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Christian Values - CRE Grade 1 Revision Notes

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Telling the truth


  • Our parents are happy when we tell them the truth and when we tell the truth to our friends and teachers.

Stealing is wrong


  • Stealing is taking things that are not our, at school or at home.
  • When we steal, we makeothers sad and we are punished.

Going to school early


  • It is good to go to school early so that we can go for the assembly, learn many things and not to miss any lesson.

Going home early after school


  • When we go home early,
  • We avoid danger on the way
  • We finish our homework
  • We help our parents at home.


Obeying my parents


  • Obeying our parents make them to be happy with us and we live together in unity.
  • When we obey our parents we help them work. God is happy with us and we live long on earth.

Respecting my parents


  • God wants us to respect our parents.
  • When we respect our parents we leave a long life. If we respect our parents, we obey them.


Sharing at home


  • When we share, we help other people and our friends. We share food and toys at home.

The boy with two fish and five loaves


  • The little boy had 5 loaves of brad and 2 fish. He gave them to Jesus Christ and Jesus blessed them and shared with people.
  • The food multiplied 12 baskets remained.

Caring for the environment


  • We should collect litter and remained food from the environment.
  • We care for the environment when we clean the environment.



Why I should thank my parents


  • We should thank our parents
  • Our parents love us.
  • They take care of us

When to thank my parents

  • It is good to thank our parents
  • We should always thank our parents.

How to thank my parents

  • we should tell our parents thank you.
  • Sometimes we should give them gifts.
  • Saying thank you makes our parents happy.
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