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The Holy Bible - CRE Grade 1 Revision Notes

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David and Goliath


How David killed Goliath

  • David was a young boy and loved
    singing and praying.
  • Goliath was big and strong
  • David prayed to God and he killed
  • Goliath with a stone

David had faith in God.

  • David liked to sing and pray to sing.
  • He had faith in God.
  • He did not fear Goliath
  • He knew God would help him

Joseph and his coat of colours

Joseph and his coat of many colours


  • Joseph was the son of Jacob
  • His father Jacob gave him coat that had many colours.
  • Jacob loved Joseph so much.
  • Joseph and his coat of colours

Joseph and his brothers


  • Joseph had a dream and told it to his brothers.
  • The dream showed that he would rule over his brothers and they hated him.
  • Joseph loved his brothers

Elijah and the chariot of fire


  • Elijah was carried away in a chariot of fire
  • Elijah walked wit Elisha his servant.
  • One day they were walking and two horses came and with a chariot of fire and took away
  • Elijah to heaven.
  • Elijah and the chariot of fire.

Respecting my parents

  • Elisha said that Elijah was his father
  • Elijah taught Elisha how to serve God.
  • Elisha respected Elijah.

Handling the Holy Bible


  • Caring for the Holy Bible
  • The Bible id the word of God
  • The Bible guides us to live well.
  • We should carry the bible well and and keep it safely.
  • We should not tear the bible.

Divisions of the Holy Bible


  • The Bible is divided into two sections.
  • The old testament and the new testament.
  • The Bible is a holy book.

Books of the New Testament


  • The new testament has gospel books.
  • The first two gospel books are Matthew and Mark.


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