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Paint and Colours - Art and Craft Grade 1 Revision Notes

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Making Improvised Brushes.

What is a brush?

  • A brush is a tool used to pick and apply paint on a surface. And we can improvise a brush with locally available materials.
    Identifying and collecting tools and materials for making a brush.
  • Divide the Learners into groups of four
  • Guide Learners to collect materials they can use to make a brush
  • Materials used to make a brush are; piece of old cloth,sponge,sisal,fibre,palm fibre, coconut fibre, feathers and green sticks depending on the ones available near the school.

13 brushes

Improvising a brush using locally available materials.

  • Demonstrate to Learners how to prepare the materials for improvising a brush in steps
    1. First cut the green sticks to an average size of a pencil
    2. Cut to size of your choice material for the bristles.The material here can be a sponge,old cloth,sisal fbre,palm fibre, coconut fibre or feather.
    3. Once you have the right size of bristles tie it to the chopped side of the green stick using a string or a thin wire.
    4. Make several brushes from the different materials which you can test to see which produces the best paint job.
    5. Guide Learners to each make a brush from the materials of their choice.
    6. Let Learners display their brushes and talk about them.

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