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Use of Medicines - Hygiene and Nutrition Grade 1 Revision Notes

  • Which medicines do we use at home?
  • Exercises 1.3

Which medicines do we use at home?

  • Examples of drugs we take at home are:
    1. Capsules
    2. Tablets
    3. Ointment cream
    4. Using inhaler
    5. Putting nose drops
    6. Syrup
  • Sick people take medicine to feel better
  • Cares to observe when taking medicine
    1. Wash your hands when taking the medicines
    2. Use clean water to take the medicine
    3. Make sure that you finish the medicine
    4. Do not share the medicine with anyone
    5. Store the medicine in a dry place
    6. Store the medicine away from the baby

Exercises 1.3

  1. __________ is a type of medicine: (tablet, chair)
  2. We should always keep medicine in________ (closed, open)
  3. Touching medicine with dirty hands is (good, bad)
  4. We should take medicine using clean water. (true, false)

Drug cupboard

09drug cupboard

Tablet drugs

10tablet drugs

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