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Language Activities Questions And Answers - CBC Grade 4 End of Term 2 Exam SET 2 2021

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  1. Write down the words the teacher will read aloud
  2. Answer the following questions in your own words
    1. If you have done something wrong to somebody what do you tell him?
    2. Which words do you use when you want to borrow someone's pen?
    3. What does your mother tell you when you pass in your exams?
    4. If you haven't heard what your teacher has said, what do you tell   him?
    5. "Just a _______ request. May I have your book, please?


  1. Read the following paragraph aloud

    The following day Mr Chanda came with his workers who started to level the ground. They dug deeper on the higher side. They had to make sure it was the same level as the lower side. Mr Chanda measured the ground. He showed the workers where to start the foundation.

  2. Use the words in the box to complete the following paragraph.
    by     into    to   on    in 
    Gatu and Ima went _____ a building site. They saw a carpenter _________ the roof. He was driving nails _____ the wood. He had a hammer ______ his hands. There was a tin of nails _______ his side.


  1. Fill in the gaps using some or any.
    1. Let me give you ______ soup.
    2. Please give me ______ money
    3. I do not have ______eggs.
    4. is there ______ sugar left?
    5. He bought ______ mangoes.
  2. Use the words below to construct simple sentences.
    1. doctor
    2. hospital
    3. food
    4. computer
    5. busy


  1. Read the passage, below and answer the following questions.

    Last Saturday was Wanzela's birthday. A few weeks before, she had sent invitations to some of her friends to come for her birthday party

    When Saturday morning came, Wanzela's parents baked a big fruit cake. They put up balloons, flowers and other decorations all over the house.

    The party was expected to start at 12.00 noon, but Wanzela's friends started arriving as early as 10.00 a.m. Already, mouth watering food and drinks were arranged on the tables. There were samosas, maandazi, sausages, groundnuts, cakes, fruits and juices. By the time the second group of friends arrived, Wanzela's mother had just put the big cake on the table. The words HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANZELA smiled happily to everyone who looked at the cake.'

    After a short time, a third group of children arrived, then another group. Wanzela was full of excitement. It was true she had not invited some of the children, but she was happy to see all of them.
    1. Had Wanzela invited all of her friends to her birthday party?
    2. Balloons and flowers were part of the _____________________________
    3. After how many months do we celebrate our birthdays?
    4. Where did Wanzela's cake come from?
    5. The food was mouth-watering means that is was
    6. How many groups of friends arrived at Wanzela's party?
    7. When was the party expected to start?
    8. Had Wanzela invited all the children who came to her party?
    9. What did the children drink at the party?
    10. Wazela's cake was a _____________________________


Wrirte a composition about; My Class



  1. Student is supposed to write exactly what the teacher dictates
  2. Student is supposed to fill in the blanks with words appropriate to the sentence given


  1. Student is suposed to read the whole passage correctly.
  2.  Gatu and Ima went to a building site. They saw a carpenter  on  the roof. He was driving nails into the wood. He had a hammer in his hands. There was a tin of nails by his side.


    1. some
    2. some
    3. any
    4. any
    5. some
  2.   The student should construct meaningful sentences using the words given.


    1. No.She had invited some of her friends. 
    2. decorations
    3. 12 months
    4. Her mother
    5. Sweet/ tasted good
    6. 4 groups
    7. 12:00 noon
    8. No.She had not invited some of those who came
    9. juices
    10. big fruit cake
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