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Science Questions and Answers - Class 7 End Term 3 Exam 2022 Set 2

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  1. Which one of the following is the function of canine teeth?
    1. Biting and tearing
    2. Chewing and nibbling
    3. Gripping and tearing
    4. Grinding and gripping
  2. The digram below represents a type of tooth.
    2 ahfdytad
    Which one of the following is the use of the tooth?
    1. Cutting pieces of meat
    2. Tearing flesh
    3. Holding flesh
    4. Chewing and grinding of food.
  3. The following are stages of HIV/AIDS infection but not in the correct order
    1. Incubation
    2. Window
    3. Symptomatic
    4. Full blown
      Which one of the following shows the correct order?
      1. (ii),(i),(iv),(iii)
      2. (ii),(iv),(iii),(i)
      3. (ii),(iii),(i),(iv)
      4. (ii),(i),(iii),(iv)
  4. Some plants depend on other plants in different ways. The type of independence shown below is for plants depending on other for
    4 aughya
    1. Habitat 
    2. support
    3. shade 
    4. food
  5. Which of the following animal is correctly matched with the products it provides?
    1. Chicken – meat and mohair
    2. Goats – mohair and bacon
    3. Cattle – milk and beef
    4. Sheep – Mutton and milk
  6. Which one of the following small animals are correctly grouped?
    1. Ant, flea, moth
    2. Tick, mite, ant
    3. Weevil, tick , moth
    4. Spider, beetle , scorpion
  7. The following pupils from Bidii primary school carried to school the meals below for lunch
    Akumu : milk, bread, sweet potatoes
    Tedric: Meat, cabbage , ugali
    Dismas: Rice , green bananas, irish potatoes
    Lukoye: meat, fish, beans.
    Who ate a balanced diet?
    1. Lukoye
    2. Akumu
    3. Tedrric
    4. Dismas
  8. Std 7 pupils of Sunshine carried out an experiment on soil as shown below
    8 uayguydga
    Which component of soil were the pupils trying to find out?
    1. Water
    2. Humus
    3. Mineral particles 
    4. Air
  9. The following are steps followed when modelling the solar ststem but not in the correct order.
    1. put name tags on model of planets and sun.
    2. Model the sun and eight planets
    3. Draw circles on manilla paper to show orbits
    4. Paste the manilla on the soft board
    5. Fix models of planets to orbit with the model of the sun at the centre
      Which one of the following shows the correct orders?
      1. (ii),(iii),(i),(iv),(v) 
      2. (ii),(iv),(iii),(v),(i)
      3. (ii),(iii),(i),(v),(iv)
      4. (ii), (i),(iv),(iii),(v)
  10. Below are reasons for proper storage of tools at home. Which one is not?
    1. To prevent them from being stolen
    2. To avoid accidents
    3. For tidiness in the room
    4. For the tools to work efficiently
  11. John is heavier than Diana. What should be done for the two to balance on the see-saw?
    11 augdyad
    1. John should move further from P
    2. Both should move closer to P
    3. Diana should move closer to P
    4. Diana should move further from P
  12. The following are effects of soil erosion
    1. V- shaped channels in the ground
    2. Top layer of the soil missing
    3. Small hole on the ground
    4. Shallow channels in the ground
      Which effect are as a result of soil erosion that occurs without noticing and gulley erosion respectively?
      1. (ii) and (iii)
      2. (iii) and (iv)
      3. (i) and (ii)
      4. (ii) and (i)
  13. Which one of the following fertilisers are correctly classified ?





