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Food - Hygiene and Nutrition Grade 1 Revision Notes

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Sources of Food

  • learners to name food they eat
  • learners to name foods available at their locations
  • learners to look at many pictures of food
  • learners to name the foods in the pictures


Activity : Learners to draw food they eat on the table

Animal And Plant Food Sources

  • Some foods we eat come from plants e.g
    • Cabbage
    • Carrots
    • Vegetable
  • Some food we eat comes from animals’ e.g
    • Meat
    • Eggs
    • Milk


  1. Draw and color one food we get from animals and plants
  2. We get bean from _____________ (plants, animals)
  3. Fish, milk and meat are foods we get from (plants, animals)

Eating habit

  • Foods we eat everyday
  • Let’s learners name foods they eat everyday
  • Guide the on the food they eat everyday

Food I like and dislike

  • people like some foods
  • some foods are not liked by some people
  •  not all people like foods we like

  • Draw a table and lets learners copy it on their own book.
  • In the table learners to write foods they like and dislike

Which foods are good for my teeth?

  • The foods that are not good for my teeth are
    • ice cream
    • biscuits
    • chocolates
    • cakes
    • sweets
  • We should avoid eating too much sugary foods
  • We should always eat foods that make our teeth strong
  • The food that makes out teeth strong are:
    • milk
    • fruits
    • sugarcane


  1. foods like ……………………… and ……………………… are not good for our teeths(cakes and biscuits, carots and lemon)
  2. which foods should we take to make our teeth strong…………………(sugarcane, cakes, carrot)
  3. Select one food that you like most and is the best for our teeth.
    21food for teeth
  4. Draw two foods which are bad for your teeth?

Uses our senses to know food

  • Food we eat at home and in school
  • guide the learners to name the food they eat at home
  • let’s the pupils name the food they eat at school

Common foods at our locality

  • Locality is where we come from:
  • people comes from different localities and eat difference foods
  • some foods are eaten in many homes
  • guide learners to look at the picture and name the foods they eat in the locality


  1. 22fruits
    Say the names of the foods in the pictures above
  2. Which of the foods do you eat at home?
  3. Which of these foods do you eat at school?
  4. Name other foods found in your locality

Senses of food

  1. How do we know food?
  2. How do we know the different kinds of food?
    • smelling
    • tasting
    • touching
    • seeing


  • Learners to bring different kind of foods to school
  • Learners in groups cover their eyes one at a time
  • Guide the leaners to use hands, nose and tongue to tell the type of food


  1. Draw and color two foods you eat at home
  2. Foods that taste better are not good for our health, (yes or no)
  3. We can know food by ……………………………….( colour, taste or smell)

Cleaning of fruits

  • We should clean foods thorouly before eating.

Fruits at our place

  • some fruits come from our place
  • our place is our locality


  1. Learners to look at the picture and name fruits in their localities
  2. Name the fruits you know in the picture above?
  3. Name and color two fruits found in your locality

Choosing fruits

  • all fruits are good for eating
  • some fruits are medicine and treat us when we get sick
  • We should avoid eating fruits that are bad to our health?

    Types of bad fruits are:
    • rotten fruits
    • dirty fruits
    • poisonous fruits
  • When food goes bad we say it is rotten and it should not be it eaten.


  • Show learners pictures of different types of fruits
  • let the them say whether the food is good or bad for eating

Washing of fruits

  • dirty fruits can make us ill
  • wash fruits before eating them
  • wash fruits with clean and running water


  1. We ………………..fruits before eating
  2. Which fruit will you eat A or B?
  3. Draw two fruits found in your locality
  4. Why we eat

How many times do we need to eat in a day?

  • when you wake up in the morning, we eat breakfast
  • then in the afternoon we eat lunch
  • In the evening before we sleep we at supper.
    It is good we eat three meals in a day

Foods we eat at different times







Let the show the food of their choice they eat when they woke up in the morning?

Why do you eat every day?

  • we eat every day to get energy
  • energy help us play, sing walk , run etc
  • we also eat to grow
  • we eat to be healthy


  1. Name the activities you do at home
  2. Say if you need energy to do them
  3. We eat food to grow and remain healthy
  4. Good behaviors during meal time
  5. Meaning of mealtime
  6. Look at the pictures below

Good behaviors when eating

  • Wash your hand before eating
  • Serve food that you can finish
  • Close your mouth when chewing
  • Clear the table after eating

In the above picture which family is showing good behavior in eating?

Why we show behaviors during eating

  • bad behaviors manners can cause choking
  • serving a lot of food can cause other people to miss food
  • showing food in your mouth when eating is a lack of respect
  • choking is when food get into the throat


  1. Charles Like talking when eating……………… he can get (chocked. Drown)
  2. We only wash our hands after eating………….. (Yes, no)
  3. Do not eat ……………….. food (waste, eat)

Buying Food

Where do we buy food?

  • We buy food from the following place
    • butchery
    • kiosk
    •  restaurant
    •  hotel
    • shop
    • open air market
  • kiosk – is a small shop
  • Restaurant – is a place where cooked food is sold

The food we buy

  • We buy food from different places
  • We buy meet from the burchery
  • We get cooked food from the restaurant
  • We can buy maize and millet fron an open air market 

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