. Rounders
    3. Frisbee
    4. High jump
  7. The following are the importance of warm up activities. Which one is not?
    1. They prepare the body for the game of day
    2. They help to prevent injury
    3. They prepare the brain for the activities. 
    4. They make the heartbeat to go back to normal.
  8. Grade 5 learners were asked to identify the skill shown below. What is the correct answer?
    38 sfssfs
    1. medium start 
    2. elongated start 
    3. standing start
    4. bunch start
  9. Which of the following shows the correct progression of a standing discuss throw? 
    1. grip, swing, release, recovery, stance 
    2. stance, grip, release, recovery, swing, 
    3. release, recovery, stance, grip, swing
    4. stance, grip, swing, release, recovery 
  10. During visual baton exchange;
    1. the receiver of the baton does not see it as he or she receives.
    2. the receiver of the baton must see it as he or she receives.
    3. the giver of the baton does not see it as he or she gives put.
    4. the baton is thrown to the receiver.


  1. Why should a thermo-flask be kept away from children?
    1. it is poisonous
    2. it is expensive
    3. it can easily break
    4. it is big
  2. At what age can one be referred to as a pre-teen?
    1. between 9 and 12 years 
    2. between 9 and 15 years 
    3. between 7 and 9 years 
    4. between 13 and 19 years
  3. Identify an effect of wasting time from the answers below.
    1. satisfaction
    2. poor performance 
    3. high self esteem
    4. good relationship
  4. Which of the following is not a factor to consider when choosing shoes?
    1. weather
    2. occasion
    3. comfort
    4. nationality
  5. Time plan is important because it helps to avoid;
    1. impulse buying.
    2. organization.
    3. time wastage.
    4. controlled use of social media.
  6. Which of the following is the best way to spend leisure time?
    1. sleeping
    2. watching television
    3. listening to music 
    4. visiting the sick
  7. Utensils that break easily are called;
    1. disposable utensils.
    2. fragile utensils.
    3. durable utensils.
    4. expensive utensils.
  8. Why is it necessary to boil milk before taking?
    1. to last longer
    2. to kill germs
    3. to make it tasty
    4. for easier digestion
  9. Which of the following fuels should be used with open doors and windows?
    1. firewood
    2. paraffin
    3. gas
    4. electricity
  10.  Mzee Ojwang had the following on his shopping list.
    1. smart phone
    2. food
    3. a bicycle
    4. clothes
      Which of the items should he consider first?
      1. ii
      2. iii
      3. i
      4. iv




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