    Single super phosphate

    Mono ammonium phosphate


    Sulphate of potash

    Calcium ammonium nitrate


    Diammomium phousphate

    Muriate of potash


    Sodium nitrate

    Triple super phosphate

  14. The pie chart below shows composition of air
    14 uyagygdad
    Which part of the pie chart above represents a gas used in electric bulbs
    1. W
  15. Which one of the following consists of only non-magnetic material?
    1. Tin, razor blade, steel
    2. Iron, office pins, nickel
    3. Glass, wood, iron
    4. Copper, brass, silver
  16. A card with the word LIGHT written on was placed in frontof a mirror. Which letters in the word changed when observed in the mirror?
    1. T,H,I 
    2. L,G 
    3. T,G,L 
    4. H,I,L
  17. The diagram below shows a certain aspect of heat energy.
    17 aydgygad
    Which one of the following observations was made at the end of the experiments?
    1. Pin 1 dropped first
    2. Pin 4 dropped last
    3. No pin dropped
    4. Metals expand when heated
  18. Which one of the following changes taken place in girls only during adolescent?
    1. Growth of hair on the chest
    2. Appearance of pimples
    3. Broadening of hips
    4. Increase in bodyand height
  19. In human digestive system, water and mineral salts are absorded in the
    1. Month 
    2. Large intestine
    3. Ileum 
    4. Stomach
  20. Which one of the following diseases is a child immuniised ata age of 11/2 months after birth?
    1. Polio 
    2. Measles
    3. Yellow fever 
    4. tuberculosis
  21. Which one of the following is NOT a social effect of drug abuse?
    1. Coma
    2. Marital conflict
    3. Drug induced accident
    4. School drop outs
  22. Plants depend on each other in the following ways EXCEPT?
    1. Support 
    2. Shelter
    3. Habitat 
    4. Shade
  23. The diagram below shows a germinating bean seed.
    23 ayugydtad
    Which parts represents the embryo of the seed?
    1. W and Z 
    2. X and Y
    3. Wand X
    4. X and Z
  24. Which one of the following plants do NOT store food the same way as an onion plant ?
    1. Kales
    2. Spinach
    3. Yam
    4. Cabbage
  25. A certain animal has the following characteristics
    1. Body covered with scales
    2. Varying body temperature
    3. Has a back bone
    4. Breaths by means of gills
      The above animal is NOT likely to be
      1. Frog
      2. Tilapia
      3. Trout 
      4. Sardines
  26. Which one of the following parasites attack only small intestines of livestock?
    1. Lung worms 
    2. Tape worm
    3. Hookworms 
    4. Liverflukes
  27. Which one of the following lists constitutes body building and repair foods?
    1. Cooked bananas, liver, maize
    2. Pork, beef, mutton
    3. Beef, omena , rice
    4. Mutton, green bananas , ugali
  28. Which one of the following is Not a recreational use of water?
    1. Skiing 
    2. Swimming
    3. Skating on ice
    4. Sport fishing
  29. The diagram below shows arrangement of material in a compost heap.
    29 a ihdua
    The layer represented by X
    1. Introduces bacteria to the heap
    2. Supply additional nutrients
    3. Provides air circulation
    4. Provides nutrients
  30. On her way home, Jane a std 4 pupil at Mwibale primary school came a cross a cloud that had the following characteristics
    1. Rounnded masses
    2. Flat bases
    3. White in colour
    4. Indicates fine weather
      The cloud described above also :
      1. Indicates heavy down pour
      2. Is irregular in shape
      3. Looks like bundles of cotton wool
      4. Appear low in the sky
  31. Which pairs consist of major non living component of the environment ?
    1. Air and sound 
    2. Electricity and light
    3. Water and soil 
    4. Plants and animals
  32. Animals living in water obtain their oxygen from ____
    1. Atmosphere 
    2. Aquatic plants
    3. Water 
    4. Air
  33. Class five pupils of Kasuku Primary school were told by their science teacher to assemble the following material during a science lesson:
    1. A Y – shaped tree trunk
    2. A panga
    3. Along and a strong pole
      The pupils were likely to make
      1. Beam balance 
      2. Spring balance
      3. Crow bar 
      4. See saw
  34. Which one of the following levers have the position of load, effort and fulcrum same ?
    1. Crow bar and fishing rod
    2. Wheel barrow and spade
    3. Claw hammer and crowbar
    4. Spade and claw hammer
  35. The diagram below shows changes of states of matter
    35 auduyagd
    Which pairs of processes W,X,Yand Z represents a decrease and an increase in temperature repectively ?
    1. W and X 
    2. W and Z
    3. Z and Y 
    4. Y and X
  36. Which one of the following statement is TRUE about gases?
    1. Do not occupy space
    2. Have definite shape
    3. Contract when heated
    4. Have indefinite volume
  37. Which one of the following is not a special sound ?
    1. Car engine siren
    2. Police ambulance siren
    3. A bell ringing
    4. A drunkard singing
  38. The diagram below shows parts of the human breathing system.
    38 aduayd
    Which letter represents the organ that allows the lungs to expand and relax?
    1. T
  39. A group of signs which suggests the presence of disease in the body is known as
    1. Deficiency 
    2. Syndrome
    3. AIDS 
    4. HIV
  40. Below are commonly abused drugs in Kenya
    1. Alcohol
    2. Bhang
    3. Khat
    4. Opium
    5. Tobacco 
    6. Cocaine
      Which pair of drugs are illegal and legal repectively in Kenya ?
      1. (i) and (iii)
      2. (vi) and (iv)
      3. (iv) and (i) 
      4. (v) and (ii)
  41. The diagram below represents parts of the flower
    41 zbgygy
    Which of the labelled parts play the same role as vagina in human reproductive system ?
    1. X
    2. Y
    3. W
  42. Which of the following animal feeds is odd one out
    1. Lucerne 
    2. Pollard
    3. Bran 
    4. Maize germ
  43. A method of food preservation that is both traditional and modern is
    1. Refrigeration 
    2. Drying
    3. Salting
    4. Canning
  44. Which waterborne disease can be controlled by ensuring that all stagnant water is drained
    1. Dysentry
    2. Cholera
    3. Bilharzia
    4. Typhoid
  45. The following material were collected by std 5 pupils
    1. Three plastic bottles of the same size
    2. Three small plastic bottles of the same size
    3. Cotton wool
    4. Equal amount of sandy soil , clay soil and loam soil.
      Which of the following was the experiment that they were likely to set up?
      1. Water retention
      2. Capillary
      3. How different soils feel
      4. Drainage
  46. Study the diagram below
    46 augydagd
    State the reason why the weather instrument above is placed such that the top of the funnel is atleast 30cm above the ground
    1. Allow splashed water to enter the funnel
    2. Prevent collected water from evaporating
    3. Prevent water on ground from splashing into the funnel
    4. Allow easy reading of the collected water.
  47.  A pen and a book were released two metre above the ground at the same time. Which of these statement is true?
    1. Pen hit the ground first
    2. Both hit the ground at the same time
    3. The book was last to hit the ground
    4. The book and the pen hit the ground almost the same time
  48. What property makes a large ship made of steel to float on water?
    1. Material 
    2. size 
    3. Shape 
    4. mass
  49. Which of the following is a safety precaution against static electricity?
    1. Do not touch switches with wet hands
    2. Do not walk in open grounds when it’s raining
    3. Do not insert objects in sockets
    4. Do not throw objects on electric cables
  50. Which is the largest component of blood?
    1. Platelets 
    2. Red blood cells
    3. Plasma 
    4. White blood cells


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