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Paper Craft - Art and Craft Grade 1 Revision Notes

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What is Paper Craft?

  • Paper craft is making items from papers.This can can be done through cutting,teariy, folding, rolling or twisting.
  • Paper Craft is mainly done for decoration.
  • NB you can Google pictures of items made of paper craft and show them to Learners.

Safety rules to check when making paper craft.

  • Do not throw or poke pairs of scissors or blades at each other. Pass them on carefully.
  • Do not put pairs of scissors or glue to your mouth.
  • When playing with paper items outside,do not aim at each other’s face. Throw them away from each other.

Rolling technique

  • Making decorative items out of paper using rolling technique.
    •  Collect the materials for use like papers, newspapers, cutting tools such as scissors,rulers,adhesives or glue and pencils.You can ask Learners to bring the materials from home.
    • Demonstrate to the Learners how to go about the rolling technique.
    • Take one page of the newspaper.From the of the newspaper roll it around the stick tightly.
    • Pull out of the stick when the whole paper has been rolled.
    • Make many more folds together with the Learners.Make sure all Learners are keeping the same pace so that none is left behind.
    • Let the Learners display the paper craft and express their feelings
  • Get the pictures of paper craft created by rolling technique from the internet and show it to the Learners.

Twisting technique

  • Making twisted paper decoration for window and wall display.
  • Display pictures of twisted wall decorations or let Learners look at the pictures in the pupils book

    Materials needed.

    1. Glossy paper, coloured paper,a pair of scissors and cellotape.
    2. You can recycle some of these materials from the environment.
    3. Collect and prepare them a day before the lesson.


      1. Cut strips of coloured glossy paper 3cm by 30 cm
      2. Use a pair of scissors to stretch and pull the paper strips
      3. Take a piece of paper and twist it till it becomes a twisted strip
      4. Release the paper strips to cause twisting
      5. Join the pieces using cellotape to make a long piece of decoration craft.
      6. Hung your decoration on Windows or walls for beatification

Folding technique

  • Making a paper decoration.
  • First take Learners for a digital tour of the internet to observe various paper decorations made using folding technique.





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