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Healthy Practices - Hygiene and Nutrition Grade 1 Revision Notes

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Healthy habits

  • These are thing we do to remain and stay healthy
  • They include:
    1. Playing
    2. Washing hands
    3. Brushing teethes
    4. Eating healthy food
  • We practice healthy habits in our life to prevent us from getting diseases.

Healthy habits that prevent us from getting illness

  • Illness is a disease and we can prevent it by practicing healthy habits

    Ways of preventing illness
    1. Washing hands
    2. Using toilets and latrines well
    3. Bathing everyday
    4. Doing exercises
    5. Eating healthy foods

Why do we practice healthy habits?

  • We practice healthy habits to prevent us from contacting diseases e.g washing our hand to removed germs.
  • We us toilets to prevent us from getting some diseases like cholera
  • We drink clean water to prevent us from getting typhoid
  • We do exercise to make our body physically fit.
  • Doing healthy habits practices,
  • Learners should go out and do healthy habit like running, skipping and playing football etc.


  1. Say if the following foods are healthy or not healthy
    01avocado                                                      02cake

    _________________________                              __________________________

             03milk                                                 04biscuit

    _______________________________                 ______________________________

  2. Match the activities with the picture


    Riding bicycle

    Playing football


        06riding bicycle 

        07playing footballJPG    


Cares for the teeth

  • When we are born, we grow first set of teeth
  • This teethes are called milk teeth.
  • As children grow older they lose this set of teethes and grow new set of teeth called permanent teeth
  • Removing teeth in a clean way

How to remove teeth in a clean way

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Hold the tooth with the clean cloth
  3. Remove the tooth
  4. Put the cloth in a bin
  5. Gurgle salty water
  6. Gurgle is to take water into the mouth, move it round then spit it.


  1. We wash our ……………………………… before removing teethes (hand, mouth)
  2. All children grow milk teeth …………………..(true, not true)
  3. We do not need to go to hospital to remove milk teeth (true, false)
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