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Creation - CRE Grade 1 Revision Notes

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My family

Members of my nuclear family


  • A nuclear family lives together
  • It has father, mother and children
  • God made my family
  • I love my family

Praying with family


  • Praying is talking with God
  • We pray together at home
  • We pray before eating and sleeping
  • We take turns to lead prayers

Sharing at home


  • To share is to give what we have to others
  • It is also using what we have with others.
  • We share food, the Bible and toys

Plants And Animals

Creation of plants and animals


  • Trees, grass and flowers are plants
  • Lions, zebras, cows and dogs are animals.
  • God created plants and animals.

Why we take care of plants.


  • Some plants give us food.
  • Plants make our environment to look good.
  • We water plants and also weed plants.
  • We should take care of plants

Why we take care of animals.


  • Animals give us milk, meat and eggs
  • Some animals help us to work at home
  • We should give them food and water and clean their houses.


I am special


  • God made us all.
  • Some people are short
  • Other people are tall
  • God loves us all

My name


  • I am special
  • I have a name
  • People call me by my name
  • I like my name

God knows my name


  • God knows my name
  • He has written my name on his palm
  • He cannot forget me

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