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Safety Education - Hygiene and Nutrition Grade 1 Revision Notes

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Common Accidents At Home

What accidents happens at home?


  • Look at the picture below
  • The children in the picture are hurt
  • They had an accident
  • An accident is a bad thing that happens to us like cuts, burn and falls
  • Most accidents we experience at home are cut, burns, falls and chocking

Cuts And Burns

  • Look at the picture below
  • The boy in the picture A has cut on his finger and the girl in picture B has a burn
  • Cuts and burn are common accidents we get at home.

Falls And Drowning

  • Ask learners to look at the picture
  • The boy in picture A has shown drowning in water
  • Falling and drowning are also common accidents at home
  • Do not cover your heards with bags which can suffocate you
  • Do not touch or put metals in electric sockets, you can get electric shock
  • To suffocate is when you lack air to breathe

Causes of accidents at home

  1. sharp objects
    sharp objects like broken glasses .and knives can cause cut, we should not play with them. Always be carefull when handling them.
  2. Thing that can make us fall are:
    1. slippery flow
    2. banana peels
    3. furniture that are not arranged
      Slippery is something which can make you slide
  3. Sockets and flames
    • Touching sockets is very dangerous, it can cause shock
    • Playing with fire is also dangerous, it can cause burns

How can we prevent accidents at home?

  • Wiping water in the floor to prevent fall
  • Arranging furniture prevent fall
  • We should put all waste in a dustbin
  • Always hold a knife with a handle
  • Do not play with sharp objects such as iron sheets
  • Do not play near fire


  • Learners to make posters of preventing different accidents


  1. ……………………..can cause accidents in the kitchen?
  2. We can prevent fall by ……………………..(keep floor dry playing with knife
  3. Electricity can cause ………………..(electric shock, drowning)

Dangerous Chemicals At Home

  • Dangerous is a thing that can harm us
  • Chemicals like paraffin , soap and insecticides

Which chemical are dangerous at home?

  • Picture of the chemical
    33 chemicals
  • Some chemical can harm us
  • They are dangerous chemicals

What danger do chemical at home cause?

  • some soap can damage our skin
  • water with sopa can harm our eyes
  • we can get ill when we take liquid soap
  • paraffin also harm our skin
  • insecticides can also harm our body
  • pesticides are also dangerous
  • Insecticides are chemicals use to kill insects e.g mosquitoes
  • Pesticides kill pests e.g weevil


  1. Name some dangerous chemicals


Simple First Aid

What Is First Aid?


  • First aid is the first help given to the hurt person
  • We do first aid for all accidents
  • We do first aid to reduce the loss of blood
  • We do first aid to reduce pain
  • Learners to look at the first Aid kit on page 89 pupils book grade 1

First Aid kit
34 first aid

  • We keep first aid things in a first aid kit
  • Things found in a first aid kits are:
    • bandages
    • gloves
    • cottonwood
    • safety pin
    • tweezers
    • sterile pad
    • Elastoplast
    • Scissors

Show learners pictures of items we find in First Aid kit
35 items in first aid kit

  • Learners do first aid activities in groups
  • Lets one pupil in each group act like haved been cotton in the leg
  • Lets the other do first aid for him/her


  1. Your friend has cut herself what will you do?
  2. Name the things below
    36 cotton
  3. We do first aid in a cut to stop (pain, crying)
  4. Things used for first Aid are kept in (house, first aid kit
  5. ………………………are found in first Aid kit (nails, gloves)
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