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Pattern Making - Art and Craft Grade 1 Revision Notes

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What is a pattern?

  • A pattern is a repetition of lines,dots,shapes and even colours over and over on a surface
  • Line pattern line pattern is when a pattern is created using lines.


Identifying line patterns in the environment.

  • Ask Learners to look around the classroom and see if they can see any objects with lines repeated,let them write their names.
  • Guide them to tour the environment around the school and write down the names of the objects with lines repeated over and Over

Creating line patterns

  • Let Learners choose the pattern they want to create.
  • They should use different linesto create patterns
  • They can use charcoal or crayons to create the patterns.
    14 patterns

    Examples of line patterns
  • Dot patterns when a pattern is created using dots it’s called dot pattern.
    15 dot pattern
    This is a dot pattern.

Identifying dot patterns in the environment

  • Let Learners look around the classroom.
  • What objects can you see around with dot patterns.let them write names of the objects
  • Take a tour to the environment around the school
  • Let Learners identify any objects with dot patterns and write their names
  • Guide Learners to create dot patterns in their books
  • They can use pencils, brushes, charcoal or crayons.
  • They can use different colours of their choice to create patterns.

Numerical pattern

  • When a pattern is created using numbers,it is called numerical patterns

Creating a number pattern

  1. Guide Learners to identify numbers in the classroom.
  2. Let Learners identify numbers by writing them down
  3. Display a chart of number patterns for Learners to observe and familiarize with number patterns.
  4. Write numbers on the Blackboard and let Learners write numbers repeatedly to make patterns.
  5. Let Learners display their work and talk about it.

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