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The Early Life of Jesus - CRE Grade 1 Revision Notes

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The birth of Jesus Christ

The parents of Jesus Christ.


  • Joseph is the father of Jesus.
  • Mary is the mother of Jesus.
  • Joseph and Mary are the parents of Jesus Christ.

The place where Jesus was born


  • Jesus was born in Bethlehem
  • Bethlehem is a city of Judea

Shepherds visit baby Jesus


  • The shepherds were looking after sheep at night when an angle came and told them that Jesus was born.
  • Many angles sang and praised God and the shepherds went to see Jesus.
  • Christmas is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The naming and presentation of Jesus


  • Jesus was named by his parents and they presented him to God in the temple.
  • They presented two doves to thank God.

Jesus Christ in the temple


  • Jesus Christ in the temple
  • Jesus went to the temple.
  • Jesus and his parents went for a feast in the temple and Jesus remained in the temple to listen to the word of God.
  • His parents looked for him and found him in the temple. He told his father that he was in his father’s house

Jesus obeyed his parents

  • Jesus obeyed his parents and he went with them to the temple.
  • He listened to the word of God.

The baptism of Jesus Christ.

Reasons for baptism.


  • Baptism shows that our sins have been washed away.
  • Christians use water for baptism.
  • God wants us to be baptised.
  • We should all be baptised.

The person who baptised Jesus


  • John the Baptist baptised Jesus Christ.
  • Pastors and priests people today.
  • The place where Jesus was baptised.
  • Jesus was humble, he asked john to baptise him
  • They both obeyed God.
  • John the Baptist baptised Jesus in river Jordan.

The wedding at Cana

Mary and Jesus go to a wedding.


  • There was a wedding at Cana and Jesus and his mother were there.
  • The wine got finished and Mary told Jesus.

The servants obey Jesus Christ.

  • Jesus told the servants to fill six jars with water.
  • The servants obeyed Jesus and poured water into the six jars.

Jesus turns water into wine


  • Jesus was kind and he changed the water in the jars into wine and the people continued to celebrate.

Healing Simon peter’s mother-in-law

Jesus heals the mother-in-law of Simon Peter


  • The mother in law of Simon peter was sick. She was suffering from fever.
  • Jesus Christ touched her hand and she was healed.
  • Jesus Christ healed Simon peter’s mother in law and he can heal us also.

Simon Peter’s mother-in-law is thankful


  • The mother in law of Simon peter woke up from the bed and thanked Jesus by serving him with food.
  • We should always thank God when he heals our sickness. 

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